brother branson

More Branson Headcanons
  •  When Cullen finally visits, Branson is eager to show him how far he’s progressed with his swordplay. Cullen indulges him and they step out in to the yard. Branson puts up a fight, his skill with a blade having improved exponentially over the years, but he is yet to match his older brother’s finesse. 

  • Branson excels at boxing. He has always been good with his hands, and this reflects in his ability in hand-to-hand combat. He and Cullen go a few rounds out in the yard one afternoon, and to Cullen’s surprise, Branson betters him. Cullen jests that it’s only because he’s out of practice, but on the inside he’s impressed. 

  • Branson has a hammock strung up in the apple orchard which he often retreats to when his sisters become too much for him to bear. He can often be found lazing here on warm summer afternoons in between his jobs around the farm.

  • He chews a toothpick. He started doing it as a joke to add to that “farm boy charm” he has, but it fast became a habit hard to kill. 

  • Branson Rutherford (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧