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Ser Gendry the Outlaw Knight of the Brotherhood Without Banners

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #27 Harwin son of Hullen

You know what squad is cool? The Winterfell squad. Seems like every other has spies and losers in their ranks but Ned and Cat only seemed to employ awesome people.

Harwin was one of these people. He’s the son of Hullen, Winterfell’s master of horses, and he was one of the men who went south with Ned to King’s Landing. When Ned sent a group of guys, led by Beric Dondarrion, to go bring Gregor Clegane to justice, Harwin was among them.

That mission didn’t turn out so great, as you may recall. Harwin was one of the few who survived. He says that of the twenty Stark men who went with Lord Beric, he is one of six still alive. 

Then he joins Beric’s “Brotherhood without Banners” who try to bring justice to the Riverlands. He is among the brotherhood men who stumble upon Arya Stark and her friends, and he recognizes her. (In the show, Sandor Clegane serves this purpose.) 

When Arya finds out the Brotherhood isn’t going to take her directly to her mother (and will, in fact, attempt to ransom her) she attempts to flee on horseback. Harwin is the only one who can keep up with her, and he says she rides like her aunt Lyanna.

Arya feels betrayed by him, but I think ultimately comes to see that the Brotherhood will eventually take her to her mother (at least if Sandor hadn’t stolen her) and that they do need the money to continue their work. And he tries to comfort her a bit when she’s grossed out to learn her father had a maybe love affair with Ashara Dayne. (Ned/Cat is Arya’s OTP.)

I thought their relationship was kind of cute and maybe not brotherly but familiar. It was nice to see Arya with someone she was comfortable with after that long period where she was at Harrenhal. 

I also think that Harwin and Lord Beric felt guilty that they were not able to make good on the promise to reunite Catelyn and Arya. (Beric says, “I do not have the power to give you back your father, no more than Thoros does, but I can at least see that you are returned safely to your mother’s arms.“) And that is perhaps why, when he finds Catelyn Stark’s body in the river, he begs Thoros to bring her back, but Thoros says he cannot and Beric steps in…

Image of Harwin by JB Casacop for Fantasy Flight Games

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Hi. Once LS is gone, what do you think will happen to BwB?

Hey! <3

I think Lady Stoneheart will die, someone will “kill” (she’s already dead though) her. Once she’s “dead”, the Brotherhood Without Banners will be in need of leadership as I think they’ve proven that they need guidance. 

Now I have speculated about Arya and how she’s going to return to Westeros/what she’s going to do to impact the war with the Others and the climax of the series multiple times. The problem is Arya can go in so many different directions because she’s just such a wild card as a character. She’s amassing all these skills, allies, knowledge, and experiences, which we know will do something, but what?

There’s the Hardhome theory, which has merit. Arya meeting up with Dany makes some sense, too.

But I will admit that the theory/speculation I always return to is Arya returning to the Riverlands- which is why I brought her up here. People don’t seem to realize that even including the Mercy chapter, Arya has had more chapters with the Brotherhood Without Banners than the Faceless Men. They were a huge part of her character arc and not one to be taken lightly.

What connects Arya to Westeros and her old life? Her family and her bond to Nymeria primarily.

And who is actually looking for Arya still? Brienne, the Brotherhood Without Banners, and the Wall/Ramsay plot.

Looking at it, it seems like the Riverlands makes sense.

  • The BWB are there. They are introduced to us through Arya, she has close bonds with a few, and is held with affection by others. Besides, they have been searching for her for a while as we have been reminded over and over. It makes sense that Arya will meet up with them again. There’s no other reason I can see that will make them get involved in what’s to come otherwise. They definitely are not fans of Jaime or Brienne, the other POVs that they have dealings (or future dealings) with.
  • There are only so many ports that Arya can enter into Westeros from. The Saltpans seems logical compared with other options. And since it was the way she left, it makes sense that it would be the way she gets back. 
  • Nymeria. Full stop. Nymeria isn’t leaving the Riverlands. She has been there for five straight books. And now she has the pack to consider. Even for Arya, I can’t see Nymeria leaving the place she’s been so long without reason. I think Arya’s going to have to pick her up to be honest. The pack, too. I feel like it must have some significance (see here,) since it has been so heavily referenced. It’s one of the chekov’s guns waiting to go off. Nymeria’s in the Riverlands, Arya’s definitely reuniting with her, I think she’s going to have to go to her though- after all, she’s the one who against her will drove her away. There’s definitely hints that Nymeria was chasing after Arya in ASoS though,
  • Brienne’s there and not looking like she can leave any time soon (what with the BWB.) She’s looking for Arya, too. 
  • Arya continues to feel connected with the Riverlands even in the House of Black and White. She even thinks about how it’s snowing there. She sees it through Nymeria’s eyes.

There are a few minor reasons why as well, but those are the big ones. 

It isn’t impossible that Arya will be the one to “kill” Lady Stoneheart. She was the one who found Catelyn’s body in the river and alerted the BWB through Nymeria. She tried to save Cat and was miserable over the guilt of being unable to even though she was at the Red Wedding. Moreover, Lord Beric promised to reunite Arya with her mother, which is at least part of the reason why he gave her back her life.

Also, so much involving LS we see through Arya- Arya as Nymeria saves her body, Arya’s former companions the BWB are the people she travels with, we have the whole “wolf with a fish in it’s mouth”, “can you bring back a man without a head?”, and “you should have saved my mother” stuff just waiting to play out completely. Arya fixates on Catelyn’s death way more than Robb’s too. This could be why.

The point is that Lady Stoneheart (less so than Catelyn herself in a lot of respects) is tied to Arya’s storyline.

Then there’s the fact that around the time of LS and the Red Wedding, Arya was taught the “gift of mercy” by Sandor. That definitely seemed to be building somewhere, but when it came up (i.e. when Sandor was dying and asked for mercy,) Arya didn’t do it. The whole concept of the “gift of mercy” that Sandor tried to instill in Arya hasn’t really played out yet. I wouldn’t be surprised if it comes to play with LS. 

It would be a mercy to put Lady Stoneheart to rest. She’s become unrecognizable from her former self and is a tormented figure to the extreme. The idea of the “gift of mercy” returning when Arya sees Lady Stoneheart and gives it to her makes sense.

Not to mention how symbolic it would be. A lot of fandom mischaracterize Arya as a revenge-obsessed when she really isn’t. She’s not searching people out to kill. The only time she’s consciously taken revenge (in the chapter entitled “Mercy” no less) was when the guy stumbled onto her. It’s not her focus or priority and her list functions as a coping mechanism first and foremost. More so, she doesn’t ever extract justice on bystanders, innocents, or people considered guilty by association (i.e. why she doesn’t kill Raff’s companion, a Lannister man, because to her he’s done no harm just because he’s a Lannister man and Raff’s companion in “Mercy”.)  She’d never harm anyone who she doesn’t know is bad- which is why she watches her assassination target for days to determine that he’s “evil” first.

But Lady Stoneheart (and by extension the BWB as a whole) subvert that so hard. Everyone at all associated is guilty- right down to people like Pod, who’s a kid- and deserves to hang. All they care about is vengeance, they’re not even really taking care of the smallfolk anymore because of it. They’ve become a part of the problem they were fighting.

So it’d be symbolic of Arya saying no to blind vengeance as well. And it’d be a way of correcting and focusing the path that the BWB have fallen off of since Beric’s death. 

I could see Arya leading the BWB (who are definitely going to have some big part to play regardless) to the Wall/battle with the Others, along with the giant pack of wolves that are just waiting to be utilized.

“You know, I don’t like to give things away.” says Martin, a grin spreading across his face. “But you don’t hang a giant wolf pack on the wall unless you intend to use it." (x)

So that’s my theory on what’s going to become of Lady Stoneheart/BWB.

Awesome ASOIAF Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #34 The Ghost of High Heart

Firstly, the Ghost of High Heart is not an actual ghost. She’s an old lady. I love old ladies (see previous post about my Old Nan obsession). Secondly, it’s not TOO odd that she was cut from Game of Thrones. Until Maggy the Frog appeared in the first episode of this season, many of the characters who spouted prophecies–like Patchface and Quaithe–had been removed or reduced.

We don’t know the Ghost of High Heart’s true name. Barristan Selmy refers to her as a “woods witch” who was friends with Jenny of Oldstones. Jenny of Oldstones was married to Prince Duncan Targaryen (son of Egg from the Dunk and Egg stories, and named for Dunk).

The Ghost of High Heart declared that the “Prince Who Was Promised” would be born from the line of Aerys and Rhaella Targaryen. So their father, Jaehaerys who as then only a prince not king, arranged his two children to be married. They, of course, are Dany’s parents.

The same year that Aerys and Rhaella’s first son, Rhaegar, was born there was a great tragedy at a place called Summerhall, which was a Targaryen castle. We don’t know exactly what happened. But Aegon V, Ser Duncan the Tall, Prince Duncan, and Jenny of Oldstones were all killed. This led to Jaehaerys becoming king instead of his brother.

It was assumed that Jenny’s “woods witch” died at Summerhall as well. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Arya encounters her at a place called High Heart in the Riverlands, when  traveling with the Brotherhood without Banners. High Heart is a hill that was sacred to the children of the forest. There are 31 weirwood stumps there and Thoros says they whisper to her. The Ghost herself is rumored to be a child of the forest, which might explain her incredible longevity. Though some just think she’s a dwarf.

The Brotherhood without Banners seek her out intentionally and seem to value her counsel. For rpayament, she asks their musician Tom O’Sevens to play a song–always the same one–about Jenny of Oldstones.

The dwarf woman studied [Arya] with dim red eyes. “I see you,” she whispered. “I see you, wolf child. Blood child. I thought it was the lord who smelled of death …” She began to sob, her little body shaking. “You are cruel to come to my hill, cruel. I gorged on grief at Summerhall, I need none of yours. Begone from here, dark heart.”

Image of the Ghost of High Heart and the Brotherhood without Banners by Patrick McEvoy for Fantasy Flight Games.

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the Hound
  • Sandor Clegane, about to kill a man, but looking for info:Where's the other one? The one with the yellow cloak?
  • Man:FUCK YOU!
  • Sandor, not amused:Those are your last words? 'Fuck you'? C'mon you can do better.
  • Man, confused, but thinking for something to say:Cunt!
  • Sandor, really not amused:You're shit at dying you know that?

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #28 Lady Stoneheart

So discussion of Harwin inevitably brings us to the lady Harwin now translates for. Some may argue that Lady Stoneheart was on Game of Thrones because Catelyn Stark was.

I disagree. Martin made a point to write that Lord Beric was much changed by being reanimated by Thoros. He didn’t remember his mother, in one scene. Catelyn, who was dead longer and was reported to have gone bad before she died, is even more changed. I consider Lady Stoneheart to be like the Angelus to Catelyn’s Angel. (Buffy reference.) 

Whereas Beric was driven to bring justice to the Riverlands (as he was ordered to by Ned Stark), Lady Stoneheart is driven by a need for revenge. She specifically hunts down members of House Frey, much as Catelyn’s final act was to slit the throat of a Frey son as repayment for Robb’s death.

Some people hate Lady Stoneheart for all the killing she has done. Thoros is clearly not happy with the switch. But I feel sorry for her.  Her desire for vengeance doesn’t ever seem to ease or abate. She is a creature trapped in grief. The show has decided to cut her, deeming her too over the top and fantastical to be included. But I don’t think she is fantastical. I think she is grounded in real emotion and that makes her more compelling to me that the weird White Walkers storylines they have added.

Also her appearance in the epilogue of Storm of Swords felt kind of perfect. It was an ominous hint at things to come, but also weirdly kind of satisfying to see her kill Merrett Frey after the Red Wedding.It was a way more interesting ending than Arya getting on a boat.

Image of Lady Stoneheart by Zippo514

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