20170226 - ‘2PM 6 Nights’ Concert Today Canceled Coz Jun_K ‘Fell Off’ - Pray 4 Jun_K

A few FA about Jun.k accident:

jun k fell from the trolley so 2pm is asking for a little break
cre: nuneo_trans

JH: It’s the first time this situation happened during the 10 years
WY: We can only hope that Minjun did not injure himself badly
2PM are asking everyone for their patience and to sit down in their seats
cre: yjjchoi

TY: I don’t think it’s appropriate to sing Hands Up right now
WY: We are very flustered as well.
JH: I think we need to discuss about this ourselves. Please give us some time. We are sorry.
cre: yjjchoi

The trolley is really high and everyone was shock.. JH and CS went down to see Jun.K immediately but staffs told them to get back
cre: kchan 1612 trans by: mmoookdivi

We heard minjun a little when he was being moved onto the stretcher but let’s not make assumptions and hope he’s okay.

mj is sent to hospital
cre: wooppar

Minjun oppa went to the hospital and they are canceling the concert
cre: Babybird9394

This situation so stress. All quite.Minjun fell down so high.He cant move and members stop this concert.
cre: DewvinciPC trans by : nininews

Don't Listen To Them

Could you do one where jack has an eating disorder


A/N - This one is quite long so I apologise now, but I couldn’t stop writing!


Jack had his insecurities. Everyone did. But he was never that bothered by them. He didn’t think about them too often until recently. He knew he what he was getting himself into when he started YouTube. He knew there would be haters and people who didn’t like him, but he wasn’t quite prepared for the hate he would receive. Don’t get it wrong, the positive comments completely outweighed the negatives, but they were so personal and more often that not, hurt.

Jack ignored them. He always had. But he recently started reading them for a bit of a laugh to start off with. There were some really stupid people out there, he thought to himself. But then he read more.
“He’s gotten a bit chubby hasn’t he?”
“I think he’s put on a bit of weight”
“Look at the size of him next to the others”
“He shouldn’t be walking around without a top on. He doesn’t have anything to show off about”
Jack read further and further into the comments, reading more and more comments about his body and weight.
“It’s not true. Just ignore it” he mumbled to himself, willing himself to believe what he was saying.

From that day on, Jack was a bit more careful about what he ate. He made his food pile a little smaller and cut out the snacks in between meals. But it still wasn’t enough. So he went to the gym for longer. He woke up early every morning and went to the gym for a few hours to burn off more fat. It was working, but jack didn’t see that. He just saw too much fat. So he cut out breakfast. He didn’t really need it anyway. And soon enough, he ‘forgot’ to eat lunch as he kept telling himself. Whenever one of the boys asked him to go out for a meal, he would just claim he was busy or already eaten. Eventually he just stopped eating altogether, unless someone forced him. Sometimes he couldn’t get out of it, so he would eat. Then, as soon as possible, he would force himself to throw up. He started to feel good again. He felt better, but it wasn’t enough. So he carried on. He stopped seeing people, worried that they would think he was too fat and he spent his time working out. Although he lived with josh and Conor, the two rarely saw him anymore as he was always too ‘busy’. Conor was worried sick about his little brother and had confided in the rest of the group. They all agreed to come round and see what was wrong with Jack.

The doorbell rang and Josh answered the door.
“Hey!” He said as he opened it to Joe and Caspar.
“Hi” they replied, smiling at their friend.
Mikey arrived next, Oli following soon after. The 6 friends sat in the living room, waiting for Jack to join them.
“Does he know we’re coming?” Joe asked.
“I told him but I’m not sure if he was really listening” Josh admitted.
“I miss him mate” Mikey added, everyone agreeing.
“I’ll go hurry him up” Josh said, standing up and walking towards Jacks room. Conor sighed sadly, rubbing his hands through his hair.
“What’s up Con?” Oli asked.
“Jack. I can’t get through to him. I don’t understand what’s wrong”
“Don’t worry. He’s probably just going through a dodgy stage” Caspar added.

Their conversation was interrupted when Jack came down. He gave a small smile as he sat down besides Conor. Everyone just stared, shocked at how different Jack looked. He had circles under his eyes and his smile didn’t quite reach his eyes. His cheekbones were sharper than usual and his clothes seemed far too big.
“So… you alright?” Caspar said, trying to break the silence.
“Hmm yeah” Jack mumbled, nodding his head slightly.
“Right, well lets order this food then shall we” Joe added, trying to change the subject.

An hour later, everyone had eaten their fair share of pizza, apart from Jack. He was forced to eat one slice by Conor.
“I’m not hungry, I ate at lunch”
“I don’t care. You’re going to eat some Jack”
“No buts. Eat” Conor said sternly.
“He’s right mate, one piece is fine” Mikey added.
Jacks eyes watered as he lifted the slice to his mouth. He finished his piece then stood up.
“I’m going to the bathroom” he said quickly before dashing off. Conor watched sadly as Jack ran off.
“I need to stop him”
“Go on Conor. Help him”
“Tell him we understand and that he doesn’t need to change ok” Oli added.
Conor nodded and walked off to try and help his brother. Him and the boys knew Jack wasn’t ok and knew Jack had an eating disorder now. He just needed to realise it himself.

“Jack? Can you let me in?” Conor asked as he knocked on the bathroom door.
“Hang on”
“Jack. Let me in. Now”
“One second”
“I’ll break the door down Jack”
“No Conor! Wait a minute!”
But it was too late. Conor had already bashed the door down and gasped when he saw Jack leaning over the toilet.
“Buddy” Conor whispered sadly, his eyes filling with tears.
“I’m sorry” Jack said as he forced his fingers down his throat. Jack gagged just as Conor rushed forwards and pulled his fingers out. He grabbed Jack from behind and pulled him down to the floor so Jacks back was rested against Conor’s chest.
“No! Let me go!” Jack shouted, wriggling about trying to get out of the restraint.
“No Jack. You need help”
“No I don’t! I just need to lose weight and I’ll be ok!”
“Stop it Jack! You don’t need to lose weight! Look at you! You’re practically skin and bone. I can see every one of your ribs. You’re wasting away Jack and I hate it. You were fine the way you were. You were never fat and you let people get to you”
Jack just cried at his brothers words. All the pain and feelings coming out from the last few months. Conor held him, knowing he needed to get it out.
“Shh shh, its fine. I’ve got you buddy. You don’t need to deal with it by yourself anymore. We’ll help you. All of us”
“I’m a mess” Jack hiccuped.
“No you’re not, you just got confused”
“I’m so sorry Conor”
“Don’t be Jack. We all get lost sometimes but I’m here now. And we’ll fix you, we’ll get you back to how you used to be”
“What if I fall back?”
“You won’t. As long as you don’t listen to them and only listen to me. You’re perfect Jack, don’t change for them or for anyone else. Just be you and that’s enough”

“So, any thoughts on Voltron Season 2?”

1. Keith’s Dad looks exactly like Shiro, save for the eyes, which look more like Keith’s. I’m just gonna leave this here. 

2. What if Keith feels like Shiro is his brother…because he is? What if they have this inexplicable bond because they’re ACTUALLY RELATED?

3. Their surnames are both Japanese and end in “gane.” They literally translate to silver and gold. Now, I know that Go Lion utilized metals for all of their paladins’ last names, but I found it interesting that they reused Shirogane and Kogane for Legendary Defender.

I think we’re in store for some Luke-and-Leia level revelations in subsequent seasons. 

You know how people working in retail always have ‘weird customer stories?’

Sam and Dean Winchester are those weird customers.

There are probably whole online forums dedicated to this, now that I think about it. Started as a joke on reddit and then people from all over the country start to chime in.

Two huge guys came in today and bought 20 cartons of Morton’s salt and a box of Hello Kitty bandaids. Nothing else.

Had a similar experience! Two guys come in: one guy buys a ton of salt and like 50 pocket-sized lighters, the other puts a divider between them and buys a single slice of cherry pie from the bakery. They leave together.

Lol same here. Salt and bandaids. Did one of em have long hair? XD

I work at the butcher’s downtown. We had two super buff scary dudes come in asking for any buckets of lamb’s blood we might have “lying around.” Past closing time. I gave it to them but it was freaky as hell.

Omg what’s with the salt conspiracy? But yeah same I work at a Christmas tree farm and sometimes we catch these two guys cutting down trees at night. It’s always the same two guys and they only cut the stumps off. Why.
EDIT: one of them did have long hair actually!!

This is unrelated but I once had a guy in a trench coat physically assault me because we were out of pie. This was AFTER he cracked an egg onto the floor and knocked over everything in sight.