brother from a different mother

It Isn’t Love || Seungcheol || Pt. 2

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Word Count: 1850 

Genre: fluff, angst, royalty au, arranged marriage au

Summary: In order to solidify and further prove the alliance of two kingdoms, the Choi Kingdom had decided to arrange a marriage between their kingdom and the Lee Kingdom. It was a great plan! Now, if only the two parties personally involved were willing…

In the morning, Seungcheol went to bid Jihoon farewell.

“I’m glad we get along,” Seungcheol joked, “If we hadn’t, we would have a hard time being brother-in-laws.”

Jihoon laughed. “It doesn’t matter what I think. My sister’s opinion matters more.”

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Role Models

“Role Models”

There was once a young sibling who admired his older brother.
Even though they came from different dads, they shared the same mother.
The younger brother wanted to emulate the older brother in every way
From baseball cards to video games, morning, night, and day.

This little boy followed his older brother around
To batting cages, arcades, and all over town.
He ordered the same foods and drank the same drinks.
He wore the same hats and thought the same things.

The older brother knew he had the power to influence
And in no way did he consider his brother a nuisance.
In fact, he greatly enjoyed setting the lessons
Like a preacher educating those about Heaven.

This pattern continued into the teenage years.
The older brother was a role model almost like a career.
It’s amazing how younger kids follow the older herd
And want to be just like them, every word for word.

What the older brother didn’t realize however
Was that his younger brother was watching his every endeavor.
Every movement he did and every action illustrated
The younger brother often imitated.

After all, what are older role models for?
If not to set the standard for the ones whom they adore?
But its not easy when young eyes constantly observe
And one night the older brother slipped and swerved.

The older brother had fallen into a very unethical crowd
Where peer pressure would loom like an unwanted cloud
And sweep him away into a world where he’d forget
He had a little brother to whom he swore to not neglect

But one night in his room he pulled a box from under his bed
And hastily began snorting chemicals deep into his head.
It wasn’t long before he was rushed to a scene
Where he layed in a coma and remained in his dreams.

Now the younger brother had saw the whole act
From the closet door where he was hiding under stacks
Of clothes unhung; and when he stepped out he saw
His older brother lying unconscious on the floor.

He took the powder that was in his older brother’s hand
And held it tightly while trying to understand
What had just happened, but he thought it was fine.
His brother would not mislead him down a road without signs.

So with an innocent smile the brother inhaled the powder
And was lying next to his older brother in less than an hour.
He promised to follow his brother wherever he went
And so he followed him into a coma where he laid content.

And so to all those who have younger siblings; let it be known
Know how much you impact their slow, steady growth
Be there for them, love them, and nurture them whole
Always know they are looking up to you, body and soul
Be their driving force; be their guiding light
Be the one who sets a path clear and bright
Yesterday’s children will need you to guide them away
From the drugs and violence that lead them astray
Otherwise then the cycle will again repeat
A new generation born to fog up these streets

Yuuram in Novel 14

Buckle up, darlings~

Novel 14. ch.1
-The sheer amount of fondling -


That is indeed his voice, and he did yell my name. But Wolf said the voice he heard wasn’t mine, but someone else’s.

“Are you okay? Tell me, quick, where are you hurt!?”

I try to confirm his injury with him again, after all I was the one who hurt him.

Crouching down, Wolfram makes a short grunt and then stands up forcefully with his legs. He desperately stretches his previously bent back, pushing away my hand with all his strength. I hurriedly chase his shadow, coming to the spot underneath the bright sunlight shining down from the surface.

“Wait a sec, Wolf, where are you hurt…”

I reach out my left hand to touch what feels like a body, and feel something like torn cloth and animal fur. My thumb and index fingers are moist and warm, when I rub them it even feels a little sticky.

“I’m sorry, really…”

Wolf tries to step back from me, and I quickly grab his waist, pulling him to me. Hugging him tightly with my right arm, I press my left palm to his stomach—The warmth from his skin spreads over to me, a numbing pain climbing up my arm at the same time.
I was healed this way a few times before, as long as I do exactly as I remember, I should be abke to heal others too. After all Gisela and Anissina taught me before, too, and I successfully did it last time, right?


I’m pushed away forcefully, falling onto my butt on the hard floor, only managing to prop up my upper half with my hands.


“Don’t touch me!”

Of course I can’t see his expression, and can only rely on my hearing to tell, but the emotion that comes through his voice, is very obviously anger.

He’s standing in a spot with light, so I can see his shadow clearer. Although it’s not the honey color that I see when I can see completely clearly, there’s still a golden glimmer around him that’s different from the surroundings. His own body looks like a dirty grey, though, so I can tell that he’s wearing something he rarely does. That might very well be the reason I mistook him for the enemy.

“Sorry, I was wrong. I never thought it would be you.”

Novel 14. ch.1
-Pin your brother down will you?-

“Conrad, you’re just in time, Wolf is pretty badly hurt, press him down while I’m healing him.”

“Wolfram is fine, it’s just a small wound on his clothes and abdomen, thankfully he had an amulet with him, so the wound isn’t deep, not so bad that he has to trouble Your Majesty to heal him.”

“But he lost so much blood.”

“That’s your blood.”


Novel 14. ch.1
-Pretty shitty of you though Connie-

The shadow that looks like the Captain stops abruptly, revealing his confusion with the question, “Arrest who?”

“Lord von Bielefeld. He hurt His Majesty, we mustn’t let him approach His Majesty.”

Now it’s my turn to panic.

“Wait a sec! You misunderstood, Conrad! This is a misunderstanding!”

“No matter what the reason, it’s a fact that Wolfram hurt you with a sword, this is an unforgivable crime. Haven’t you noticed the pain in your right shoulder?”

Once he says that, I finally remember that the two of us were at each other’s throats just a while ago. At the same time I grabbed the blade with my hand, the other person was holding a broken sword, so that’s how both of us ended injured.

Novel 14. ch.1
-Yuuri’s mental comments are the best-

Wolfram must have been waving his hand as he spoke, because I feel a breeze brush past my face. Wonderful, his movements are no different than usual, and his voice is powerful too, I can’t help but heave a sigh of relief.

Novel 14. ch.1
-What you mean you can’t approach me!? Okay this whole chapter is like a yuuram festa-

“Don’t be mistaken, Lord Weller. They are Shin Makoku soldiers, and will not obey your orders. Sizemore, you don’t have to arrest me, but from now on you must keep a watch on me, if I try to approach His Majesty then you must do everything to stop me, even if it means using force, understand?”


“Wait a sec! Wolf, what do you mean by keep a watch? What do you mean, you can’t approach me? More importantly, why are you here, come on and explain to me! How will I know anything if you don’t tell me!?”

“Why am I here?”

Wolfram can’t approach me, but there’s amusement in his voice when he talks. But that isn’t self-jest or embarrassment, much less joy. If I had to describe it, that should be pride, right?

“Staying by Your Majesty’s side, isn’t that my duty?”


“That’s why I came to find you.”

I want to see his expression so bad, to see what kind of attitude he said that line with. Surely he must have his arms over his chest, his body tilted back slightly, even looking down on me with his chin raised.

“Is that so? So you came to look for me, thank you.”

But I lost my rational mind, mistaking him for an enemy and even hurting, it’s only natural that he would be mad, I can’t even blame him if he starts hating me for it.

Novel 14. ch.1

“Dacascos, cut the nonsense! Hurry up and get clean cloth and water to help bandage Yuuri’s wound.”

“Wolf, you too.”
I reach my hand out towards Wolfram’s back, to be precise, towards the shadow I decide is his back, and of course I can’t reach.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to touch you, but your wound must be healed! Don’t underestimate it just because it’s not deep! Where’s Gisela? Didn’t Gisela come?”

“About that, Your Majesty…”

Novel 14. ch.1
-Still chapter 1-

Even though I’m exhausted I can’t rely on Wolfram, after all he’s injured too, right now it’s probably all he can do to take care of himself.

Although he keeps insisting to his brother that it’s a light injury, but a soldier’s idea of a light injury is different from a sportsman’s. To us baseball boy, a sprain that takes three weeks to heal is already a fairly serious injury. A sword stab to the stomach is basically throwing away the entire ball season, so serious it will seriously let down all the fans.

Novel 14. ch.1
- Notice how Yuuri casually forgets to mention ‘former’ when he says prince from here on-

“And that one who’s angry because his stomach got hurt, the handsome guy that looks like a fairy tale prince, he is too?”

“Mn, actually he is a prince.”

“In that case, he’s Your Majesty’s brother from a different mother or something like that?”

“No, no, he’s the son of the previous Queen.” (…)

“So what is PRINCE so unhappy about, why is he so angry?”

“Maybe because I injured him.”


“Listen up, Little Buddy, no matter what happened in that underground tunnel, it’s not your fault, and not anyone else’s fault, either. That is an evil place, scary things happen there. Tragedies will happen there, that seem to tear apart your heart, and leave deep wounds. So no matter what you do, never blame yourself, it’s not Little Buddy’s fault, and it’s no one’s fault.”

Novel 14. ch.2
-Where’s Wolfram? -

“Captain, since there’s no danger, let’s enter the town. Where are Wolfram and the others? Hazel and Ajira-san should have arrived already too, and it’s very weird that there isn’t a single person in town… Don’t tell me…”

Novel 14. ch.2
-Seconds later, Wolfram saves Yuuri’s henachoko ass-

When I bring my face to the surface, there’s a freshwater smell different from that of seawater. It’s freshwater and a whole lot of it.

And it’s precisely then, that I sense for the first time that there are people in the town.

A door opens and closes roughly, and I hear a man giving a panicked warning,

“Yuuri you can’t, the water has been polluted!”


Before I can raise my head, someone’s already pulled me up by the collar, what a close call.

“You said polluted?”

What a rare word in this world.(…)

Wolfram pulls my hand and brings me into a building, it looks like the Seisakoku resistance led by Hazel and the four Shin Makoku soldiers Sizemore brought are all here.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Another explosive yuuram chapter-

After drinking some water, eating some food, and have a nice nap on a long awaited bed, most of the weariness that I collected vanished too. Actually I know very well, the damage done to my body can’t be healed immediately, but when I open my eyes in bed and see only light and shadow, I’m honestly SHOCKED.

“Did you sleep well?”

“Very well.”

Although I answer the question instinctively, I had slept far from soundly. Because I had a nightmare, and kept getting woken up, returning to the same scene every time I fall asleep, until I can’t help but wonder if I really like retaking exams so much.

“What about you, Wolf?”


“You’re lying, because you snored as you always do when you’re sleeping like a log.”

“You deliberately pricked up your ears and listened out for that? What a curious baby you are, Yuuri!”

“…Even if I don’t want to hear it, I still hear it.”

Wolfram and I are in charge of controlling the large dining room that’s acting as our base of operations, in other words we’re on watch duty.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Wounded Wolfie-

(…)Wolfram, on the other hand, stayed back to protect me.

Although he acts energetic, the truth is he’s a wounded party too, and wounded in the stomach no less. The one who wounded him was me, so I really can’t make him do anything else strenuous.

What’s surprising is his reaction when he was told to stay on guard duty. Normally he would say something like “I can fight, don’t you trust me?” and then there would be a long line of protests, I was even all ready to listen to him complain, but instead Wolfram just said “I see”, completely against my expectations.

Novel 14. ch.3
-You hate me-


Seeing my body lean towards his direction, Wolfram immediately utters using a harsh tone,

“Keep your distance, keep your distance. Don’t get too close to me.”

“Ahh—Okay, okay, okay, I’m forbidden within a radius of 2 meters, right?”

He hates me, even though not long ago we were so close we could stay in the same large crate.

“I say, Wolf, I want to confirm with you.”


“You… chest hair… No, actually, it’s nothing. I just didn’t think that you could keep growing after eighty.”

That furry feeling near his chest, is actually… Honestly I really can’t predict what mazoku growth is like.

“I-I’m not jealous, got it?”

“What on earth are you mumbling about?”

But we’re not just supposed to talk about body hair.

“I think apologies are in order” (Yuuri)

“You want to make me apologize here?”

“Or course not! I don’t want to make you apologize~! Besides I’m not even angry, though it seems you still are… See, you won’t even approach me. So I wanted to make up with you, and apologize to you first. After all I don’t want this awkward atmosphere to continue anymore, and it’ll be troubling to Captain Sizemore and Dacascos.”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Just… just read-

“It’s only natural that you would hate me… We’re comrades, but I caused you to get hurt. Not only that…”

I can’t help but cover my mouth with my hand.

“I actually wanted to… k-kill you. Back then I really, truly, wanted to… Damn, I feel like puking.”

“Hold on, other than your eyes and shoulder, are you in any pain?”

I turn my head to a side, waving my right hand next to it to gesture ‘no’. Actually I’m not sick, it’s just that the sudden stress and anxiety made my stomach acids flow the wrong way.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry, I never thought it could be you. I’ll repent, if saying it is not enough, then I’m willing to accept any punishment to show my sincerity.”

“About that, at first I wanted to deal with everything here first, and talk about it again once we safely bring the Maou back to Shin Makoku, but since you brought it up now, there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I can feel Wolfram looking at me as he sighs.

“If you want to, you can even sentence me to death. Not only did I point my sword at His Majesty the Maou, I even attacked you, and injured you. But I swear… I really never thought it could be you.”

“Me too.”

Back then, when Wolfram slid down using the rope, I had completely treated him as an enemy. When I saw his sword, shining brightly in the darkness as it reflected the sunlight, I deeply believed that person was an enemy here to kill me.

“At that moment when I saw the sword.”

“All I saw was a moving figure. Back then I didn’t think whether it was a friend or foe, but the moment I set foot in the dark place, my thoughts immediately became “that was an enemy, that figure is an enemy without a doubt”… And even your voice sounded like someone else…”

“Didn’t you change the direction of the sword at the last moment? The sword blade suddenly went flat, that’s why Conrad said I only got banged up. But I still purposely picked up the weapon, and just like that, towards your stomach… Mmgh!”

I’m talking about these things, and it hurts so bad just thinking about what happened back then.

“Are you really okay?”

I break the orders not to get close to him and approach Wolfram, carefully plastering my palm over what should be his stomach.

“Maybe my healing isn’t as good as Gisela’s, but it’s better than not healing at all.”

“Stop! Don’t use majutsu!”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Me, hate you?-

Wolfram immediately bats away my hand.

“Why are you such a brainless henachoko? This is Shinzoku land, you know!? This is the continent with houryoku so strong even Gisela couldn’t set foot here, there’s no way you don’t know the consequences of using maryoku in a place like this, right? It’s precisely because you want to use your majutsu whenever, that’s why I told you not to get near me!”


“Didn’t you hear me? It’s because you like using majutsu so much, that’s why I told you not to get near me.”

No matter how I ask, the answer is the same. But it’s completely different from the reason I cracked my head to come up with.

“…So you’re not mad at me?”

His breathing is very fast.

“Of course I’m mad. Who asked you to be so rash?”

“And I thought you hated me…”

“Me, hate you?”

Helplessly, Wolfram can’t help but raise his tone at the end, so it feels about like “Me, hate you~~?”

“Could someone who hated the king possibly chase him to the ends of the earth? And…” (…)

“Carrying this strangely disgusting thing called ‘Günter’s Protection’ too.”

“Günter’s Protection~~?”

This time it’s my turn to raise my tone.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Do as I say not as I do-

Wolfram says I can’t get close to him, but he grabs my left hand and reaches it into the bag, using his sonorous voice to recite a chant non-stop, making all the hairs on my body stand on end.
Although it’s not possible, I still have the illusion of Günter’s hair twining around my arm.

Novel 14. ch.3
-After settling things with Wolf, Yuuri starts humming a religious hymn -

“What song is that?”


It seems I had started singing a familiar tune without realizing it.

Only I can’t really remember the lyrics, so it’s no different from humming it. (…)

Back then I thought it sounded familiar, but I didn’t think it’s a hymn from Earth.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Pity each other-

“Venera sure is impressive.”

“Although she’s not young anymore, she is indeed very sharp.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

I didn’t think Wolfram would respond to my mumbling, maybe it’s because we’re both casualties, so we sort of pity each other.

Novel 14. ch.3
-Yuuri panicking about Wolf as usual-

There’s the sound of running footsteps from the corridor, Wolfram holds his sword in his hand, and makes the sound of pushing the blade out of its sheath.


“Stay here, don’t move.” (…)

“Wolf! Don’t force yourself…”

“Stay there, don’t move!”

The sound of clashing blades which I can’t get used to no matter how many times I hear it, vibrates the air and the room, making me so scared I want to cover up my ears. Although I’m really worried about Wolfram, fighting against multiple opponents, but right now I can’t do a thing to help. Forget helping, it’s all I can do protect myself.

“Wolf…? Wolfram!?”

It feels as though time is crawling past, but in reality it’s probably only been two minutes. I sense the sound of clashing swords and the impacts coming through the floorboards slowly fading, so I called Wolfram’s name.

“Wolf, are you alright!? Talk to me!”

“As if that needs saying.”

His steps are nimble as he walks back to my side, and his voice sounds energetic too. But there’s the smell of blood emanating throughout the room, and from his body as well. He probably notices my uneasiness, saying before I ask,

“I’m not hurt, this is all their blood, but they’re not dead. Because you would probably say ‘tie them into their horses and send them back’ right?”

“Are you really okay?”

“Of course I am. What happened to Yuuri? After your vision got worse, you start worrying about nothing too?”

“No, of course not!”

“How could lackeys like that hurt me? The wound on my stomach is almost healed now, too, not a problem at all. Why don’t you touch it and see—But first you must promise me you won’t use maryoku—”

Novel 14. ch.3
-Yuuri keeps panicking-

Before I can yell a warning, Wolfram has already engaged the enemy. The sound of metal and clashes once again rings out in the dining room.

“Wolf, get ready to leave!”

“Are we running away!?”

“Of course we’re escaping! But the townspeople here need to get away too, right? Aren’t those guys trying to break into civilian houses?”

“That’s right, they plan on destroying the water purifiers too, as a warning to the others. But as long as we lead the townspeople away, there won’t be any more serious casualties.”

“Anyway we have to try and see. Wolfram! Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

I was just thinking that the room has gotten quiet again, it turns out the soldiers that barged in afterwards were dealt with as well. Last time I have heard that his swordsmanship is strong, but I never thought he would be this strong, completely different from the Lord von Bielefeld I know, could it be that he’s been possessed by the sword god?

Novel 14. ch.5
-Wait…. did he just…?-

Instead it’s Wolfram behind me that growls. If it were the normal him, he’d have let his fists do the talking ages ago. Although he really wants to, right now all he can do is bear with it.

When it comes to Saralegui, as well as the temporary truce with Conrad—which means with the Big Shimaron ambassador, I’ve told Wolf everything without hiding a thing, and he knows what kind of a person the Small Shimaron king is, too. But since it’s safer to let Saralegui hold my hand, he can only open one eye and close the other now.

Although Wolfram’s personality is very emotional, recently when it comes to any critical moments, he will show the bravery to resist his impulses. After all, he’s a man more suited than me to be the Maou.

Novel 14. ch.5
-Wolfie baby~ then more Yuuri panic-

“Could it be their mother died?”

I tell Wolfram the same thing, that there’s a child crying, and we need to save them.

Hazel says, “What is it?”

As though comforting me, Wolfram pats my neck gently, completely indulging my rash behavior.

“I’ll go look.”

“I’m coming too.”

“No, you stay here! If anything happens to you, I won’t be able to face His Majesty Shinou.”

After he breaks the window and charges in, there’s no reaction for a long time, while instead my heart beats so loudly even I can hear it. Suddenly there’s a loud explosion, numbing both my sense of sight and sound.

My previously dark vision instantly brightens, and it’s all orange. Not only can’t I feel the cold from before, my face and arms are enveloped by the approaching heat.

What on earth happened?

“Wolf! Wolfram!”

“I’m here!”

A body heavier than usual jumps out of the window, he’s probably carrying a child, followed tightly by a weeping woman.

Novel 14. ch.6
-"Wolfram stop him” -

Maybe it’s because he notices who else is there, Lord Weller points at Wolfram at one side, signaling for him to go to Yuuri immediately.

“Stop him, Wolf! Stop him now!”

Conrad wants to run here, but he’s knocked over by an escaping woman. Once he steadies his footing he readies himself to keep running , but this time he’s stopped by an incoming crowd.

Wolfram wants to put the child in his arms down onto the ground, but the frightened little girl grabs him and won’t let go, that little hand buried in his clothes unwilling to relax no matter what.

“Yuuri! Stop, don’t use maryoku!”

His voice can’t reach the young man’s ears.

Novel 14. ch.7
- Keeping Wolf away-

“In that case, purposely keeping Wolfram away would be pointless as well. To think you used maryoku on something other than healing.”

“What, so that’s why!”

I can’t help but grin. Still, I can’t help but be very concerned about the strict attitude he had towards Wolfram during that reunion.

“I always found it strange, why were you so strict to him?”

Lord Weller clears his throat a little, saying in a solemn tone,

“Technically speaking, his actions were a serious offense. I didn’t think the only punishment was to keep him away from you, even I feel my brain is getting slower and slower these days. But more importantly, you really don’t feel uncomfortable in any way?”

Novel 14. ch.7
- The bed scene -

I open the door of the rented bedroom, walking to the window with the candle without holding on to anything. Wolfram is lying on the bed next to the window, his back facing me.

“Are you asleep?”


A muffled answer. He’s laughing at me.

“You’re lying, you wouldn’t answer if you’re sleeping!”

“That was an instinctive reaction. I realized that you’re coming to me to cry and complain again, so I had no choice but to answer you.”

“Don’t you normally pretend to sleep?”

“All I can say is I’m too nice a guy.”

Sitting on the sturdy mattress stuffed full of hay, I raise my head to look at the night sky outside the window. There’s a dim square in my pitch black field of vision, and some bright spots glowing yellow in the middle. There isn’t a moon, or any stars, only the light of a candle flame.
The wind blows against my face, carrying the smell of charred walls, sand and water. Looks like the glass on the window is broken.

“Thank goodness I still have you beside me.”

“You’re being so honest about your feelings, it’s sickening.”

“I don’t even have the strength to pretend anymore.”

I can tell with a touch that the bed beside me is wet. It must have been the lakewater that broke the window glass, and wet the room. Is this my punishment for failing the mission today?

“Can I sleep over there with you?”

Under the weak candlelight, a blurred Wolfram swings the thing in front of his chest,

“Günter’s here too, is that alright with you?”

“That’s really too cruel.”
I start laughing to the point I can’t stop, but then my voice starts to crack, so I have no choice but to bury my face in the pillow so Wolfram won’t notice. Just like that, the dim candlelight disappears from my vision.

Surely I won’t be able to sleep through the guilt and regret.

But I must let my body rest a while. Because the life we’re living is one where we don’t know when’s the next time we can sleep on beds again.

(the next chapter literally starts the morning after with him and Saralegui walking in the desert. )

Novel 14. ch.9
- Talking at the same time-

“Although some menial thing like this isn’t worth reporting to Your Majesty the Maou, it seems I am the messiah.“


Wolfram and I yell at the same time.

Novel 14. ch.11
- Regaining his sight thanks to Adalbert’s healing. The first thing he does when he realizes he can see is look at Wolf. Then he lengthily describes him, not so the rest of the characters -

“Ah~~ Really! Adalbert, move the bed aside, quickly—”

“Your Majesty.”

Conrad’s tone sounds hesitant, the hand reaching out for my right shoulder wandering up and down helplessly. It’s rare for him to look so lost.

“I told you so many times, don’t call me Your Majesty.”

“Sorry. Yuuri, your eyes…”

“Eh? My eyes?”

And then Wolfram asks in a hoarse voice, “Can you see?” Hazel only raises her eyebrows, and finally Saralegui says in his usual tone,

“What, your eyes are okay now?”

“It’s true! I can see!”

I can see.

Wolfram’s blonde hair and emerald eyes, Hazel’s wrinkly hands and strong mouth, Adalbert’s buff muscles and butt-shaped chin, as well as Saralegui’s golden eyes. No matter how many times I blink, my vision doesn’t turn blurry, it’s not just shadows, it won’t disappear without a trace anymore.”


Looking at Wolfram, who’s staring at me non-stop, I really am beside myself with happiness. Really, you’re still very cute! Since you always have such a valiant attitude, I assumed you matured quite a bit in the time we were apart, but to think you still have the beauty of an angel. Though it’s true I can still sense you’ve definitely become manlier.

Novel 14. ch.11
- What is Wolf so pissed off about? What does he mean by "mean”?-

Before I can finish talking, Wolfram bumps me with his arm, and even says indignantly,

“You feel at ease just after a good meal, don’t tell me you were just malnourished? Yuuri… How could you be so mean?”

“No, how’s that possible!? How could a few days of malnourishment make my vision deteriorate so drastically?”


Novel 14. ch11
-Describing Wolf vs. Adalbert-

“Is that so? Then go for it, you guys, I plan on staying here and living the easy life of a messiah for a while longer.”

Adalbert keeps sitting on the table and waves us goodbye. But the right hand he just raised is beaten down by someone, and his chest grabbed.

“Look at you, are you still a mazoku like this!?”

That person is Wolfram.

This image should look hilarious normally, right? After all there’s a huge difference in their body sizes, it looks like a cicada grabbing a large tree. But right now Adalbert is pressed down by Wolfram’s presence, so no one notices the difference in size at all.

Novel 14. ch12
-Worried Yuuri-

Wolfram catches up to us, the corners of his lips curling up. Under these circumstances, all he can do is smile strangely. Despite his angelic looks, he can also say something so mature. To think he can show a smile completely unlike his two brothers, saying such brave words.

Watching him grow up so quickly recently, I can’t help but feel panicked. If I keep assuming he’s on the same level as me, one day I will surely be left behind in the dust.


So this novel is probably the most yuuram packed in all the series.
The bed scene will always hold a special place in my heart, for many reasons, but most importantly because the scene is cut short and it resumes “the next morning “, which is Japanese for having the camera aim at the waving curtains and out the window. Also there’s a phrase in the next novel that will really explain why the bed scene is so important… but will explain that in the next part!

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Opportunity!Alfred pt.3

-Parents were part of English mafia

-Always had a fascination with expensive things but his parents were rich so they showered him with everything he wanted

-Decided to stay out of the mafia life when he was 15 when he met his half brother Mathieu (brother from a different mother)

-They attended the same boarding school

-Arthur, his full blooded brother, went down the mafia path and eventually became the right hand man to the head.

-Alfred and Arthur were always really close

-Alfred’s parents died from a mob hit when he was a senior in highschool

-Money was given completely to Arthur as their parents cut him completely off. They couldn’t have any ties to Alfred after all.

-Arthur paid for Alfred’s college and housing, and just about anything he asked for.

-Lives comfortably but not very extravagantly as he doesn’t want anyone to know of his ties to the mafia, especially since his brother is the right hand man to the head.

-He doesn’t need to work but still does anyways. He works at a coffee shop as a waiter/barista.

-Is fully aware of the territory lines in the city but soon starts to cross over them even though Arthur repeatedly to never go into them

-Has a thing for carrying two guns with him at all times. One in his bag and one in his boot (or wherever he can fit it)

-The one in his bag is a .357 S&W Magnum or a Colt M1911 .45 ACP (depends on how he feels that day) and the one on his person is a super tiny Walther PPK.

-He got the Walther PPK because James Bond had it and he’s a nerd

-When he first saw Ivan he was hiding behind a dumpster.

-Alfred took a liking to Ivan and started tracking his movements so he could find the perfect moments where he could “coincidentally” be in the same area as Ivan and he could take a notice of him.

Ryder Profiles


basic info: 22, she/her, bisexual
appearance: silver-haired, light golden eyes, average height and thick build, fair-skinned
notable features: freckles everywhere, three-clawed scar from a varren attack next to her left eye, light blue tattoo on crown of head
specialization: technician, synthetics expert, hacker, tactical sniper
personality: polite, soft-spoken, professional, passionate about her work and the people close to her, curious and logical about technology
relationship with family: incredibly close with her father — she aspired to be like him, as well as her mother. wildly different from her brother and they clash often. though they love each other completely, they’re not very close.
romantic interests: was in a four-year relationship with her girlfriend, Setsuko, before having to leave her behind for the Andromeda Initiative. Tethys missed her more than anything and thought about her often while in the Andromeda galaxy. eventually, she began to feel deeply for crew member and Pathfinder team member Liam Kosta. the two helped each other from the very start, leaning on one another and growing together in a new galaxy. 


basic info: 22, she/her, lesbian
appearance: raven-haired, hazel blue eyes, above average height and lanky build, warm, olive-toned skin
notable features: faint but large pink birthmark under right eye, choker-like tattoo around neck
specialization: vanguard biotic, melee weapons
personality: snarky and sarcastic, casual about everything, logical
relationship with family: while she admired her father and secretly wanted to make him proud, they always clashed. was truly close with her mother, who helped her with her biotic nature. her brother, Luca, was her best friend, and one of the only people who actually knew her.
romantic interests: while never interested in pursuing any particular relationship because of her fear of emotional attachment, Yara did find herself interested in getting to know Peebee while in the Andromeda galaxy. they were alike in many ways, and after a while of introducing casual sex into their relationship, Yara began to feel much stronger for the asari. when Peebee confessed that she wanted a full relationship, Yara was relieved, and she gladly returned the love.


basic info: 22, he/him, pansexual
appearance: black-haired, golden brown eyes, above average height and burly build, tan skin
notable features: choker-like tattoo around neck, andromeda initiative tattoo on left shoulder blade, scar from a gunshot on lower abdomen
specialization: soldier, assault rifle specialist, gunsmith
personality: silver-tongued, diplomatic, cool-headed and dispassionate
relationship with family: distant with both of his parents throughout his life. the few interactions he had with his dad were usually very cold. Silvius always preferred to do things his own way, and both his mother and father always disapproved of his frequent sexual activities. while differing in many ways, his sister, Aurora, was the only member of his family he was close to, and they confided in each other. 
romantic interests: having never been in a relationship longer than a couple months, Silvius has flitted from person to person, not afraid of commitment but unable to find someone who truly understood him. when it came to getting to know Cora, however, he decided that she was someone he wanted to be with. at first, it was just sex. but Cora challenged him, called him out on his shit, and saw right through any front he put on. when she tore down his aloof mask, their relationship was fiery, passionate, and eventually incredibly loving.

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blackjackgabbiani told me that people made cyrus and archer brothers and I kinda thought it was a little cute so I drew it out.

Request: Meet Tig Trager

Request: You are visiting your friend Happy in the clubhouse, he introduces you to the guys and you have an instant crush on Tig (you can include some flirting and smut it you want)

[Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting this yesterday, I had to do some work and the deadline is close.

I had fun imagining how Happy was at school. I think he drop out, but I wrote like he didn’t. Sorry this one is long…

Enjoy! Love you all!] 

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High school had everything to be a living hell for you, a quiet kid, who liked books and wore glasses. You knew most of the kids and they hated you. You were foreseeing years of solitary lunch times under a tree, reading, until graduation. However, there was new kid in school; his name was Happy Lowman, which should be funny, but his face was definitely not a portrait of happiness.

He was your opposite and your soul mate at the same time. He was quiet too, but wasn’t a friend of books or the first in class. Well, except biology. Happy was a genius in human anatomy and physiology. Principal veins in the human body? How much blood a human body has? How many bones the human body has? He knew all those answers.

Your friendship started when he needed help with Math class and your teacher told him to talk to you. Nobody could believe or understand when you suddenly started to walk down the hallway together. You were water and oil, but people could only see the surface, deep inside you were like brothers from different mothers.


Both of you had problems at home; your escape were the books, Happy’s was the MC. The Sons of Anarchy MC charter, in Tacoma, was where he spent most of his time. Happy had this old Harley in his garage and he worked on it every chance he could get, while you sat on an old couch beside him, doing your homework.

Not so long after your graduation, Happy got a Prospect kutte and that could be a life change, but he was never far from you, always protecting his “little sister”. You learnt how to live around the MC along the years being his friend, you confidence grew and parties became a part of your life. Your world was changing too; you were leaving for college and would be far from home most of the time.

Those things never changed your friendship though. Now, Happy had transfered to Charming, California and it had been months since you had saw him. It was his birthday and you took a vacation time from work to visit him. Happy was over the moon with that, promising a big Samcro party during your visit.


You followed Happy’s instructions and easily found the Teller-Morrow Automotive. There were bikes parked along the fence, bright under the sun, but there was nobody around. You parked your car and a woman with dark hair walked in your direction, holding a clipboard.

“Hi. How can I help you?”, she asked. You notice she was looking down to your boots.

“Hi, I’m Y/N”, you said, “I’m Happy’s friend”

“Oh, sorry!”, she smiled, “He told me you would come, I totally forgot”

“No problem”, you shrugged, “Is he around?”

“Yes, but the boys are in Church”, she said pursing her lips, “Sorry, not actual Church, but…”

“I know”, you smiled making her raise her eyebrows, “I spent my teenage years around the MC, back in Tacoma”

“Really?”, she asked, interested.

Her name was Gemma, the Queen of the bikers around there. Happy had told you about her, but she wasn’t that scary, you had seen old ladies like her before. Gemma took you to her office; you two had coffee while you talked about your old life and friendship with Happy.

“I could never see Happy being friend of a person like you”, Gemma laughed.

“I confess, I still don’t know how did we get along so well”, you smiled, “Family problems maybe…”

You notice the clubhouse door opening, Church must be over. “I’m going to see Happy”, you said to Gemma. She smiled and you left the office, looking around for Happy while walked to the clubhouse.

“Easy there doll”, you heard at the same time you collided to a hard chest. Strong hands held you and you looked up to see their owner. He was tall, had dark hair and the most beautiful blue eyes you’ve ever seen.

“Sorry”, you said in a weak tone. He had a grin in his face, still holding you.

“Where are you going in such a rush?”, he asked, “If you were looking for Tig, you just found him”

“Nice to meet you Tig”, you swallowed, ignoring the butterflies in your stomach, “But I’m looking for Happy”

“Happy?”, he said narrowing his eyes, “What a beautiful girl like you would want with him? I’m better baby, so much better…”

He was flirting, he had this tone in his voice that was sending shivers down your spine. You were pretty sure he could notice you reaction, ‘cause that cute little grin wasn’t fading from his face.

“Sister!”, you heard a raspy voice called out behind Tig. You looked over his shoulder seeing Happy walk towards you.

“That’s is my cue”, you said as Tig let you go and turned to see his brother too.

“You are his sister?”, he grimaced.

You didn’t answer, Happy was holding you in his strong arms, lifting you from the ground and spinning your around.

“Yeah girl!”, he laughed, “You finally came!”

“Oh your handsome devil”, you laughed punching Happy’s shoulder when he put you back on the ground, “I missed you”

“I missed you too”, he said putting an arm around your shoulder and pulling you closer. “You look so beautiful”

“Too late for friends with benefits darling”, you winked.

“Let’s meet those bastards”, he said, walking with you back to the clubhouse. You glanced over your shoulder, Tig was slowly following you, his blue eyes never leaving you.

Happy introduced you to everybody. You instant connected with Chibs and Bobby, they looked older and wiser, but your eyes were always going back to Tig. He was silent, seat by the bar, slowly drinking his beer while looked at you. Obviously you friend noticed that and made sure to warn his brothers that you were off limits.

“Oh come on Lowman”, you said, “Let the girl have some fun”

The guys laughed, looking from you to him, surprised by someone besides them talk to Happy like that. He frowned, really serious this time. You ignored him, “So…When is the party?”


It would take a couple of days for Happy’s birthday, so you stayed around the clubhouse, hanging out with Gemma and Jax’s son. You were having fun, but your stomach filled with butterflies everything you saw Tig. His eyes seemed to follow you wherever you went, but he was never close, never making a move. You knew it was his respect for Happy that was making him stay away, but you couldn’t resist, you had to know if that electricity between you was just your imagination.

You were walking down the hallway, coming from the bathroom and ready to go out with Gemma to buy some things for the party when you bumped into Tig.

“Why you keep doing that?”, he laughed holding your arms again.

“Maybe it’s you”, you said looking up to his bright blue eyes, “You’re following me around, just waiting for a chance”

“Maybe…”, he said, his grin fading, “However, your ‘brother’ warned all of us. You’re off limits”

“What I want doesn’t matter?”, you said smirking.

“And what…Do you…Want…Little girl?”, with every word Tig took a step forward, pushing you until your back hit the wall. You mouth was ajar, you wasn’t expecting for that. Tig noticed and took the chance to claim your lips. His kiss was rough, breath taking and the best you’ve ever had. His hands were holding your waist, sliding under your shirt, his touch sending shivers down your body.

“Gemma is waiting for me”, you said breathless when he broke the kiss. Tig nodded and walked away from you, rubbing his chin, looking back to you before continue his path through the hallway. You got back to the bathroom to catch your breath before met Gemma.


It was Happy’s birthday. The clubhouse was looking great and the fridge was full with beer. People were coming, the clubhouse getting full. You were at the kitchen, helping Chuck when someone walked in.

“Hi doll”, the person said. You turned around to see Tig, playing with the rings in his fingers.

“Hi Tiggy”, you smiled.

“Are you helping tonight?”, he frowned, “Happy won’t liked it”

“I thought Chuck could use a little help until some crow eaters arrives”, you shrugged, “I don’t mind and Happy can bite my ass”

“Out!”, he said to Chuck, who ran faster as he could from there. You leaned against the counter, looking at Tig close the door behind him, “I don’t think so. Hap is your friend, but would have to pass through me to do that”

You swallowed, staring at him while Tig came closer to you. He put his hands on your hips, looking down at your body, especially to your cleavage. You were breathing fast, waiting for his next action. Tig smiled and kissed you, that deep kiss again, taking all he could from you. You felt his strong arms around you, putting you on the counter. Your arms around his neck, your legs wrapped around his hips, his hands running up and down your thighs and his dick getting hard, pressing between your legs.

Tig moved his lips to your neck, making you moan while your fingers tangled on his hair. “We should go to somewhere else”, you whispered. Tig nodded, holding you close to put you back on the ground. At the same time, the kitchen door opened and you saw Happy standing there, eyes wide and his toothpick almost falling from his mouth.

“I told you”, he groaned, the surprise on his face gone, “She is…”

“Oh for Christ’s sake Lowman”, you said, still holding Tig, “Give us some privacy!”

Both, Tig and Happy, looked at you, their mouths hanging open. You pursed your lips and raised an eyebrow, looking at Happy.

“Shit…”, he mumbled shaking his head and closing his eyes. He turned around to leave the kitchen slowly closing the door behind him, “It’s my birthday…Right in my birthday…”

“He will kill me”, Tig said when the door was finally closed.

“He won’t”, you smiled, “I might be his ‘little sister’, but he was the one who taught me to shoot, he knows what I can do”

“Damn”, Tig laughed, “I think I’m in love”

You rolled your eyes before pressed your body to his again, “Shall we go to your bedroom?”

“Absolutely”, he laughed, leaving the kitchen with his arm around your waist.

In your way to the back of the club you noticed Happy following you with his eyes, still shaking his head in denial. You winked at him and followed Tig. You definitely would visit Charming more often.

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A) Age: 47

B) Biggest fear: Illness. Dying before my daughter is an adult.

C) Current time: 8.41 am

D) Drink you last had: Coffee

E) Every day starts with: Music

F) Favourite song atm:  Ever Since New York

G) Ghosts, are they real?: No

H) Hometown?: Almada, right across the river from Lisbon

I) In love with?: Books

J) Jealous of?: Jealous, in a good way (white envy), of people of get to travel, who have interesting jobs, who have healthy, loving relationships

K) Killed Someone?: No that I know of

L) Last time you cried: Last week

M) Middle name: Isabel

N) Number of siblings: 1 brother from a different mother

O) One wish: Travel the world

P) Person you last called/texted: My mother/my daughter

Q) Questions you are always being asked: “Why haven’t you remade your life?” - referring to my divorced status. My life is not “unmade”. Been there, done that, don’t want a repeat, thank you very much.

R) Reasons to smile: My daughter, my friends.

S) Song last sung: Ed Sheeran’s “How Would You Fell” was just on the radio while I was driving, so I sang along. Of course.

T) Time you woke up: 6:30 am

U) Underwear colour: Black

V) Verse from a song you like: “There are bays, peaceful bays, in the harbour of your hands”

W) Worst habit: Smoking

X) X-rays you’ve had: Knee, ankle, lungs

Y) Your favourite food: Codfish

Z) Zodiac sign: Aries

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Another part of the BBS Space AU @brocksnuckel, @bananabuslover, and I have been working hard at! Enter the heads of the Millennium “Banana”, Lui and Nogla! Lui is the captain of the Valkyrie, while Daithi sides as his First Mate, as well as being his best friend from childhood. They are brothers-from-different-mothers, and travel the galaxy in hopes of finding adventure and discovering new lands with their one-of-a-kind crew. I hope you all like them as much as we do!  Expect a lot more of this AU soon! <3