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Big Brother Dixon

Request: Hi! Could you do one about how you’re a teen and asset to the group and Daryl doesn’t like that you’re young so he starts to big brother you on runs and the prison and he doesn’t want you around Carl because hes the same age,so hes always around you?

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Word Count: 2894

Theme Song: Sensual by TVÅ

WARNINGS: Swearing, protective Daryl angst, 

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A/N: Hello Walkers! I hope I did justice for this request! Some feedback would be awesome; good or bad, doesn’t matter! I want it! Walkers Among Us will be out next!

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Dating Merle Dixon would include

A/N: Hi folks, sorry to make you wait that long for an imagine. Here’s the only thing I could come up with because of my injured head. I feel so dizzy, it’s insane.

This is a special one for @villainlove ;) 

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-          Merle being an asshole at first and trying to get in your pants constantly 

-          You resisting and slapping him to make him stop 

-          Him being impressed by your bold personality and slowly falling in love but denying it

 -          You secretly loving him but giving him hell for his behavior

-          Merle trying to convince you that he can be soft and sweet only for you

-          Him trying to prove himself to you and taking risks on runs to bring back presents for you

 -          You taking care of his injuries when he comes back 

-          You slowly understanding that he’s different and that he can change if he’s with you

-          Him hunting for you 

-          Him blushing when you thank him with a kiss on the cheek 

-          You falling asleep on his shoulder one night while guarding the camp and him wrapping one arm around your middle to keep you warm

-          Him finally asking you to be his girl while you are both alone in the woods 

-          You saying yes and kissing him, taking him by surprise 

-          Him wrapping his arms around you and spinning you around as he kisses you passionately 

-          Him taking you to a special place in the woods to make-out (because this is Merle we’re talking about, right? :P) 

-          Coming back late and having to deal with Daryl because he was worried for his big brother 

-          Talking a lot with Daryl because you consider him as your brother since you and Merle are together

-          Merle wrapping his arms around you from behind when you’re working with the other women 

-          Having loud arguments with Merle about stupid things or his behavior towards the others 

-          Having arguments about who will go on runs 

-          Him making up to you by doing whatever you want 

-          Him apologizing by making love to you in your tent at night when Daryl is on watch and everyone is asleep 

-          You kissing him to make him shut up 

-          Him slapping your ass as you pass by, earning a yelp and a glare from you 

-          Him secretly loving you with all his heart

-          You not being ashamed of your feelings for him 

-          You wearing his shirts casually and secretly turning him on

-          Having long chats over his past and trying to cheer him up as he explains how guilty he feels for all the things he did 

-          You loving his soft caresses and the warmth of his skin against yours 

-          Pulling pranks on him with Daryl 

-          You asking him to teach you how to track but you end up making out in the woods

-          You almost dying for him several times and vice versa 

-          Him finally asking you to marry him when he leave the governor to be with you and his brother at the prison 

-          You saying yes and spending the best night of your life with your soon-to-be husband

-          “I know I’m not what ya truly deserve, sweet cheeks but I love ya. I love ya with all ma heart and I’ll die for ya. I’ll protect ya, I can promise ya that so… (Y/N), will ya marry me?”

if you think I forgot about my fave boys, you’re so wrong even though their outfits are nowhere near as fun as the girls. I mean come on, Morgan.

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