brother feels are the worst

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AUTHORS NOTE: I wrote this one based off of what recently happened to me. My brother passed away about 2 weeks ago. It is the worst feeling/pain I’ve ever known. It still hurts alot. About 3 days after it happened, I watched Supernatural. The boys never fail to make me laugh. The show was like a HUGE hug to me when I was crying. It made me smile and laugh through the pain and hurt. This is another reason why Supernatural has helped me alot.~Aliyah

TRIGGER WARNING: Death of a loved one


You couldn’t believe it. Your brother is dead. This had to be a mistake. The police have the wrong person. No. 

You screamed to the sky


There was nothing you could do. You yelled at God. You were a good person and you prayed every night…this is the thanks you got? 

You and your brother were close. You loved him more than anything and since he went away to college, you got closer everytime he came home. Crying hysterically, you run upstairs to your room flopping down on your bed. You buried your head into your pillow and screamed. You were out of breath and couldnt breathe straight. You pulled your phone out and the bright screen almost blinded you in your dark room and teary eyes. You opened your contacts and called Dean. It rang for 3 seconds before a voice picked up.

“Hey!” Dean said smiling

“DEAN!” you yelled crying

“Y/N?!” he said worried

“DEAN!”  you continued

“Where the hell are you? Are you okay?” he yelled


“WHO? WHO?” 


“What do you mean by ‘Gone’? You’re scaring me”


There was silence.

“Dean?” you sniffled

Dean and your brother were close too. That’s how you met Dean. They were best friends and he invited him over to your families Christmas party. You two fell in love ,playing pool in basement. From there you just hit it off.


“Yeah?” he said

“You okay?” 

“Where are you?” he asked

“Dean, are you-”

“Where are you?” he shouted

“I’m at home” 

“Stay there. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Understood?” 

“But you’re 25 min-”

“Understood?” he gritted his teeth


The call ended. You got back to crying and screaming. You didn’t understand why your brother died. You wanted answers, ASAP. You were getting mad now. You cried yourself to sleep, hoping to wake up from this bad dream.

“Y/N?! Y/N?!” a voice said in your dream. You ignored it

“Y/N?! Y/N?!” it continued. You woke up to see Dean over you

You stared into his green eyes for a moment. He hugged squeezed you.

“Are you okay?” he asked

“No” you cried 

He kissed you on your forehead. 

“Shhhhh. It’s okay. I got you. Just let it out” he said

He was trying to be strong for you. His best friend had passed away and he knew he had to take care of you. You were his best friends sister and it would hurt him even more if anything happened to you. 


first date
  • Me: so how do you feel about big brother US
  • Date: honestly one of the worst shows in history
  • Me: *shoving bread sticks in my purse* I gotta go-
  • Date: I mean, they only cast 3 people of color per season. That's less than 1/4 of the houseguests, plus they're usually evicted pre jury, the racial microagressions perpetrated by the other houseguests disgusts me as well
  • Me: *returning breadsticks* go on

Literally this is the worst finale in Big Brother history. I feel so bad for the jury. It’s legit choosing between hot shit, dry shit, or liquid shit. All of them are just crusty and suck ass. Paul stans are disgusting for even existing. Nicole stans are delusional for even existing. I don’t even think James has any stans. It’s quite tragic really.

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