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Has anyone noticed that the Arclight Brothers each have some of Yugi Moto’s traits?

Quinton has similar bangs…

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…Quattro has similar hair colors (and the exact same personality as Season 0 Atem)…

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…and Trey is as much of a sweetheart as Yugi is! (Plus their dub voices sound so similar.)

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So…what if the Arclights are the descendants of the Motos?

Zexal Month Week 3 Day 1) OC/Fan Character Day!

Confession: I don’t usually make OC’s for fandoms, but it just so happened that I actually made two Zexal OC’s recently because I needed a second parent for both the Tenjo and Arclight brothers and actually got invested in them as characters… so meet Suzume and Jack! Going to talk about them a bit under the cut because I probably won’t talk about them at any other point, haha

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You asked for a drawing of the Arclight brothers BUT one of my favorite things is add extra stuff, so… I hope you enjoy the whole Arclight family being dorks as they take a picture trying to mimic an old picture taken during christmas~