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“the spear doesn’t need someone pure of heart. it needs someone strong enough to do the right thing. sara, it needs you.”


got 99 filters but subtle ain’t even one of them tbh

pics by @cheerfulhitsuji <3 

ok i just got really emotional because in skye’s dream, may is the one pushing to leave skye; coulson is the one who is hesitant and affectionate

and while may and skye have made such great strides in their relationship

skye has huge huge mom/maternal authority figure issues

and even after learning that shield moved her

there is still a part of her that is that little girl who called mrs. brady mom and then was taken away

who for years and years felt abandoned by her parents, by mrs. brady, unloved by the nuns, too, perhaps

and so she worries, even after all this time, that may will leave her one day, too

but may

may will drag herself down to hell to save people

may who got back into the field for coulson

may who told fitz she’d stay and help him in the lab

may who endured bahrain because she would not leave anyone behind

may who was so relieved to see jemma alive

may who calls herself skye’s so in this ep

may who loves skye so much, who has poured herself out for this girl

loved her trained her held her back let her go

will not abandon skye

she will never abandon skye