brothers will be brothers


This video explores how Disney uses languages in songs throughout several of its movies, including Moana, Frozen, Brother Bear, Lilo and Stitch, and Pocahontas.  

Some things I learned from watching?  

  • The difficulties of translating songs because of syllable differences between languages
  • Moana’s We Know The Way seamlessly transitions between Tokelauan and English without changing the melody - something new to Disney 
  • How songs sung by characters on screen vs. songs sung off screen in native languages can convey culture to an audience
  • Some songs in Brother Bear were sung in Iñupiat but by a Belgian choir 
  • Nani sings Aloha’Oe to Lilo, a song about farewells written by Queen Lili'uokalani, Hawaii’s last monarch 
  • A lot of Native American music is sung with vocables:  syllables that don’t have linguistic meaning but are significant as lyrics for music 
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The other day, you were with Rebekah at The Grill. Damon was drunk, trying to flirt with you and was even getting a little handsy.

Your boyfriend, Klaus was out of town that day, but the moment he came home, you immediately told him about how uncomfortable Damon made you. This infuriated him, so he rushed over to the Salvatore home, but nobody was there, so Klaus figured that Damon was at Elena’s house.

Upon entering, Klaus could hear Damon’s obnoxious voice as well as a mixture of others which included Stefan, Elena and Jeremy.

Klaus rang the doorbell and what a coincidence, because it was Damon who answered the door too. “Yes?”

“My love has notified me about your unnecessary actions yesterday. Bold move, might I say.” Klaus was smiling on the outside, but killing Damon in his mind.

“What a snitch.” Damon let out a chuckle, then rolled his eyes.

“I don’t see to it as a joke. So why don’t you invite me in so I can rip out your throat or just simply step pass this door frame, lad?” Klaus had both hands behind his back, then pointed at the door frame with one hand.

“I don’t think so, psycho.” Damon snarled.

“Very well then.” Klaus raised his brows, then walked off.

Damon closed the door, then shrugged his shoulders at others. “Whatever.”

Next thing you know, Klaus stole a soccer ball from a neighbor’s lawn and threw it at the kitchen window where everyone was hanging out at. Everyone backed away from the window and took cover.

Klaus waited from a response from Damon, but Damon didn’t do anything. “Still not willing to face me like a man, I see!” Klaus shouted.

It went silent for a minute, which put everyone on edge. Elena and Jeremy carefully peeked their heads up as they were hiding behind the kitchen counter.

Stefan and Damon walked around to peek through the windows to see where the original hybrid went.

Then out of the blue, Klaus swings the door open. He has pieces of the neighbor’s picket fence in his hands and started throwing it towards anyone in sight. He didn’t care who he injured, he just wanted to prove a point.

Klaus ran out of pieces to throw, so he brought a jug of gasoline and a lighter to light the house on fire. Geez.

“Okay! Okay!” Damon made himself visible with his hands up in defense. “Your chick is off limits. I get it.”

Klaus had a stern look on his face, still holding the items in his hand. Damon walked towards the door, then took his time to walk through the door frame. Klaus found it as a perfect opportunity and did not hesitate to drop everything in his hand. He put one hand through Damon’s chest, tugging onto his heart, making Damon gasp. The others heard Damon in pain and rushed over, but kept their distance in the save zone.

“Klaus please! Stop it!” Elena cried from a distance.

“Alright. That’s enough. I think he gets it.” Stefan stated as he took his time walking towards Klaus and Damon.

Damon struggled to get the words out. “Mmhmm.”

“From now on, keep this bloke in check. Now would you? Or the next time, I’ll be leaving a nasty bite.” Klaus informed, then removed his hand. Damon bent over, resting his hands on his knees to catch his breath. Klaus wiped his blood-filled hand on the shoulder of Damon’s shirt, then left him there, walking towards his car to make his way back home to you.