“We didn’t speak to each other about lyrics. We were just to embarrased to talk about the words. “The Show Must Go On”, and “These Are The Days of Our Lives”, were things that we gave to Freddie as a way of him working through stuff with us. And that wasn’t spoken. It was us trying to find the end before we got there”.

Brian May

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Hiya! I saw that you posted about wanting people to ask you to draw things? So this is me! Yelling at you! Do you think you could draw Chase just being a happy boyo? I have no specific details in mind, I just want to see a happy dad! I love your art style by the way! It’s so good! Very bright and colorful. Thank you! Hope you’re having a good day :)

Happy Chase is best Chase!

I didn’t expect to love another brother duo but damn Newt and Theseus Scamander are gonna be the death of me

When Sirius reached the afterlife...

He was barely over the threshold of Heaven’s gate when he was tackled to the ground and suddenly he was overwhelmed by jet black, the choking, painfully familiar scent of grass and crisp air, warmth, the sound of reckless, joyful laughter, a tangle of strong, agile limbs and he couldn’t breathe because for the first time in over fourteen years, James was in his arms, solid, real, whole, wonderfully, unbelievably, perfectly there

And then he was crying. They were both crying and clinging onto each other desperately, weak with relief, and then came James’ deep, playful voice, wet with euphoric tears, like a waterfall to a man lost, stumbling through a vast desert, and he was saying, whispering into Sirius’ hair 

“You’re home. You’re finally home.”

And Sirius couldn’t say anything back, throat clogged with tears and too many words, so he clung tighter to his brother-in-all-but-blood, knowing that he’d never have to lose him again.