I absolutely can’t stand Nicole and Christine’s judgement towards others. I’m watching the feeds waiting for them to come back on and they are playing funny moments from the house.

The houseguests asked how much Victoria’s sunglasses cost and she said they were $600.00.

Nicole says that if she spent over $100 she would throw up, Christine adds “If you payed over 10$ I’m going to vomit”.

Victoria then explains that she only spent $290.00 on them because she got a deal.

Christine and Nicole were both repulsed by her spending so much on sunglasses. Christine saying $290 for a pair of SUNGLASSES?

Victoria then adds that her mother told her to never buy cheap sunglasses or bags as those are things you will have for years. (I was personally taught the same thing)

Christine replies shaking her head “I don’t agree with that”

Victoria then says “I work really hard why shouldn’t I treat myself?”

Christine “Exactly, thats what you’re like, thats just something I wouldn’t go near…”

I honestly can’t stand them. They think that because they don’t “wear makeup” and they only buy extremely cheap things that they are better than everyone else. 

Its not like Victoria is making fun of them for shopping at wal-mart and for not doing makeup and for not having an interest in fashion and being quote on quote “Simple girls”

I am not saying anything is wrong with shopping at Wal-mart, (Im just explaining how the judgement isn’t coming from both sides) but there also isn’t ANYTHING wrong with spending $290.00 on a pair of designer sunglasses, or putting on makeup, OR doing your hair (Nicole should take a page from Victorias book on that one…seriously)

They are nothing but mean girls. Lets all tune in again tonight and watch them discuss how much they dislike/listen to them judge the girls on the hammock like they do every other day.