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The 19th Suitor (A Tsuruichi Fanfic)

For the anon that requested for Tsuruichi + Royal + Pining, this is for you and I accidentally deleted your ask + I WROTE THIS HELLA LONG ONE SHOT IN 3 DAYS PLEASE SPARE MY CARELESSNESS OF DELETING YOUR ASK

Summary: Ichigo Hitofuri was an eligible prince, worthy to wed any royal prince or princess. Only problem is, before one would even think to win his heart, they would have to win the hearts of his 11 younger brothers.

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The Kingdom of the Awataguchi family far in the east had the richest land. Luscious forests, cool lakes and a variety of produce could be harvested every year. It wasn’t just prosperous in that term but also in its kingdom lineage. With 2 deceased queens, the king was left to care for his 12 sons.

It was only natural that after the eldest son had reached a certain age, he would be betrothed to a suitable suitor. There was only one problem.

None of the younger brothers were willing to let that happen. Unbeknownst to the king, his mischievous sons did whatever it took to protect their brother from being married off into the wrong hands. As of 18 suitors, none passed the tortures of the 11 younger brothers.

Ichigo sighed at his brothers’ proud looks as another suitor left their kingdom after they nearly poisoned him.

“Guys, this is the 18th prince.” Ichigo stated tiredly.

Namazuo clarified, “Technically it’s the 11th prince. You had 7 princesses come here as well.”

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nekogirl52  asked:

For the characters thing, Eddy, Nazz, & May.


Why is Eddy the Best?

Eddy has brought so much to the series. Many fans have a different outlook on him upon watching the movie. He is a confident person who leads his friends. He doesn’t like to show it, but he is a generous person who always thinks before himself. He may have made a mistake, but in the end he admits it and wants to move on.

Why is Eddy the Worst?

Eddy is loud and brash. He thinks before doing. I hated when Eddy made his friends look like pinata in Brother, Can You Spare an Ed. I also hate whenever he took advantage of Edd by manipulating into doing his duties. But, Eddy knew this was wrong in the end because that’s how his brother treated people.

A Canon Fact [That Shouldn’t be]

Eddy’s Brother abused Eddy making Eddy have a low self esteem and hide himself behind a mask for years thinking nobody would want to be friends with him.

A Non Canon Fact [that Should Be]

Eddy will become a therapist in the future.

A piece of Advice I would give Eddy

Never fear to be yourself.

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