brother from a different mother

afkhjlsdfsadhjfaldnmy ralyl good friend and i started an alpha strider au that was supposed to just be a “abc’s fresh off the boat comedy au” but it escalated so quickly to a hurt-comfort au and its just really good i wanna talk about it but tw for family death, abuse, etc under the cut

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Oh it’s not true, I don’t wish harm upon you
From birth we’ve been like brothers, of different mothers, 
Within the spirit of the same womb
May the gods strike me down if I forsake you
Frater meus
You’re beautifully made and to you I’m forever grateful
I’ll never forget that you showed me to make art
And I know the love you showed me came from a pure and noble heart
I love you and if you want I’ll call you king
But why do I lie awake each night thinking
Instead of you, it should be me? 


Another part of the BBS Space AU @brocksnuckel, @bananabuslover, and I have been working hard at! Enter the heads of the Millennium “Banana”, Lui and Nogla! Lui is the captain of the Valkyrie, while Daithi sides as his First Mate, as well as being his best friend from childhood. They are brothers-from-different-mothers, and travel the galaxy in hopes of finding adventure and discovering new lands with their one-of-a-kind crew. I hope you all like them as much as we do!  Expect a lot more of this AU soon! <3

Song of Achilles!AU where Cas is the nephilim progeny of the angel Anael and king Michael, destined to be the greatest warrior of his age… and where Dean, after accidentally killing bully for harassing his younger brother, is disowned and sold to Michael for service. A constant disappointment to John Winchester, Dean is too pretty for a boy by far, and shows relative skill in everything but excelled in nothing. He is separated from his brother and mother, he is alone, he is different, and he keeps to himself.

Until Castiel finds him in the store room one morning.


“My father and the Master look for you.”

“And they sent you to find me?” he asks dully.

“No,” Castiel replies. He speaks as if it’s the easiest thing in the world. “I came on my own. To see if you are ill.” Blue eyes sweep up Dean’s small form, and the latter boy holds his chin high. The prince frowns. “You are not ill.”


“Then that will not serve as an excuse.”


“Your excuse for where you’ve been,” Castiel clarifies. “What will you say so you will not be punished?”

“I don’t know.”

“You’ll have to say something.”

“You are the prince!” Hatred is on the tip of his tongue, burning with insults as he regards the other boy’s golden skin and lovely blue eyes. The more he looks, the more his anger fizzles away. Castiel has never been anything but kind and respectful. 

“So?” the prince asks. 

Dean narrows his green eyes and curls his pretty lip up in a challenge. “So, you can tell him I’ve been with you.”

“I do not lie.”

“Then take me with you. You won’t be lying.”

For a moment, Dean thinks he’s overstepped, but Castiel’s silence ends in an abrupt turn of heel. Walking out of the room, he barely looks over his shoulder. “Come.”

Dean follows.