Crap vid, sorry, literally straight from my snapchat (aduje96 btw) but I went to the Music of Nerdfighteria show at Vidcon and The Gregory Brothers played a medley of their Songify YouTube songs. The two girls standing next to me went crazy as soon as they heard the first notes to All The Way. It was adorable! They were so excited and I just loved seeing them enjoying the song.
It was a weird moment to like have a bunch of people singing along to some YouTube videos. I’m never getting used to it, but it’s one of my favorite things.

25 Surprising Things Part 2 of 2
  • Travis: Now the terrible, stupid thing that Cosmo has done here is they asked guys to submit them on twitter. So these are straight up submissions.
  • Griffin: Before we start, can I say that the thing that turns me on most in this world is exploring the secrets of the vagina? The seventeen dark secrets.
  • ...
  • Travis: Some of my favorites on this list - Number two is, "That early in the morning or tired at night phone voice." Which translates to me of like, 'Can we please just go to bed? Why are you up so early?' Number three, "Girls who swim."
  • Justin: Like, mermaids?
  • Travis: I guess!
  • Griffin: 'She's moist all the time, she smells like chlorine. I love it.'
  • Travis: Number eight, all caps, "PAYING FOR YOUR OWN DINNER."
  • Griffin: 'Mm, got a major boner. She pulls out that visa and this boner just jumps right off.'
  • Justin: 'You should see when the guy at Chili's is like, is this together or separate? And she's like, together, but he's with me.'
  • ...
  • Travis: "If you can spin around while you're riding it." Wheeee!
  • Griffin: 'It' being your office chair, right? And not your penis because that's not possible.
  • ...
  • Travis: Number twelve, "A chick that will play PS3 with me."
  • Griffin: 'While sitting on it and spinning.'
  • ...
  • Travis: Number seventeen, "Good credit."
  • Justin: Fuck you.
  • Griffin: Fuckin' stop it.
  • ...
  • Griffin: 'Listen baby, uh, we had a special night and you know I'm tryna crush some, gotta see if you can sit and spin, but first I gotta get on and just like find out what you're workin' with. Is it in the 500s?'
  • Justin: 'Do you have a PDF you could forward to me?'

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so, what do you think about jikook? ;;

i think they’re a cute but deadly combo… i love them and their playful but loving dynamic. jungkook adores jimin and i think he admires him alot too, n jimin always takes good care of jungkook it’s very sweet 🤧💓💓💓

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skinny love ❀dean x reader

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*gif is not mine. credit goes to whoever made it.*

this goes along with the cover of skinny love by birdy. ((imagine that cover is the reader singing and playing.)) 

This one is in third person pov, with fem!reader.

Summary: reader is a hunter that works along side brothers sam and dean, but they didn’t know the reader had hidden talents.

warnings: a lot of fluff. that’s about it.

Her fingers danced along the white and black keys, it was her escape. When a hunt got her stressed out or she was just having a bad day, she would play her heart out. She kept a straight-face as she began to play the familiar melody of skinny love, she licked over her lips as she got ready to sing out. 

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