Sam and Dean waking up tangled together, legs weaved between each other and hands clasped securely – so tightly interwoven together that it is hard to tell where one begins and the other ends. Sam has his head buried in the crook of Dean’s neck as he breathes out soft puffs of air and burrows in tighter to the warmth and security of his brother’s body while Dean sighs contently and pulls Sam closer, kissing the top of his head as he breathes in his brother’s scent. 

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dean jumping at the tiniest things and burying his face against sam’s neck (and he can’t even be too embarrassed about it because it means sam has to keep touching him) *w*

dean turning into an octopus blanket when he’s nervous, just wrapping around sam and snuffling into sam’s neck until he’s calm again 

(sam murmuring soothing nonsense in dean’s ear the whole time, sighing when he feels dean’s heartbeat slow against his chest)


When it came to touching they were both so different.

Sam was careful and enjoyed soft, delicate touches which left Dean begging for more. He loved to take his time savouring every patch of smooth skin and faint scar.He was gentle, and if need be insistent, rather than demanding. His touches made Dean want to give him the world and yet at the same time keep him all to himself and shield him from reality. Sam’s touches changed Dean, they made him want to open up, share his pain and be close to someone for the first time in his life. And yet when they needed to be Sam’s touch could be strong. When he lifted Dean up against a wall and pinned hisvarms above his head or when he insistently grabbed Dean’s hand as he tried to shy away from his emotions, from their love.

Dean on the other hand was all passion and heat and almost careless with his touch. He was so unpredictable it left Sam surprised and forever guessing. Dean’s touch was casual, with an underlying tone of desperation, and on the rare occasion rough. It was exactly what Sam needed, someone strong enough to embrace him, someone to make him feel safe and whole again. He needed someone whose mere touch was enough to soothe his pain. Sam changed Dean, he made him softer and brought out his maternal instinct. It showed when he would stroke his hands through Sam’s hair as they laid on the couch watching a movie or the way he would gently run his hands down Sam’s back tracing light patterns as they spooned at night.

They were opposites. Velvet and Steel.

And yet I couldn’t quite figure out which was which.

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Jay was just watching out of curiosity, a chance to see Dick take the murderbird out for a stroll. But then a brick flies forward and the kid goes down, side slamming into the fire escape, and Jay doesn't hesitate. He shoots the guy, knocking out his partner with a blow, and catching Damian's limp body. No, he thinks, heart thudding. No, no, no. I said there would be no more. But the little shit groans, clutching a broken nose, and Jay, breathing shakily, sets him down, avoiding Dick's gaze.

Dean eased the Impala in to a parking spot and killed the engine. Took a deep breath. Looked at his baby brother, sprawled inelegantly in the passenger’s seat. Hated to wake him, it had been a while since he’d gotten an uninterrupted 5 hours. He smiled that small, honest smile that he reserved for his brother and reached out a hand, smoothing an errant strand of hair. “Hey, Sammy.” Sam leaned in the Dean’s touch and blearily blinked his eyes. “We there already?” Dean shook his head and reached a hand in to his pocket. Realized he couldn’t get it out. Did an awkward wiggle shifty thing with his hips until he could pull his hand and something else out. Sam, oblivious to his brother’s plight, was looking around, taking stock of their surroundings. “Wait, this isn’t the victim’s house, this is a courthouse. Dean, where are we?” He turned to look at his older brother and froze. Dean was holding out a ring. “Dean, what-” Dean was a lovely shade of pink. “Wanna get married?" 

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