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Yugi: When you said ‘something Eqyptian’ all that came to mind were mummies. Atem: I was thinking something more like Pharaohs or Egyptian Kings, or even Gods.

Yugi: …Howsabout we go with Plan B then.


An Ohio mother is sharing a magical surprise her teenage son planned for his younger sister.

Photographer Christina Angel said her 13-year-old son asked her to get him a Prince Charming costume so that he could do something special for his 5-year-old sister and best friend.

Angel told ABC 7 Chicago her son suffers from depression and his sister has become his biggest cheerleader, so he wanted to thank her with a princess photo shoot.

Angel bought the costume and her son found a pair of black dress shoes at a thrift store. He wanted to get the details perfect, she said, even shining the shoes the old-fashioned way with polish and a rag.

When they were ready, the mother and son surprised the little girl with a brand-new Snow White dress.

The proud mom said her little girl loved every second of her photo shoot with her “favorite boy in the world.” And it shows!

some of u guys are such mean older siblings on here lol like u see popular posts going around like “my younger sister loves funko pops how do i tell her to love herself” or “my brother wears a cat costume he’s such a weird furry i hope he grows out of it” like goddamn i hope ur little siblings find better love and support in their friend groups bc ur clearly not giving them a good environment to grow up in lol