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Why Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is my favorite media of All Time without spoiling anything

1. The plot moves a million miles per hour and has like, a minimum of two plot twists an episode. It’s super serialized and feels like a novel.

2. Answers that most series would drag out until the end are answered super quickly to keep the story moving.

3. The protagonists’ plight is really sad/interesting and you actually feel invested in their story and how it ends right from the first episode.

4. The protagonists have lots of agency and drive the story forwards, and there are multiple protagonists with their own plotlines.

5. Multiple interesting antagonists with intriguing worldviews.

6. The antagonists are super intimidating, not just to the characters but to the audience. Every scene one of them is in is extremely tense.

7. Unique setting that isn’t exactly fantasy and isn’t sci-fi.

8. The world’s “magic” has all of it’s rules explained so characters can’t manifest abilities you’ve never seen before without it being logical or foreshadowed.

9. Lots of tragic backstories, but the story has a light tone, and doesn’t try to be dark for no reason.

10. Never afraid to kill off characters, no matter how important, but gives lots of importance to every death that does happen so none of them feel “cheap”.

12. Romantic plotlines that don’t feel forced or boring. No love triangle nonsense to be seen.

13. Side characters that are actually given importance to the overall plot and are given their own characterizations and motivations.

14. Multiple badass female characters.

15. Midwifery being presented as awesome.

16. Gender norms being subverted left and right. Giant, muscly men full of emotions and tears. Women with majestic, long hair that have killed before and will kill again.

17. Deals with race, genocide and the aftermath of war, showing both sides of the conflict.

18. Doesn’t take itself too seriously. Contains the most masterful humorous to emotional tone shifts I have ever seen. They feel seamless.

19. Well choreographed combat scenes with innovative tactics abound.

20. This is subjective, but there are many, many scenes that are sad, or thought provoking, or spine-chilling. It’s a series that constantly shocks and amazes, even on rewatches.

21. AMAZING ending. You’ve heard of 2 episode climaxes. You’ve heard of 4 episode climaxes (hello, Avatar the Last Airbender). Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has a 15 EPISODE CLIMAX. That’s 5 straight hours of finale that literally NEVER GETS BORING.

22. Incredible philosophy.


It’s the day of my beautiful OTP! TwT So, for today, I’ve colored this sketch! (it’s the first time I made something a little NSFW… muhuhuh ewe)

I hope you like it! ❤️

Fallout Week 2017, day 4: Fuck/Marry/Kill?

(Veronica from New Vegas is probably my favorite companion and character in the Fallout series, followed up by John Cassidy from Fallout 2. She reminds me a lot of Dante from the Devil May Cry series in the sense that on the outside she seems like a comedic person that never takes anything seriously, but on the inside she’s a determined individual who knows the right thing to do and what’s best for everyone. She’s also incredibly adorable.)


I used copic multiliner cobalt for the lineart and Mijello Mission Gold ultramarine light for colouring, just found out these two match pretty well for Roy (⊙ω⊙) and yet, another drawing of Ed, like always

Also i want to introduce, my very first merchandise: Hachiken keychain XD i can only sell them within my country for now but i’m planning to make a set of fma keychain and sell it internationally by the end of this year, stay tuned!!


New Media

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood 

Director     Yasuhiro Irie              Writer      Hiroshi Ōnogi

Music Director     Akira Senju      Studio     Bones 

Based on the manga by Hiromu Arakawa

“Take my arm, take my heart, take anything you can have it! Just give him back! He’s my little brother, he’s all I have left." 

Alchemy is the science of understanding, deconstructing and reconstructing matter. But in order to gain something, something of equal value must be lost. This is the law of equivalent exchange; the world’s one and only truth. Fullmetal follows two young prodigies and brothers, Edward and Alphonse, as they try to use the magic of alchemy to bring their deceased mother back to life - only to learn that their dream comes at a price. In their failure, the two lose their bodies and enlist in the military for the opportunity to get back what they lost. 

Brotherhood is an epic, being one of the most universally beloved anime adaptations of all time, and its’ easy to see why. The relationship between the brothers is excellent and is given remarkable believably thanks to the performances of Vic Mignogna and Maxey Whitehead. Ed is a prideful genius, pushed to explore the darker aspects of alchemy out of guilt for only losing a few limbs while his brother is bound to an unfeeling suit of armor. Al, meanwhile, is a gentle philosopher who follows his brother loyally, but is unafraid to question his temptations and morality. 

Beyond that, Fullmetal is also the story of the military and their quest to better the state through violent and often brutal methods. The system controls the art and science of alchemy for nationalistic aims and the brothers fight to undermine it, while still being forced to operate within it. The brothers are merely a small part of this story, as many of the rank and file soldiers have their own parts to play in both the wars of the past and the experiments happening in secret. However, among a cast of over forty well-developed, reoccurring characters, every plot thread ties back in with the brothers, giving the saga a global scale without ever losing focus on the protagonists or their journey. 

Because of the size of the cast and scope of the themes, Brotherhood has to balance a lot of tones and genres that usually don’t blend well. It can be a cold science fiction, inspirational fantasy, political commentary, psychological horror and light-hearted comedy, often all in the same episode. However, Brotherhood is a rare series in that it balances these elements effectively, giving each the impact it deserves. While it is a long series at 72 episodes, Brotherhood never feels its’ length, ending on a note that is both touching and deeply satisfying. If you’re interested in anime at all, you’ve probably already been recommended FMA. To those uninitiated but want somewhere to start, this is my personal favorite and one of the best in the medium. 

The entire series is here:

sylvershroud  asked:

for feminist anime, fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood!! the main character is a young boy, but all the female characters are shown in equal ranks as the men, and its a show about the military and the women wear the same uniforms, which is something i dont see very often in anime. there are still problems with it, but the manga was written by a woman so a lot of that has to do with internalization. ALSO, most of the characters have some sort of disability, both physical and mental!