brother bond

Okay but if Keith knew Shiro had a crush on Allura, do you think he talked about it while he and allura were alone in the pod??

Imagine if Keith were trying to play wingman for Shiro, except he was really bad at it

“So… Shiro’s arm… it’s pretty cool… it could light up someone’s world.”

“Did you see how sweaty shiro was in training; it was moist.”

“He’d make a great father, even if his kids are half alien from a species he had only learned about less than a month ago.”

Or alternately: Keith being a little shit

“Once, when I was 15, Shiro got mad at me and locked me in the bathroom and the lock broke so I was stuck there for an entire day. He was so sorry he cried for three hours straight.”



I felt sad, but also needed something positive and progressive. And after reading @tteotl1718 ‘s newest work “Retrouvaille” I felt like everybody - especially Keith and Kuron my smol clone son - needed some love.

So… have this?

(Also: No the first one isn’t shiro//cest, it’s more like a “Shiro accepting Kuron as his brother”-kind of bonding moment)

the raw powerful concept…. of magnus and lucretia having a brother sister bond….. they were both around the same age when they joined the ipre altho lucretia was probably a little bit older, maybe 20 to magnus’ 18… magnus in a bar in yr 40 being like ‘and a glass of wine for my sister’…lucretia in yr 83 cheering ‘thats my brother!!’ when magnus does something cool in a fight….inside jokes..its a human thing taako you wouldnt understand (theyre taking about stuffing marshmellows into ur mouth until you run out of space)…lucretia loving how safe she feels with magnus around… magnus loving lucretia’s strategic mind esp in fights bc it controls his impulsiveness…lucretia keeps the one free backrub coupon magnus gave her on candlenights bc it truly is the nightmare scenario since a backrub coupon used 2 be a gag gift between them on their birthdays and he doesnt even remember

You don’t care about other people’s possessions or emotions, Stan? 

Well you were concerned about Mabel’s feelings and rescued Waddles by punching a dinosaur in the face just for her. 

You were also concerned about the kids’ safety and kicked a lot of zombie ass for them. 

Plus you’ve spent 30 years trying to save your brother because you cared about him. 

And you were heartbroken when your brother was angry and didn’t thank you for saving him. 

You used your gum trick on the dice to save Dipper and Ford when they were in trouble. 

And the fact that you left the debate just to rescue Dipper and Mabel when they were in trouble. 

Don’t forget the time you went to check in on Mabel to see if she was doing alright. 

You also became very emotional to see that the kids were okay and alive.

And you also were concerned that Bill was gonna hurt the kids. I mean JUST LOOK AT THE FACE YOU MADE HERE. 

You cared for your family so much THAT YOU PUNCHED A DEMON AND HAD YOUR MIND ERASED just for them. 

You threw the kids a huge party on their last day.

You cared about Soos so much that you gave him your JOB.

You were sad that your pumpkin was upset about not being able to let Waddles come home with her, so you threatened to give the bus driver a good beat down if he didn’t let Waddles on the bus. 

You were so sad about the kids leaving. I mean YOU STARTED CRYING HERE. 

And you were so glad that your brother is bonding with you again. 

And you’re telling us that you don’t care about others?!

Well Stan, based on all these evidence it sounds like you DO care. You’re a big softie :)

Oh boi, what three hours straight of the beautiful 80’s synth wave do to me!

Hanzo’s hairstyles practice,’cause I needed an excuse to warm up and draw my husband.

((Ps. I had a dream some time ago where Genji sent sparrow’s feathers to Hanzo and Hanzo made earrings out of them.

I cried so much you don’t even know.

Please Blizzard leT THEM BE HAPPY-))

  • Canada: Happy Valentines Day!
  • America: whoah it's huge! And... for me? Why?
  • Canada: why not~?
  • America: hm, okay... oh my gawd, so many chocolates!! Dude, it'll take me months to actually finish them!!
  • Canada: I was thinking we could go watch chick flicks together and make fun of them~ We could eat some chocolate while watching them too~
  • America: dude, that... would be awesome! Thanks, C, for being a great bro-bro~