Looking for s12 fix-it fics?

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Here’s a few of the great coda fics so far for season 12 around Sam, his torture and rescue (check tags because most include torture, PTSD, referenced non-con and more).

Over 1k wordcount:

Nothing Here To Throw Away by interstitial
Pairing: Gen | Rating: R | Wordcount: 4,725 | Archive: AO3

12.01 Codas by @babybrotherdean
Pairing: Gen and Wincest | Rating: R | Wordcount: 4,238 | Archive: AO3

Finding Sam by @ameliacareful
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 1k+ | Archive: tumblr

Nightcap by @frozen-delight
Pairing: Gen | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 1,136 | Archive: AO3

The Only Thing by @specialcases-soulmates
Pairing: Wincest | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 1,242 | Archive: AO3

Is This Real? series by songofhell
Pairing: Sastiel | Rating: PG-13 | Wordcount: 2,231 | Archive: AO3

Tumblr ficlets under 1k:

Untitled and Untitled by @semirahrose, Pairing: Gen
Why Won’t He Break by @parvasilvi, Pairing: Gen
Coda to 12x2 Mamma Mia by @shaindyl, Pairing: Gen

Other s12 hurt!sam fics that we previously posted on this spnlittlebro rec list

Any other fics you want to add to a masterlist? Send us the links!

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Genesect, how do you feel about Mewtwo?

Little  Purple Genesect: The emotion of the wedding is too much for Genesect big brother, so NO NO NO NO NO! ! ! !  Break down, Break down, Break down ! ! !  NO NO NO NO NO NO! ! ! !

(As well, little Genesect purple don’t understand… LOL…)