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Young B, K.Jun, and KIllagramz on SNL Korea trans for anon!

Seyoon (the boy in the beginning): My…name…is…
Young B: Oh Seyoon are you writing rap lyrics?
*On screen says “Yang Hongwon”, “Age: 17 years old”, “Specialty: My best friend in the first year”*
Young B: I’ll look over it once for you, show me.
Seyoon: Really?
Young B: Yeah
Seyoon: Yo yo~ Bling bling is Hongwon~ Fiery charisma Seyoon~ My name is Seyoon~ (Reference to SHINee Minho on SNL)
Young B: Mm…. It’s okay but can I make it become more alive?
Seyoon: Yeah..
Young B: Yo. Bling bling is Hongwon. Fiery charisma Seyoon. Yo students borrow my rhyme. It’s the b flow. In order to learn from me, you should beg to me. Studio MC, it seems that you need some rap lessons. I’ll do it for you. I feel on. (lyrics from “17 Remix” by Young B and NO:EL and Ja Mezz)
Seyoon: Wow you’re the best! Wow wow..
Seyoon: My best friend was our school’s best rapper Yang Hongwon. Hongwon was a friend that helped me open my eyes to hip hop. But after that incident I couldn’t meet him..
K. Jun: Attention everybody! 
*On screen says “K Jun”, “Age: 19 years old”, “Specialty: His role model is the KFC grandpa”*
Killagramz: Who is this kid named Yang Hongwon who supposedly raps well among you first years?
*On screen says “Killagramz”, “Age: 19 years old”, “Specialty: 120 kilograms”*
Obesity-Type (play on P-Type): Who is this kid who is fooling around just because he can rap a bit?
*On screen says “Obesity-Type”, “Age: 19 years old”, “Specialty: Scared of fire blasts”*
Seyoon: The three of them are the BBQ Brothers, all 19 years old.
Young B: It’s me
Obesity-Type: Oh~ 
Obesity-Type: “It’s me” Wow how scary~
Young B: If you’re a rapper, just start with rapping. I’ll start first so turn on the beat.
K. Jun: Ok ok show me what you got, show me what you got~
Young B: Studio MC, it seems that you need some rap lessons. I’ll do it for you. I…
K. Jun: I’ll do it for you??
Young B: I’ll do it…
K. Jun: Do it??
Killagramz: In my eyes, you–are–lacking–rhymes! (reference to Woodie Gochild’s diss rap to Killa)
K. Jun: Eliminated!
Seyoon: At that time I was a coward and turned away from Hongwon who messed up his lyrics. After that, Hongwon transferred to a school in the Gangseo District of Seoul. He left his favorite hair band and cross earrings.
Seyoon: Hongwon… I’m sorry…

filthy-jar-man  asked:

When I was little I used to put sprinkles and chocolate on my baked potatoes , and also once at 2 in the morning, I walked in the kitchen and saw my brother drinking BBQ sauce from the bottle

sounds godless. i love it

and once i drank ketchup straight from the bottle because i saw it on icarly. i have a habit of eating ketchup straight from the packets - xol

vast-silentspaces  asked:

I was wondering if you had any industrial precedents that you've posted on here. We are designing a mixed use building in an industrial area of a city for a project at my university. I have only been able to find industrial renovations that are from mostly concrete or brick existing buildings but all the buildings in this city's industrial area are mainly sheet metal. Any help is appreciated!

The reason why it is that way has to do with the stresses a renovation puts on an existing structure. Typically a metal industrial building is design with the bare minimum structural design requirements to hold a shelter, therefore is close to impossible to retrofit such structures for other uses. In those cases the only cost effective solution is to demolish and build new from the ground up.

So the examples you will find almost always end up creating an interior substructure to house any additional program. Check out these examples:

V-A-C Foundation  Renzo Piano Building Workshop

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Big Brother Questions (BBQs)

A: Name

B: Age

C: Favorite Past HouseGuest(s)

D: Favorite Current HouseGuest(s)

E: Favorite Alliance(s)

F: Favorite Season/Twist

G: Favorite Competition

H: Julie Chen or Arisa Cox?

I: Zingbot or Marsha the Moose?

J: Do you think you would win Big Brother? If not, what place do you think you would get?

K: First HOH: win it or throw it?

L: Would you be open to having a showmance?

M: Create your own alliance name.

N: Describe your ideal alliance.

O: Would you rather win the game and be hated, or lose and be loved by America?

P: Would you ever volunteer to be a Have Not?

Q: How would you entertain yourself inside the Big Brother House?

R: Since you’ll be cut off from the outside world for the summer, what item do you have to bring with you into the house?

S: Liz or Julia?

T: Which past Amazing Race contestants would you have chosen for Week 1’s Takeover?

U: If you were Da'Vonne, which 3 HouseGuests would you have chosen to use The Last Laugh power on?

V: Which 4 HouseGuests would you choose to be Have Nots if there were HN’s this week?

W: Who do you want to see lead a BB Takeover?

X: Create your own BB Takeover?

Y: Which HouseGuests from seasons 8-16 could you see going on BB All Stars 2?

Z: Who do you want to win BB17? Who do you think will win BB17? 

im so mad its australia day but my parents planned my brothers family birthday bbq today and theres old and sick people here so we cant even play good music we have to listen to 4KQ WHAT tHE FUCK