brother rigs

Summary of BBCAN4 Finale:

Skipped through the entire final HOH competition, apparently Tim quit?

Nikki and Maddy wanted to vote for Cassandra, bless them.

Visible rage and disappointment on the juror’s faces when Tim was evicted, confirming that season 4 will have a shit winner.

Maddy’s question: “Phil, for once in your life STFU and let Nick answer.”

Phil: *butts in anyway*

Cassandra’s question: “You guys totally lied too, remember?” 

Phil: “Noooooooooo.”

Tim’s question: “So you guys had fake relationships in the house?”

Phil: “Yeah, I mean no!”


Kelsey’s plea for $100,000: “I self evicted for Raul and played the game for Jared, vote for me.”


Kelsey in the DR: “It was really me and Jared, fuck Raul.”


Arisa: “Hey, let’s slut shame Maddy for a bit.”


Jury is then forced to vote between Kelsey, who was already evicted before jury, and idiot brothers who tried to self evict during their HOH reign.

Best line of the night is from Mitch: “Sometimes dumb luck wins out.”

Everybody all over the internet expressed that they would be voting Kelsey over the brothers, and yet somehow brothers “won” Canada’s vote. #rigging

And Canada gets their worst Big Brother winners yet, the brothers.


Re'Nell Glover's "Upfront" 2015

In case you missed it, here are the future projects I’m currently working on:

*Cargh2NZ! on the Loose - Original cartoons with new, original cartoon characters

*Zevox: Feel the Force - Action-oriented comics and shows featuring “Mega Heroes” with “Megapowers”.

*Boken World (“boken” is Japanese for “adventure) - Anime and manga aimed at children and teenagers.

*Manic Compositions - Musical shorts (animated/live-action) with little/no plot.

*Xtreme inc./XTreme Inc. Eastern (XT inc.): Nothin’ is sacred. NOTHIN’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stuff aimed at adults.

*Blubba the Blob - Watch this short on YouTube.

*Sealion Rascals - 2 sealion siblings catch criminals while traveling in a submarine.

*Ready Bros. - 2 brothers rig their clubhouse into a spaceship and go to the moon, in a silent-film style.

*George the Hostile Ghost - A ghost tries to scare people.

*Demon Pumpkin - Watch this short on YouTube.

*Gladia-Torture! - A cowardly gladiator battles a lion.

*Timmy & Tammy - A flying squirrel and a high-jumping rabbit stop crime.

*Hot Dog & Cool Cat - A hyperactive dog and a calm cat.

*Shawn Nuff and the Playground Kids - A group of kids find adventure at the park.

*Bebopper Luna & the Noizemakerz - The misadventures of a high-school band.

*Beekboy & Grawler - A scheming woodpecker and his dumb grizzly bear friend.

*Whiz-Kid Wizardz - A witch and a wizard have a magical battle.

*Saburanutagi! - A small but fast sabertooth tiger avoids a hungry velociraptor.

*Think Kidd Fink! - A boy brings things he thinks of to life with a magic hat.

*The Malevolent Mind of Gus the Man Genius - A mad inventor tries to rule the world.

*The Insanely Dangerous, Dangerously Insane Punk Ducks - Angry, aggressive ducks defend themselves and their turf from hunters by using extreme force.

*Garry the Monkey King - On a jungle island, an ape baboon tries to take a monkey king’s throne.

*The Nitro FreeWheelerz - Racers from all over the universe compete in super vehicles.

*Are You Superiorly Smart Enough? - In this fictional game show, people test their knowledge of various subjects (math, history, science, etc.).

*Safari Universe -  A wacky look at different animals in every part of the world.

*Jimmy Peril - A 15-year-old boy and his cousin battle evil around the world.

*Galactic Victors - The mightiest Mega Heroes band together to battle the forces of evil.

*XeoVoidz: Super Squadforce 5 - A thunderstorm makes a crack in the Earth, spewing long-buried radioactive waste, giving 50% of the Earth’s population strange powers. Some use them for good, others for evil. Those who control their powers form a team.

*Kagejin: Man of the Shadows - The last member of a ninja clan fights an evil organization.

*The Adventures of Lance and the Kat Pak - A group of heroic cats search for adventure and fight evil wherever they find it.

*The Mighty Radd KraggBeasts  - Animal-like inhabitants of a distant planet are biogenetically engineered to stop an evil gang of animal hybrids.

*The Amazing Mega Kids Club! - 4 ordinary kids witness an evil cyborg attacking their city, so they turn their treehouse into a Mega Hero lair and become the Mega Kids to stop him and other evil forces.

*Raptor Force - 4 college students are tasked with fossilizing prehistoric monsters revived by a mad scientist.

*ChoKaiZyu (chou: super/ultra/hyper; kaijuu: monster/strange creature) - A young boy and his friends encounter mutant creatures and given the ability to copy them and stop them from wreaking havoc on Earth.

*Dragon Squadron Ryu-Oh-Ken (Dragon Squadron Dragon King Ken/Fist/Sword) - 3 martial artists who each possess dragon spirits are selected to form a team to fight evil martial artists.

*Hoshi-Madoshi (Star Wizard) - A young boy inherits the powers of a legendary wizard to battle evil supernatural forces.

*Gingaball (Galaxy Ball) - A boy and his team compete in different, weird ball games in different dimensions.

*Thunder Guardian Denge-King ("dengeki”: electric shock; blitzkrieg; lightning attack) - 2 space cadets wear “robo-suits” to stop a mad scientist who steals mecha/robot suits for evil purposes.

*Marble Meijin (Marble Master) - A boy tries to become a marble champion.

*Sunny no Kendo (Sunny’s Fencing) - A young woman competes in a sport where swordplay + jousting + motorcycles = mayhem!

*Mr. Misery Can’t Win - The world’s unluckiest mortal.

NOW, for those of you who are 18 yrs. old or older, or for people who can stomach the following, here are the following “adult” projects. For those of you UNDER 18, you might want to skip to the questions below.


*Kiba Huntress (Fanged Huntress) - An 18-yr.-old woman looking for a new home finds a ring lying on the ground that transforms her into a dark mistress who slices deep wounds into her foe, then sucks the blood from it, strangely giving her orgasms, then killing them in a gruesome manner.

*Vicious Vigilantes - A trio of vigilantes: a smoking, gun-toting, foul-mouthed, barbarian-like ex-cop with a huge dick, a sex-starved stripper with deadly tools, and a blood-thirsty ghost kill criminals, causing controversy everywhere.

*Lillie & Millie - 2 very sexy women explore their sexualities.

*The Craptastic Drecks! - Animated shorts intended for "Adult Viewers of Animation".

*WereWarriors - 2 siblings, each with the mark of the werewolf, battle hellish forces from Transylvania.


So, what do you think of my future projects? Which do you like the most? Which do you HATE the most? Is there anything I might have ripped off of? Be honest and (if you want) include your name. Don’t forget to subscribe to Re'Nell Glover (RG Network) on YouTube.

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Production will never stop rigging Big Brother for any useless boring stale cracker, the second the racist whitey they purposely casted walk through the door they are nutting in their pants at the thought of handing them that check.

*one of the houseguests accuses production of rigging a competition that hasn’t happened yet*
i can’t believe it’s 100% confirmed that big brother is rigged and allison grodner is gonna take audrey to f2 when is audrey gonna stop?