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What’s up my bro lovers, another video but this time a more fast paced review of that episode really. The song felt horrifically apt.
Hurt - Christina Aguilera + lyrics
Hurt by Christina Anguilera. (licensed by WMG) I am in no way associated with the content of this video, and in no form am I trying to take credit for the co...

After watching this week’s Casualty episode and seeing how Ethan’s coping with Cal’s death, I feel as if this sums up all the emotions he’s feeling about the loss of his brother…..

I’ve been really depressed lately…

My parents and siblings are Christians and so am I. I was saved back in 2007 but recently I had been dreaming that I wouldn’t be in Heaven with them when I and they died.

So tonight, I went to a revival at my grandparents’ church. The sermon topic? Hell. He was telling stories of people that needed to be saved so they wouldn’t be living in eternal fire.

I kept holding back tears because I didn’t want my parents to see me like this. My heart kept aching and my brain had a very strong impulse to try to say something but it didn’t happen.

Then later at my home, I was watching Nexo Knights with my little brother. He then asked me if I enjoyed the sermon. I nodded my head slowly.

Right, that’s it. I couldn’t take it anymore. I got up, walked into my parents’ bedroom and flopped onto the bed, crying. My mum, who was brushing her teeth at the moment, saw me. She asked me if I was okay and I laid it all out. I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Then she told me to wait there for a minute, and she came back with a tiny, little Bible in her hands. She then walked me through the steps of the “Romans Road” as my church likes to call it.

Now I’m definitely sure that I’ll be in Heaven with my family and friends when I die.

Now, I’m having to deal with a whole herd of dogs, howling and barking right outside my dang bedroom window. It’s a long story…but I’ll hope to see you guys later! 😊✌🏻️


Ode to the Fathers (Hinata x Subaki)

“M-must we really get on that…thing?”

Hisame shuddered at the thought of sitting on a pegasus. The creatures could be so unruly sometimes, especially if someone who wasn’t their master sat on them. He drew his eyes away from the flying horse as Subaki laughed.

“It’ll be fine, son. You’re dad has ridden with me numerous times before and he’s only been bucked off once.” That wasn’t as reassuring as Subaki intended for it to be. Hisame just let another shudder run up his spine as Hinata and Caeldori approached, guiding her own pegasus over towards them

“Alright! This is going to be a great fathers day!” Hinata cheered, wrapping an arm around Subaki’s waist “Just us and the kids! And then just us later.” The older samurai smirked, giving his husband a poke in the ribs.

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Gareth's Dream: "Do you regret it?"

“Fighting there?”

The young man nodded, amber hues glistening as he watched his older brother. The golden haired knight adjusted, casting his azure globes towards the door. Deep thought certainly took ahold of the Paladin, his right hand lifting to tug at the beard he had just recently grown, eyes glossing over with mild discomfort.

“It was… a necessity. Many would say yes; it’s easy to say yes. Even if you feel you’re fighting the greatest evil, things will be done that will test every moral boundary you have been taught. — Varon. Listen to me on this, and if there is anything you remember about this conversation let it be just this.”

The young Gareth leaned forward, resting two plated hands on each shoulder of the younger Varon Davice.

“There is no easy answer in war, and there never will be. No matter the evil you fight, no matter the reason. Live, and make the right decisions when you can, but understand the sacrifices, too.”

Gareth rose, his blue cloak fluttering down to his heels, “Now come along, I would like to find you a set of plate before you run off to squire under Sir Ferain.”

Arya's Protectors/Mentors

Ned Stark: honorable, taught her how to judge a man, as well as the practice of carrying out your own sentences, showed her how a true northern leader acts, encouraged her self-esteem, allowed her to keep Needle and gave her the means to learn how to use it

Syrio: brave, selfless former First Sword of Braavos, taught Arya how to use a sword, and how to blend in and escape and spy and hold her tongue, sacrificed himself as he helped her escape capture from Ser Meryn and his knights

Yoren: gruff, but well-meaning Brother of the Night’s Watch, quietly loyal to Ned Stark, fierce, protective, wanted to take her home to Winterfell, helped her escape King’s Landing

Jaqen: knew who she was the entire time, took note of her attributes, helped her kill and turn Harrenhal to the hands of Roose Bolton, gave her the iron coin that would help her escape Westeros and enter the service of the House of Black and White

The Brotherhood: gave her and her friends safety, however brief, wanted to take her to her brother and mother

The Hound: taught her how to mercy-kill, showed her what a lifetime of anger will earn you, took care of her, wanted to get her to her mother and brother

Faceless Men: teaching her servitude, potions and poisons, sorcery and glamour, multiple languages, cooking, cleaning, stealth and how to deal with that in the face of disabilities, mummery, inadvertently reinforcing her true identity and the teachings of her father, as well as strengthening her talents of warging and skinchanging

The 14-year-old King Knight sighed as he watched his younger brothers. He hated having to look after the two, especially since they were in the human dimension and not back home. At least Tony just studied. But Rodney already trashed the hotel room. 
There was a knock at the door, and Rodney ran to open it. “Hello?” he asked the unfamiliar female.