brothers from another mother...or the same mother

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How do you think Dmian would react to finding he had a twin sister? Like Talia hid her as a back up plan incase Damian refused to go through with Talials original plans, being an heir to the league.

- Of course it would be a huge shock but at the same time he’s not all that surprised. 

- If she’s still with the League he’d probably try his hardest to convince her to leave and start a new life, a better life, in Gotham with their father. 

- She’s reluctant at first. She’d probably see Damian as her enemy for a while, thinking that he could easily usurp her claim to the League. 

- It’s not until their mother give her the order to take Damian out that she hesitates. Damian had never actually fought back against his sister and their mother’s willingness to encourage one child to kill another really gave the sister pause. 

- What’s to say that she won’t ever meet the same fate? How many spares does Mother have and what’s to stop her from replacing the sister if she were to make a mistake or step out of line?

- In the end the sister lays down her sword and refuses to kill her twin brother. 

- As you can imagine Talia isn’t too happy about this. Two of her children have now betrayed her and she is livid. 

- Bruce arrives in the knick of time after realizing that Damian had disappeared without warning. He was surprised to realize that he had a daughter but he pushed that aside for the moment so that he could get his kids home.

- It was odd for her to settle into the manor and give up all of her old ways but she eventually found her own place and happiness in Gotham with her true family.  


Guess what I found in the zuko x katara tags? Yup more bullshit. Time to backup my Ship…

Okay so this blog is clearly about negativity and why you should not ship this couple( and manny others). So what is there to expect? Noting really but hate and ignorance.I can’t speak for the others,(due to a lack of knowledge) but I can for Zutara.

I also wanted to counter this post, because if they have the right to bash at it, and speak their mind, then I have the very same right to defend it.

So here we go….


1. They’re both underage?

Come on you need a better explanation, if you think about it half of the fandom ships Katara with a 12 year old pubescent monk.( think about that for a moment).

Also for Kataras age she is very mature, she had to stop being a child the day her mother was killed. So yes they might be young, katara at 14 and zuko at 17, but their maturity level extends beyond their years.

2. Teaches girls to go to abusive bad boys?

Well no, not really. Zuko was not abusive, they were simply enemies at war. Zuko might have gotten katara a few times, but he has also gotten his ass owned by the water bending master.

And to think that Zuko would be abusive,Just intrigues me.
Zuko was scared by this own father because he did not fight back; he only wanted his fathers forgiveness, does this not say a lot about his morals? He was also raised by His uncle Iroh after his banishment, he is a kind hearted man with much wisdom.

Also katara can handle herself, she will fight you ,and most likely demolish you if you threaten her, her friends and the ones she cares for.So being in an abusive relationship?? That would be a no go for Katara. Zuko would end up in the infirmary if he dared to lay a hand on katara in such a manor.( if he were to be that type of person)

3. Fetishes wealth and Aristocracy?

Well Zuko is a prince and of the royal family ,Wealth tends to be entitled with such titles. Zuko has also experience life at the bottom of the chain, he understands what it is like to have very little wealth.

As for Katara?? She is a water tribesmen, her community was all about sticking to one another in times of hardship(this also involving wealth). So growing up, I can imagine katara to be the type who does not overly praise wealth. She is thankful, but not greedy.

4. Zuko is a pyromaniac??

Well he is a fire bender, and they tend to use fire A lot. He also learns to control his fire in a relaxed mind set so… I don’t know what else to say( maybe this blog is meant to troll ,eh)

5. Zuko is rich and privileged and thus potentially abusive??

Restating are we?? I already voiced my thoughts on numbers 1&3.

6. Katara nags to much??

Want to try again?? Becuse that was a fail!

Kataras nagging is one of the very things that make her katara, it’s just part of her personality. She is also considered the mother and care taker of the group, she looks out for everyone, so I can see what she would nag so much; Have you seen the team avatar?? They are a bunch of crazy ass children haha( still love them anyways ).

7. They’re both survivors of trauma and thus codependent?

For the longest time katara only had her village, her brother and her grangran for support. But she truly felt lost with having this experience ; of loosing her mother.
She had to be her own strength for a long time , especially when her father left to fight in the war.

Suddenly there was someone she could relate to, a person who had also lost his mother because of the war ; the fire nation prince.

They can draw strength from one another, it would be a balanced" give and take" type of relationship. Zuko has seen her at her worst, but also at her best; the same would be implied for Katara.


So I don’t know where you got your facts about Zutara being such a horrid ship, then again you are entitled to believe in what you want. But that means I am also entitled to voice my thoughts.

Tsukki headcanons

I’ve been reading through the manga (again) and there’re certain things about Karasuno’s trashy crow baby that stood out to me, causing me to develop one or two strong headcanons about him and I wanted to share and see if people were of the same opinion.

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I think it’s time we sort out what kind of siblings Karai and the turtles are to each other. 

I see a lot of posts saying that Karai and the turtles are surrogate siblings, adopted siblings, half-siblings, or even step-siblings. I think there’s a lot of confusion as to what these different terms mean, so I thought I’d break it down.

Brother, Sister, Sibling:
Someone who shares the same biological mother and father as you.
Even if someone is your half, step, foster, or adopted sibling (or just a close friend), you can still forego any adjective and simply call them your brother or sister.  

Half-Brother, Half-Sister, Half-Sibling:

Someone who has the same biological mother but a different biological father as you, or someone who has the same biological father but a different biological mother as you.
One example: Your parents divorce when you’re little. Years later, your father remarries, and some time later he and your stepmother have their own baby boy. He is your half-brother… your literal brother from another mother, if you will.

Stepbrother, Stepsister, Step-Sibling:
The biological (or even perhaps adopted) child of your stepparent that has no biological relation to you.
One example: Your mother marries a man who has been married before. He had a daughter with his first wife. His daughter is your stepsister. 

Foster Brother, Foster Sister, Foster Sibling:
Someone in the Foster Care system who lives with your family temporarily, indefinitely, or until an adoption is completed. This child is not likely related to you biologically. 

Adopted Brother, Adopted Sister, Adopted Sibling:
Someone who may or may not be related to you by blood who your parent(s) or guardian(s) has/have taken in to raise. These days, child adoptions in developed nations are legal matters. In the past and still in some places, adoption is an informal agreement.
Because an adoptive parent is the one who adopts the child, adoptive can be used to describe the biological child of the adoptive parent in terms of relation to the adopted child.

And for good measure:
Surrogate Brother, Surrogate Sister, Surrogate Sibling:
Surrogate means substitute, so these terms are used to describe someone who is not actually your brother or sister, but is very much like a brother or sister to you, or fills the role of a brother or sister in your life.

In Conclusion:

The turtles and Karai are not half-siblings because Splinter did not marry a turtle lady and have four turtle sons with her. The turtles are not biologically Splinter’s. 
We also don’t know in this series who the last human was to touch the turtles before their mutation. It may have been a pet shop employee. We just don’t know. Even if it were Hamato Yoshi, the turtles wouldn’t have enough of his DNA to be considered Karai’s half-siblings. His DNA wouldn’t replace their biological father’s. After all, April has Kraang DNA but she still has both her parents’ genes as well.

The turtles and Karai are not step-siblings because Splinter is not married to the turtles’ biological mother. That’d be… that’d be a very weird ship.

The turtles and Karai are not foster siblings, because none of them are part of the Foster Care system.

One can argue they’re surrogate siblings, but I think they are a bit more than substitutes to each other.

Splinter adopted the turtles (albeit informally). They are not his biological children, but he decided to raise them as his. 
Therefore, the turtles are Karai’s adopted brothers, and she, as Splinter’s biological daughter, could be considered their adoptive sister. 

Awww, look… they’re just as bored as you are after reading all that. And Leo does not look amused. lol 

he puts his foot through the top of the television set while a tom cruise action movie flashes on the screen while his brother and his girlfriend sit on the sofa with the exposed springs. “what did ya do that for?" 

"i dunno i felt like it.” and then he walks outside and gargles his tobacco spit and then leans over a birdbath and drools it out, watching the concentric circles as they reach towards the edges of the bowl.

the moon looks like it is entrapped in the telephone wires and he has an open sore on his arm. he scratches his head and says “i am going to pollinate these poinsettias with my dandruff.” the sun is in the sky at this time as well and he can feel the freckles on the back on his neck soaking up the ultraviolet rays. he wishes that he could remember his baptism.

there is a file cabinet in his mother’s house that has almost every single picture that he had ever colored in since preschool. it has essays and photographs and certificates of achievement and the file cabinet is locked.

his mother died in a hotel room at the age of 32 of a complication in her heart that couldn’t have been predicted. there was a bible in the drawer of the desk with pages ripped out of it. his father slept on another mattress in the same hotel room. he woke up from a wet dream about his high school sweetheart and realized that his wife was dead. he didn’t say anything.

his father got in his car and drove away and he never heard from him again. his brother started dating this girl who looked exactly like his mother. his brother had only three books on his bookshelf and they were “the catcher in the rye” and “the oedipus cycle” and “the brothers karamazov” and had only read one out of the three.

tom cruise is a good for nothing piece of shit. tom cruise is a good for nothing piece of shit. i want to break his nose. i want to make his nose cave into his face. i want to empty my bank account. i want to walk into the ocean. i want to eat a peach. i want to stare at this broken television until my reflection becomes something.

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please post a story!!!!!!! it doesn't have to be a request I need another kit fanfic in my life :p

So this is the longest one I think I’ve ever written :)

These family get togethers were literally killing you. You never understood what it was about families that always pushed them to make it seem like everything between them was fine. Who was your family trying to kid? There were no guests here, with the exception of a few family friends, so you didn’t really get who this entire show was for, but you did have to admit that the backyard to your mother’s house was lavishly decorated for the occasion. With over fifty of your family members already here, tables were set up across the yard and around the pool where the kids were splashing. Dinner was going to be starting soon, your aunts had called it out over the music at least four times now. 

At twenty-six your family still wasn’t any better at addressing the fact that even though they could remember when you were a child, and just as small as your cousins, that time had come and gone long ago. There were only a handful of other cousins like you that were facing the same issues, but they were scattered across the party. Most of them were engaged, and this event saw them introducing their intended’s to other family members. The sight didn’t disgust you, because you were really happy for them (except Tinsley, she was an evil bitch). Your younger brother had been around here somewhere, but you were sure that he disappeared with your other teenage cousins, probably smoking weed in the basement or in the park down the street. 

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