OMG😍😍😍 who gave them the right to look so hot with kids😊 so cute I just want to hug them tightly😏

they say war is hell,
so peace should be holy
but darling, the only thing i ever held sacred
was your name in my mouth
they say do not take the lord’s name in vain,
so i muffle the sounds against your neck,
and hope the heavens are not listening
—  but if they could hear me, they would not begrudge me this

Wendigo | 1x02

At first, Dean tries to go with what he thinks Sam needs, he tries to bring him to talk. when he realizes Sam isn’t up for that, he offers what he would have wanted, if he was in Sam’s shoes - a distraction. so he offered him the wheel, for a little while, focus on the road to help take his mind off the pain.


sock opera/not what he seems