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Actually, disregard my previous reserve! Here's Vergil, from DMC: Devil May Cry (The Reboot), app is under the navigation. And I'd still like to drop Riven, who was in apartment H-2. Thank you!!

Dropped and welcome!

You’ll be staying in apartment E-4!

You’ll be able to teleport three times a day!

You’ll be given a wooden sword!

Enjoy your stay!

—Mod oo4 

brothersbetrayal asked:

Headcanon: Angels, Demons, Sunrise


I don’t think it differs all that much from any Christian’s view, really. Not other than he believes they’re on his side because he has his mission from the God and all that. 


Well, most of the exorcists are fake in his opinion - that it’s all for show. It should make sense because since it’s easy for him to believe people takin advantage of others. In the end he probably gives more responsibility for people because he just.. generally thinks that humanity is rotten anyway.


He enjoys watching it - considering that Pucci is into books and art and all that he probably would in things like that in general. He likes “calm” things. It’s probably pretty holy thing for him as well?

brothersbetrayal asked:

Here's Vergil, from DMC: Devil May Cry (aka the reboot people despise ^_^) App's under the Navigation! Thank you!!

Welcome Vergil, your housing is currently under district beta.

Your weapon of choice is a wooden sword.

Your retained ability to utilize enhanced physicality is given, though it is currently reduced by a fraction of it’s original potency.

Enjoy your stay!

— mod oo1