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For dystopia- Jason and Damian end up trapped in a dystopian wasteland and are trying to survive, but the air is bad and regardless of how trained he is, Damian is a child and his lungs are struggling and making him weak

I honestly expected this to turn out a lot more angsty than it did, but Jason insisted the day must be saved…

Title: Breathless

Summary: Jason doesn’t know how long they’ve been in this strange, dystopian world. He just knows they need to get out as soon as possible. 

“Just a little bit further.”

They make it another seven feet before Damian stumbles. Jason pulls him back up by his hood and this time he keeps his fingers clenched around a fistful of the material for when it inevitably happens again.

It’s been three days. Maybe longer. It’s hard to tell whether this world moves at the same speed their world does. For all Jason knows, it could have been over a week since they arrived. Time certainly feels like it’s dragging on forever.

“Just a little bit further,” he says again. Where further is, exactly, he’s not sure. He just knows that they have to keep moving until they find somewhere that will provide some shelter. Or someone who can tell them where the fuck they are and how to get home.

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Imagine being taken captive by Negan but Dwight falling in love with you as he takes care of you

(Sorry if it’s messy :( BUT YAY DWIGHT!! I tried my best! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

After surviving the longest night of your life, you had found yourself trapped in one of the cells in the Saviors’ compound.

Negan and his men had taken you as their prisoner after you had caused a commotion during the line up. Seeing your friend Abraham getting his head bashed had angered you so much, you couldn’t think of anything else but to jump up and punch Negan for it.

You had wanted to keep going but was forced to stop as his men had tackled you to the ground. By then you couldn’t have realize how much of a big mistake you had made acting so rash like that.

Within a few words being said, the next thing you know Negan had bashed your older brother’s, Glenn’s head as well. You knew in that moment, you had to avenge his death and make him pay for what he had done to all of you.

You couldn’t believe what you had just witnessed. Tears and screams came out of you and even more as you tried to get out of everyone’s grasps once again, only to be knocked unconscious and taken captive

Negan had his plans for you, seeing how tough you are and had tasked one of his men to handle you from the start.


After all the tears from seeing your dear brother go that way, suffering in such pain, you had shut yourself down completely from your surroundings.

You didn’t count the days since you had gotten to their camp, but every morning you woke up to the sound of a rather annoying song.

It was put on repeat until your “caretaker” would come over to fetch you your breakfast, if that’s what you could call him.

If you could remember well, his name was David and was a complete asshole to you. Requesting the strangest things from you, angering you and making you lose your mind.

If you happened to “disobey” him, you would get beaten and strangely enough, he had the audacity to muffle your mouth with his hand to keep you from screaming your pain out.

During the time you would be out of your cell, you were forced to work by the fences keeping the walkers off with the other prisoners there. Oddly enough, it was honestly your favorite part of the day, you were away from your nightmare and closer to your fantasy.

Killing walkers, imagining them as each of the Saviors, made so much fun for you to kill. Noticing how good you were at it, David had often wanted to “reward” you with his advances, making you puke at the thought and getting yourself in trouble.

Slowly, despite that you were still drained from all of it and would give up in the end but still, you weren’t ready to die. Your brother had left a widow, you needed to take care of and a future nephew or niece for you to raise alongside with your friends, you couldn’t give up in your life just yet.


And luckily, that light of opportunity came to you when, one morning, something was changing. You opened your eyes to darkness, only to finally see the light and some boots as you laid on the ground.

You looked up to see the face you had grown to hate so much and boldly, you decided to spit at the man. This time, it really ticked him off and the next moment you knew, you received a slap to the cheek for it.

“Fucking bitch!”, he said wiping his cheek.

His blow was hard enough to knock you down and as you tried to get up, he grabbed a fistful of your hair.

“Let go of me!”, you screamed, trying to fight him off. He laughed and raised his arm up, until someone else appeared.

“Let go of her, David…I don’t remember Negan ever asking you to beat her…”

The man turned to look behind and looking at him as well, you both noticed it to be, Dwight, the guy that had taken your brother captive in the first place.

Looking at him, you wanted to hurt him even more than you did David, for all of it, thinking it was as much his fault as it was yours but David’s grasp kept you from doing anything.

He scoffed at him and told him to mind his business as he turned to look back at you, only to hear a gun being charged from behind his head.

“I said…Negan doesn’t want her to beaten…So let her go…I ain’t gonna repeat myself after this…”

You groaned at the feeling of your scalp being tightened for a moment, before being relieved from the stinging pain.

David, clearly mad, left reluctantly and promised to report to Negan, only for Dwight to shrug and press him on to even hurry and do so.

It worried you to hear his threats but relieved you from his hold. You slumped onto the floor, catching your breath and realized, Dwight was actually just bringing you your breakfast for the day.

He walked closer and crouched down to hand you the plate, asking you to sit up and eat.

Although, you would’ve eagerly jumped at him to strangle him to death, you just didn’t have the strength to sit up and that he noticed.

Not being an inconsiderate man, he approached to help you. With hatred in your eyes, you protested to him, and told him to let go.

“Don’t you fucking touch me, bastard! I can handle myself…”

He backed away slightly, out of fear, but stayed close enough to get you up. He eyed you from head to toe, and realized it was worst than he had imagined.

You were bruised all over, apart from your face, most likely because David liked it or something, he thought.


He felt bad to see you that way and knowing that your brother had been killed that night, made him feel even worst. Guilt had washed him over since your arrival and hearing your screams down the hall at night and the ruckus from your rooms only accentuated that feeling.

He had come to realize his own personal mistakes he had done to your group and had reflected on Negan’s action for a while.

From the instant he had laid his eyes on you, he admitted to having a certain attraction to you. Whether it was your sweet tone he had heard, while spying on all of you, your fighting spirit or just your humor, it was comforting to see you.


But in this state, he stared at you for a while in deep thought on how he should approach you.

Not knowing better, he shoved the plate in hand forward, making you notice that it was a rather drab meal and obviously meant for a captive like you. You wanted to throw it at him but before you could, he put his hand up.


He spoke in a hush tone and looked around to check his surrounding. You listened to him and as he looked back at you, he took out a rather fresh looking sandwich instead.

“Don’t ever eat that, again…It’s dog food…and you’re not a dog…You don’t deserve that…”

You looked at him wearily, not entirely sure if you should put your trust in him already.

Carefully, you thought about it but your stomach grumble made you take it quickly and strangely made him smile.

You looked rather frail to him but the thought of what you had done the other night, came back to him and he couldn’t help but be impress by your fighting spirit as well.

He kept staring, making you self conscious and worried.

“The hell you looking at?!”, you said, with a glare and spitting out a little mouthful towards his way.

It startled him but he smiled for a moment, only to recollect himself, as he had gotten nervous. He stuttered and looked around to distract you from him.

“Nothing…Just eat…and careful not to spit at me…”

Without thinking, his words made you laugh as you realized what you had done earlier, truly throwing him off guard.

“What?! You never heard someone laugh at you before?!”

You didn’t seem to care anymore at this point and were just genuinely curious as to why he’d be so surprised from your laughter.

He shrugged and shook his head nervously, making you look at him strangely.

“Well yeah but…I don’t know…Not from someone who was just beaten a few minutes ago…”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes at him.

“Please…It’s not the first time he’s done that…At some point I have to forget the pain and laugh too…”

He nodded along with you and let you eat for a moment, thinking about how he should tell Negan to let you in his charge instead.

He didn’t understand as to why, he hadn’t been so from the start but never really questioned it, letting it go.


As he looked at you, he realized how dirty you were as well and got up to leave, telling you about how he was going to get some new clothes for you.

It was strange to you how “kind” this guy was and you couldn’t help but think it was part of Negan’s sick brainwashing methods again.

You backed away in your corner and told him what you thought of it, bluntly.

“Oh, I know what you’re doing…Y-you’re trying to get me to say the words, aren’t you? Acting like this…”

His eyes grew dark and slowly he shook his head.

“What’s the point of doing that…You’re not going to be better…”

He turned away to go get your new clothes, leaving you to think about your words and him.


From his tone and expression, you felt like you understood a part of him. Clearly, he wasn’t alright with all of this and something in him, made you think he was on the same page as you, he wanted out of this place.

With that thought in mind, you slowly let yourself be open to him at a certain extent, apologizing for earlier as he came back.

He accepted it with a nod and had to reluctantly walk you to your work. Gripping you by your shirt, he lead you out and whispered to you, “Listen closely…David is most likely going to come up to you after and try to take you…but i’m going to stay nearby…make sure that doesn’t happen…If anything does…You run straight to me…Go it?”

You felt comforted by his words and nodded at him as you stepped outside to the fence.

Without keeping his eyes off of you, Dwight stayed nearby to make sure things would go right.

Just as he predicted, David had cause some commotion to see you and for once, you ran to a man for protection.

Things hadn’t gone smooth at all at first, up until Negan had appeared and the problem had been addressed.


You and Dwight had successfully convinced him and your new “caretaker” was in charge of you until you said the words, Negan desperately wants to hear.

Carefully, enough, Dwight had made sure to seem and appear rough and tough with you while outside your cell, wanting to make the others think he was truly brainwashing you.

However, his demeanor would change the instant you were both alone and oddly enough, you didn’t mind him as much as you did. That was until you thought about your friends but you tried to keep that out of the way, since he would bring you clean and fresh clothes everyday, as well as your breakfast, only to change for a fresh sandwich he had hidden in his jacket, as others left him alone with you.

Each passing day, became tolerable to you and for him, you were the only thing keeping him from loosing his mind over everything he had witnessed.

To your surprised and his, he had managed to open you up to him and had done the same to make you trust him even more, not to mention he protected you from people trying to harm you.

He even protected you from the worst, making you fall for him, the reminder of your brother’s death.


Upon walking the halls, to give you your supper, he heard a rather unfamiliar yet familiar sound coming your way.

You were crying, sobbing, he could tell, he remembered it so much. His heart race in worried as to what might’ve happened and made him take faster step to understand what was happening.

He felt like the hall had grown longer and darker as he tried to desperately reach you in time to alleviate your pain. He dropped whatever he had in hand and finally stood by your door, opening it wide.

“Y/N?! Who the hell was hurting you?!” He didn’t knew what took him but that was the first thing he had in mind to hear you cry this much.

All curled up in your corner, you shook your head and he couldn’t resist to approach you. Without hesitating, he wrapped his arms around you, making you do the same to him.

It was the first time you both had ever been so close and comfortable, that he couldn’t help but stroke your hair, in hopes to help you even more.

You shook your head and tried to calm yourself but nothing came out apart the sound of your ragged breathing.

It was an inexplicable feeling to see what you had witnessed and been under that no words came out.

It worried him even more, making him check around you to see if you had any bruises. None, it relieved him to know that you hadn’t been hurt that way.

He looked around again and that’s when he knew what made you cry this much. It was cruel, maybe even more than a beating.

It was the polaroid of your brother’s dead body. Worst of it all, it had the words “Your fault” on it, clearly reminding you of that unfaithful night.

It angered him to see it and even more to know how much it pained you. He couldn’t stand the idea of this kind of emotional torture, the idea of being unable to protect you from any of it and the idea of you not being fine.

Quickly, he cupped your face, making you look only at him and shook his head and looking into your eyes, he said, “No…No…No, Y/N it wasn’t your fault…It wasn’t, alright…Tell me…Tell me the sick freak that made you look at this!”

Tears kept rolling down your cheeks and breathing heavily, you took a few seconds before being able to answer properly.

“I-It…It…Was Negan! He…He came over with the others…Th-threw the picture, saying how i should redeem myself for what I had done…”

You felt like a child, saying his name so loud and crying that way. Still you hugged him again to feel better and just let it all out.

You hated yourself for all of it and you couldn’t think of anything else. Hearing you say it so loudly, truly boiled Dwight’s blood and he had enough of it.

At this point, it was clear to him. You were the choice he was going to choose.

Lifting your chin up, he whispered to you, “Y/N…Listen to me…We’re getting out of here…”

You couldn’t believe your ears, and had let it out, “R-really?”.

He nodded and wiping your tears, he inched closer. “I’ll get you home…To your family…and hopefully…They’ll agree with me…”

You didn’t understand his meaning, until he pressed on.

“That Negan needs to die…”

Thoughts about how he had lost his wife and everyone dear to him, came to your mind and truly you understood he felt just as you.

As you nodded at him, he hugged you again and kissed your hair, whispering to you about how he loves you.

Your heart skipped a beat to hear him, and as you raised your gaze to look at him, you were surprised to feel his lips and scar on yours.

He backed away quickly, just as out of breath as you and whispered to you about his plan to leave this dreaded place forever and how you’ll get ready for the upcoming war.

He keeps me sane

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  “CLOSE THE GATES” When they said they were closing the gate, while my little brother was out there was the worst feeling ever. His everything I have left.

  I was running towards the gates before they could close them. Sadly being stopped by my boyfriend Bellamy. 

  “You can’t go out there it’s too dangerous” Bellamy said holding my wrist. “My little brothers out there Bellamy. His scared. I need to help him! ” I shouted, by then I couldn’t control my tears.

  “There’s grounders out there Y/n. We’ll look for him in the morning, it’s to dark now” He said trying to calm me down. “C'mon lets go to the tent and sleep. First sign of daylight tomorrow and I’ll take a group out and we’ll go find him" We headed into the tent, holding onto Bellamy crying into his chest. 

  "You need to calm down, Y/n stressing won’t help you.” He said, holding me in his arms. “How, am I suppose to calm down? My little brother is in the woods, he could be hurt for all I know! His means everything to me Bellamy. When I was a little girl I didn’t have anyone, only him. He keeps me sane”

  “I know how you feel, I have a little sister. But right now Y/n we only have each other.” He kissed my forehead.


  An hour past and, Bellamy was already past out. I knew I couldn’t stay in the tent all night and not worry. I was determined to go find my little brother, even if no one would help me. 

  I exited the tent quietly, hoping not to wake Bellamy up. I looked around hoping to not be seen by anyone. I made it to the tunnels without anyone seeing when Octavia caught me.

  “Y/n, where are you going? Does my brother know about this” she whispered.

  “My brothers out there Octavia, I need to go find him” I whispered. Worrying about if she would run off to tell her brother or not say anything at all.

  “Your going to need this” She said, handing me a spear, she probably made.

  “Thank you Octavia. I appreciate this. Don’t tell Bellamy.” I hugged her.

  “I won’t. Take care Y/n” she said, right before I got in the tunnel. 


   "JAMIE" I yelled out, hoping for my brother to call out. I heard a twig break, and I flinched. 

 Maybe yelling in the woods full of grounders wasn’t a good idea. 

  “Jamie is that you??” I asked. All I could see was a dark shadow getting closer. I was scared, I could feel my heart beating fast. 

  “Y/n, is that you” Jamie said coming out behind the tree. I ran to him, happier then ever. Hugging him, never wanting to let go. 

  “Oh, Jamie. Never scare me like that again. Let’s go home”


  We were about, ten minutes away from camp. I was holding Jamie hand tight, a little to tight. Scared to lose him again. I heard a twig snap.

  “Shh. There’s something out here” I whispered. 

  “You shouldn’t be out here” a voice said. It scared me, sent shivers down my whole body. 

 I took the spear out pointing it, at the grounder. “You think you can can defeat me with that” the grounder laughed. 

 "No, but I can I defeat you with this!“ Bellamy said loudly, before shouting the grounder. The grounder instantly falling to the floor.

 "Bellamy.” I ran towards him. Making Him drop his gun down and hugging me. “I love you! Thank you for saving us” I said before, kissing him.

 "Eww" my eight year old brother said. Bellamy and I laughed. 

 "What you did tonight was reckless, Y/n. You could’ve got hurt if I wasn’t here.“ I opened my mouth to say something but he interrupted me. "But I would’ve done the same thing if Octavia was out here. That’s why I love you Y/n, because you protect everyone.”

I spent way too much time on this 

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(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.6K
Warnings: Fluff, angst, swearing

A/N: Reader is Sam’s little sister and a part of the Avengers.

“What’s wrong?” you probe as you and Bucky step out of the elevator and into the living area of Stark Tower,

“It’s nothing,” Bucky grunts, his jaw clenching tight as you glance at him,

“Does this have to do with that guy at the bar?” you ask, your eyebrows shooting up in surprise,

“He was a sleazebag!” Bucky suddenly shouts, finally looking you in the eye,

“No, he wasn’t,” you dryly chuckle, “He was being polite,”

“He was practically undressing you with his eyes!” Bucky folds his arms over his chest, “He wouldn’t leave you alone!”

Your jaw drops open as you realise what was making Bucky so irate, “Are you jealous?” you ask point-blank,

“I… That’s not… This has nothing to do with us!” Bucky finally says, his cheeks flushing red,

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I worry about him, constantly.

Following this recent post by @impossibleleaf, which related the tooth in the glowing skull to a gold front tooth in The Stockbroker’s Clerk, I thought I’d take a look at this story and another Doyle story that features a gold front tooth: The Man with the Watches. The latter is not exactly a Sherlock Holmes story; it’s one that was written after Doyle killed Holmes in The Final Problem but which features a Holmes-type mystery and a Holmes-type detective. Spoilers for both stories ahead.

First, a quick recap of The Stockbroker’s Clerk, which is one of several Holmes stories on the theme of “this offer is too good to be true”. The client is a man named Hall Pycroft, and he’s been coaxed away from a good job offer to instead work for a man with a gold tooth (Arthur). Meanwhile, Arthur’s brother Harry impersonates Pycroft for the sake of a stock theft. When Harry makes his move to steal the stocks, he is killed: his skull is shattered by a blow from behind. In his grief, Arthur tries to kill himself, but Holmes stops him, and makes an observation about brotherly love:

“You see that even a villain and murderer can inspire such affection that his brother turns to suicide when he learns that his neck is forfeited.”

I think that the most interesting aspects of this story are these: an ambitious man named Pycroft who has been replaced at work by someone who is up to no good; a gold tooth as identification; one man pretending to be his own brother; profound grief over the loss of the brother.

“Your loss would break my heart”. (His Last Vow)

… Why caring is not an advantage, under the cut.

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Now or never...

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,271
Warning(s): some feelings and angst in the beginning but it gets better^^
Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural. It belongs to Erik Kripke, our god.
A/n: Umm, hey guys. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t wrote or posted anything for almost a year now. I feel so bad for letting all of you down, but I feel that I’m gaining back my writing skills. I’ll try to post at least once a week from now on. Hope you aren’t mad at me. Anyways, enough with my whining. Let’s get started, shall we? Feedback is WELCOME!!


I tried to say. Tried to actually voice my words. My concerns and opinion. I had to do it. Had to make everything clear. I needed that like one would need to breath…

But I couldn’t…

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Common Misconceptions About: Canada

I’ve gotten quite a few requests for a Misconceptions on Canada!

So, I don’t actually know that much about Canada. I don’t involve myself with him, simply because while I adore him, I don’t find most of his ships interesting. But I know enough about the fandom to know that they can’t Canada lol.

As one of my friends put it, Canada is either two extreme versions of himself.

One is the super-Uke Canada. We know the drill by now—stutters, blushes, doesn’t tell anyone how he feels. He also feels neglected and depressed because everyone forgets him. 

That’s usually the entire point of his existence; much like Romano, Canada feels like he’s in the shadow of a more successful/likeable sibling. Unlike Romano, who turns toward rage, Canada just sighs sadly and mopes. Usually, Prussia, Russia, or France sweeps in and actually notices him and everything is amazing until Canada thinks his lover likes his brother better and bla bla bla.

I almost feel like Uke!Canada is the worst, simply because he stutters so much it’s actually ridiculous. While everyone gets a good case of the stutters, I think it affects Canada the most. I don’t know why; I don’t think I’ve actually seen a strip/episode where Canada stutters. He’s quiet, yeah, but he’s never stuttered, as far as I can remember.

And then there’s the other Canada, which is basically the Canada that can bite a brick in half. Like pirate!Spain or snapped!Liechtenstein or whatever, fandom tries to get away from the common fandom portrayal by taking his personality to the extreme.

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Summary: Sans keeps forgetting how clearly insane Error truly is, but that’s part of why he loves him, really… To a point of defending him from another version of himself. Sequel to “Cat & Mouse!” The finale of the series.

Errorswap, OoC, Blueberry’s PoV.


Warning(s): Yaoi ( boyXboy ) for those yaoi haters. Sancest… Major hints of Character Death. I guess that’s it.

Pairing(s): Errorberry ( Error Sans/Underswap Sans )

Note(s): Ink Sans makes an appearance! He might be TOTALLY OoC, I’m sorry, Comyet, if he is! ;3;

Please be as harsh as you could.

I’m sorry if I got any spelling wrong. The only spelling corrections I have are google. So, if I made any mistakes, tell me.

Criticism is welcome.

Enjoy! xD x3

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Blind spot

Happens right after THIS post, where I made Jace pull his head out of his ass. Now it’s Izzy’s turn.

Yes, I am STILL not over the way everyone treated Alec in 1x09.

Again, nothing like this will ever happen in the show, so let’s stick to the fantasy land, shall we?

Beta-read by @brizzbee



“We need to talk.”

Izzy’s voice is like steel, unyielding and unforgiving and it heralds a confrontation. Alec doesn’t have have any strength left to fight her if she is itching for a fight.

“We really, really don’t,” he answers, not taking his eyes off the report in his hand. He still has a stack of paperwork to go through before he can rest and there was also the matter of getting ready for the Clave investigation after yet another of his failures - losing Meliorn and the Cup.

“Alec, I’m serious.” Izzy pushes into his personal space, her hand snatching the report away and tossing it back on the desk. Alec thinks it’s a small mercy that the papers don’t end up falling to the floor and scattering all over,he’s not sure he would have enough energy to pick them up. “What the hell were you thinking?”

“About?” he inquires, “You’ve been tearing me a new one for so many things lately that you have to be a little more specific now.”

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The Truth Is in the Eye Heart of the Beholder

“Wang So… I’ll kill him… Before he ends up killing everyone, I’ll kill him first!”

“No… you can’t. He wanted it. Prince Eun wanted it. It isn’t his fault. He is having a hard time too.”

Truth is a point of view and there are as many “truths” as there are people, because “truth” is what people want or expect to see/hear or rather, what they don’t want to see/hear. In reality, JUNG AND HAE SOO DID NOT HEAR WHAT EUN SAID TO WANG SO. 5-7 meters are simply TOO FAR TO HEAR THE WHISPER OF A DYING MAN who’s using every bit of his last strength to pronounce the words despite all the physical and emotional pain. The viewers’ perception of that scene is distorted because they are able to hear Eun’s silent voice in the same volume as So WHO IS MERE CENTIMETRES AWAY FROM HIM. Jung and Soo don’t have this. The truth isn’t what they heard (because they heard nothing) BUT WHAT THEY KNOW IN THEIR HEARTS. Jung who feels only hate for his older brother immediately assumes the worst of him, without even giving him the benefit of doubt; however, HAE SOO KNOWS THE WHOLE TRUTH, SHE KNOWS WHY SO DID IT WITHOUT NEEDING TO HEAR EUN’S LAST WISH AND THIS IS THE ULTIMATE PROOF OF HER TRUST AND LOVE. She knows him, THE REAL HIM, she knows his reasons and motivations, SHE KNOWS HE WOULD NEVER KILL HIS OWN BROTHER FOR SELFISH REASONS AND SHE KNOWS THAT IN KILLING EUN HE HURT HIMSELF THE MOST. 

Now, she is begging for him, begging Jung not to bring him even more pain - not because she would be afraid Jung could actually kill So (because So is so superior to everyone in combat adn there is no way Jung could last long in a fight against him), but because there are no guarantees in a fight and Jung in his blind hate and stupidity could actually make So unwittingly kill him in self-defence which would probably drive Wang So completely mad.

“No, you can’t.” 

When she utters this plea just before So swings his sword, HS is only caring about him, about how it will break him since she knows how terribly he suffered when he thought he killed Yo - SHE KNOWS BECAUSE HE FELL APART IN HER ARMS, SOBBING AND CLINGING TO HER AS IF ONLY SHE COULD GIVE HIM ABSOLUTION.

With this, HS’s visions of death come full circle, proving that while they were all true she misinterpreted them completely, committing a grave sin and injustice towards the best of men, a man who protected her and everyone else from the the very beginning. The truth was always there, but even if it’s the truth if the person seeing it closes her ears and her heart how would the truth be delivered?

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Don't think about Dean singing Hey Jude to baby Sam when John's gone for days at a time. Now don't think about Sam singing it to Adam in the cage to give them both something to hold on to while Michael and Lucifer rip into each other. Now don't think about Gabriel singing it to Sam after he gets out, in the hospital after his wall breaks or whenever he can't sleep because he's feeling like the worst brother in the world for leaving Adam alone down there.

(hey Jude anon from before) and don’t think about Sam singing it to Gabriel after they free him from Metatron and he’s lost his wings

Oh God, Sam singing it to Adam in the cage and then to Gabriel after he’s lost his wings, nooooo I am compromised.

Return, Rewind, Rewrite 3/16

Continuation of haberdashing’s fic!

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven / Part Twelve / Part Thirteen / Part Fourteen / Part Fifteen / Part Sixteen

on AO3

They’d barely gotten back on the right track when Dipper realized he’d made a terrible mistake. He’d been so excited about going to see the place where everything had started, where every question he’d ever had about the supernatural could maybe be answered, that he’d forgotten that it would mean going straight into the centre of all magical activity in the world.

And he could like magic as much as he wanted, but it definitely did not like him.

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Literally this is the worst finale in Big Brother history. I feel so bad for the jury. It’s legit choosing between hot shit, dry shit, or liquid shit. All of them are just crusty and suck ass. Paul stans are disgusting for even existing. Nicole stans are delusional for even existing. I don’t even think James has any stans. It’s quite tragic really.

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first date
  • Me: so how do you feel about big brother US
  • Date: honestly one of the worst shows in history
  • Me: *shoving bread sticks in my purse* I gotta go-
  • Date: I mean, they only cast 3 people of color per season. That's less than 1/4 of the houseguests, plus they're usually evicted pre jury, the racial microagressions perpetrated by the other houseguests disgusts me as well
  • Me: *returning breadsticks* go on