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“the spear doesn’t need someone pure of heart. it needs someone strong enough to do the right thing. sara, it needs you.”

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oh my god i love your headcanons so much. would you mind doing magnus x izzy (brotp ofc)?

yess Bi best bros™

  • Magnus and Izzy going shopping together and literally being gone for 7 hours and everyone is left at the institute like ????? “where are they?” and they’ll arrive in the door giggling and chatting with 10 begs in each arm
  • Izzy doing Magnus’ makeup
  • Magnus doing Izzy’s makeup
  • Alec complimenting izzy’s makeup like “wow your makeup looks different today you look so nice” “yeah your boyfriend did it” “oh. wow. you should take notes” and he high fives magnus
  • Izzy coming over to keep magnus company when Alec isnt there
  • They order takeout and watch movies and sit on the window sill and read and talk and drink about how cute they are
  • Okay but the two of them going to crazy downworld parties and they spend all night dancing together covered head to toe in glitter
  • Izzy usually stays the night when they go out together and they’ll stumble in drunk at about 4am giggling and trying to be quiet and whispering but like super loud drunk whispering and inevitably end up waking Alec up
  • They end up sitting on the couch together for another few hours talking about nothing and everything, sometimes Alec will join them
  • In the morning when theyre both dying Alec will get up at 8am and start yelling good morning at them and being as loud as possible 
  • They’ll get up then and sit in the kitchen dying with their heads in their hands and their makeup from last night still on while Alec makes them breakfast
  • They’ll all hang out in the loft then for the rest of the day, Izzy showers there and borrows one of Alecs sweaters and a pair of sweatpants and she just hangs around their appartment all day as if she lives there 

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got 99 filters but subtle ain’t even one of them tbh

pics by @cheerfulhitsuji <3 

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IMMORTAL FRIENDS HEADCANON aka Magnus, Raphael, and Ragnor


  • the three of them hanging out in Magnus’ loft
  • Ragnor and MAgnus love sitting around and reminiscing about the past and Raphael’s just like “this is incredibly depressing”
  • Ragnor and Raphael teaming up to make fun of Magnus.
  • Magnus using his High Warlock voice and telling them to stop
  • which just makes them laugh and so they get up and start immitating him
  • Seriously though the banter is brutal and if any of them do anything even remotely embarassing they will not live it down for Literally a century
  • Raphael is the vampire version of grumpy cat and literally sits around saying stuff like “I cant believe I’m immortal and stuck with you two for literally my whole life”
  • Okay but Ragnor and Magnus are like Raphael’s dads and are super protective of him
  • Magnus calling an immortal friends meeting when he and Alec first start dating  to ask for advice
  • of course they dont take it seriously at all and give him horrible advice so he ends up calling Catarina as usual
  • Raphael and Ragnor hanging out without Magnus and he gets super offended, like “how dare you I’m the glue that holds us together”
  • Magnus painting his face green and going as Ragnor for halloween
  • Ragnor telling him that it’s offensive and green is sooo not his colour
  • Raphael shows up in gliterry cat ears and when Magnus asks who he is he just responds “I’m you” Magnus nods and smiles “cute”
  • Magnus doing Ragor and Raphael’s makeup

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Poe Dameron

THANK U ANON for surprising me with a star wars character :’) i’ll warn u i don’t know any ship names don’t flame me too much lmfao

  • My NOTP for them: i once saw someone ship him with kylo and?? no
  • My BROTP for them: bb-8. is there really any other option
  • My OTP for them: FINNPOE
  • My second choice pairing for them: poe x happiness
  • My fluffy pairing for them: finnpoe during peaceful times living alone in seclusion
  • My angsty pairing for them: more of an au but like. imagine if finn confessed to him after being seriously injured bc he knows he’s gonna die but he wants to tell poe how he feels :)
  • My favorite poly ship for them: poe x finn x rey but like?? in a qpr way
  • My weirdest pairing for them: i don’t really have a weird pairing for him :/

character shipping meme

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Your headcanons are amazing and I need more asap. 0w0 Got any for Raphael/Magnus brotp?

Thank you!! I’m so glad you like them! I live for this friendship!! and i know its really late im sorry

  • Magnus going to Raphael whenever he and Alec have a argument and venting and Raphael’s just like “dump him” “Raphael he literally just forgot to do the dishes” “I dont care dump him” *sigh* “I’m gonna call Catarina”
  • Magnus dragging Raphael out partying and him complaining the whole time, and Magnus is just like “why are all my friends so boring”
  • Magnus giving Raphael surprise hugs all the time and basically just squeezing raphael until he cant breathe and often lifts him up in the process
  • Raphael secretely loving these hugs despite his process and he actually loves how much Magnus shows his affection
  • Raphael getting annoyed at Magnus fortgetting Simon’s name like “Dios Bane his name is Simon!!”
  • They hang out alot together especially since Ragnor died and they like to look at old pictures and talk about him. 
  • Raphael giving Alec a talking to when he and Magnus first start dating and warns him that if he hurts his friend he will literally murder him “no literally I will murder, I will drain every ounce of blood from your body”
  • They text eachother alot. Magnus bought Raphael a phone for his birthday and he said he hated it but he secretely likes it when Magnus texts him stupid things like “thinkin bout u xx” 
  • Raphael mainly uses his to text Magnus when he is coming over to avoid walking in on any innapropriate activities taking place between Magnus and Alec. Too many times he’s had to go wash his eyes with holy water and pray for their souls
  • The two of them gossiping as Magnus paints Raphael’s nails
  • Raphael coming in like “That fledging will be the death of me!” “Who?” “Simon” “Who?” *sigh* “Sheldon” “oh yeah him, what’d he do now?”  and Raphael just flings himself on the couch and starts bitching
  • Magnus just looking after Raphael like he’s a child and just making sure he’s okay and hydrated and he lets him crash at his and Alec’s appartment when he stays too late, and magnus even says one day to Alec “he’s literally my son”

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