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What The Signs Feel Like...part 3

ok so remember when i made that post that got 18k+ notes lol tru, then p2 flopped yeah that happened. WELL IT’S BACK 

Aries:  Gibby when everyone tells him to put his shirt back on

Taurus:  Chandler when Monica got cornrows

Gemini:  people only like them for their memes

Cancer:  the reason high school is so difficult is because ned never made a guide for anything past 8th grade

Leo: Spongebob trying to to write his essay

Virgo: no

Libra: 2007 Pete Wentz

Scorpio: that ugly zoo animal no kid wants to look at

Sagittarius: The Farro brothers music careers once they left Paramore

Capricorn: when you try to take a screenshot but end up turning off your phone instead

Aquarius: dropping out of school and living in a van but then realising they have no money to do it, so stays in school 

Pisces:  fish

This is a hard day. I feel that fully, I really do. Jeremy was a huge part of Paramore and he always will be not matter what, but there’s a part of me that can really understand this. Jeremy is 30, that’s a 4 year gap to Hayley, he’s married, and has a child, he’s been focussing on his DJ-ing and I can understand this move too. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely sad by this, I hoped to meet Jeremy on Parahoy, and it’s hard to believe I won’t now, and I will need some time to accept this, but I found myself feeling positive. 

I’ve seen a lot of people say that they think this could be the end for Paramore, and at this point who knows, but the most important thing is Hayley and Taylor and still there to getting going. I believe they thought about this a lot, like they did with the Farro brothers, and i think they believe they can do this, and i think we need to believe in them too. They need us, the fans as much as we need them. 

Maybe they’ll get someone new, maybe they won’t need it…the point is maybe, but for right now Paramore is still a band, and we are still the parafamily. 


Confira vídeo de Taylor York performando com o HalfNoise esta noite no The End em Nashville,TN.