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If you could rewrite any movie which one would you choose and what would you make different?

Difficult to say, there are alot of bad movies, or worse; movies that had potential.

Today I still feel disappointed by Ed, Edd n Eddy’s Big Picture Show. Unlike most of the movies I find bad, I was looking forward to this one. I’m sure that influenced my judgement.
I remember it leaving me unfulfilled after watching it for the first time, though it took me a while to realise why.

The movie’s production gave Antonucci’s team the opportunity to explore the more undeveloped characters in the cast, like the Kanker sisters and Nazz, but they squandered that chance by making some very odd decisions.
I was not charmed by the heavy focus on Edd and Eddy’s friendship, which was filled with..well..homosexual undertones not many fans can deny, while Ed mostly stood in the background, not being much of a serious participant in the very serious drama.
It’s a role he ended up playing alot in the series, but it’s not a role he deserved to have in what was supposed to be HIS movie as well.

Anyway, there would be quite a few things I’d rewrite. I’d start off taking away all the mystery.

When you write a movie for a TV series, it’s supposed to answer the mystery that already exists, not create more or ignore it. I would’ve shown what’s under Edd’s hat, just to be done with it, and make it very clear what it is the Eds have done to deserve getting hunted down like animals.
Since they already performed so many scams where they destroyed the neighbourhood and severely hurt their customers, it’s hard to guess what they could’ve done that’s so much worse than their previous antics. When looking at the damage in the intro, I don’t even consider it worse than the previous scams. Somebody needs to be in a coma in order for it to be worse.
Sarah and Jimmy were still happily doing their own thing while all of it occurred, so I’d say it was not yet Armageddon.

Speaking of which, these two and they disaster tourism didn’t add anything to the story, so maybe they should’ve made themselves useful and be in that coma. Or at least perceived as such by everybody. This would immediately give Ed a bigger, more sincere role as well, since he cares for his sister and would be heartbroken over it.
I’m aware it would’ve been a different movie if the carefree dolt turned sad and serious, then again, the original plot is not one you’d tie to a comedy, either. Maybe the fact that it is, is another problem. Why were the Eds this upbeat during their exile? Should the movie even be about children fleeing for their life if you want it to be a comedy?

Anyway, the gist is that we need something that makes this scam worse than all the others, and have the characters properly respond to it.

I’d also change up the romance with Nazz and Kevin. It was a tedious performance, thanks to Kevin, but I also consider the cheerleader/jock combination to be a cliché we need less of. I would’ve had her go for Eddy, or based on useable hints from the show, Edd.
Besides that, I think Nazz’ parts could’ve used flashback scenes to her obese days, where we’d then learn more about who she is and the relationship she shared with whoever she started showing affection towards. That could still be Kevin in this case, but if it was one of the Eds, maybe she could also secretly boycott the other children’s journey to finding them.
It also would’ve been cool if in some flashback scenes we’d see Nazz from previous episodes, defending and promoting the Eds or decreasing the damage of their scams behind the scenes, showing how big her influence was. Like the 3rd Lion King movie. Just anything to increase her importance, I guess.
If Kevin stays her crush, I would scrap the bike obsession and actually have him respond to her advantages in a believable manner.

The role of the Kankers in the movie was fine, but it’s disappointing that their efforts of protecting the Eds from the others were not acknowledged by anyone, and that they did not bother saving Edd and Eddy from Eddy’s brother’s violence. That was strangely out-of-character.
I’d have them beat him up and the Eds openly accepting them afterwards, since they saved them twice by that time and have proven their feelings to be genuine. Of course this needs proper dialogue to go with, but I think when this level of seriousness comes from characters like the Kankers, it’ll have a bigger impact then when it comes from a character that’s already emotional most of the time. Like Edd.

Then for Eddy’s brother, who I truthfully have no problems with; he could’ve benefited from a character redemption, even if it’s just to humanize a villain for once. We have way too many unmotivated villains in fiction and we still don’t really know who Eddy’s brother is.
In the movie we see the Kanker sisters dragging him inside his home, off committing sexual assault by the looks of it, which I find an improper way to end the story of a man we only just got introduced to. He’ll still be Eddy’s brother at the end of the day, so what will these two boys say to each other at the next family dinner? Not much good when you end things this way.
So, after I’d have him beaten up by the Kankers and Eddy had his talk with his unusual saviours, I think it would be good if he approached his floored brother and directly asked why he is bullying him. Eddy’s brother would then confess that he’s upset because their parents preferred Eddy over him after he was born. He’ll add that he tried to teach him bad things in order to get him in trouble, and on other days just shoved him around in his state of bitterness, but his intention was to become the #1 son again. But now that he’s an adult and living on his own, he realises it’s pointless to keep going and he’s lost the game of winning their love long ago.
Nobody has to feel sorry for him at that point but Eddy.

The problem with the movie is that it’s all pretty much about Eddy, with Edd playing the other main part. These two had the most story-progressing dialogue.
I don’t know why Eddy is the only character that got explored, we already know who he is. If the less exciting travelling scenes - so most of them in my opinion - were replaced with exploring the other characters, I think we’d have a more interesting movie.
Not saying his character exploration is bad, but why did they choose to discuss Eddy’s relationship with his brother? Why not also Ed’s with his sister and parents? And Edd’s with his parents? There’s so much that’s left undiscussed, and I don’t think Eddy’s relationship with his brother was the first and only thing fans were curious about. Show off the parents, show off more children, reveal some last names; this alone I find more interesting than Eddy’s brother.

The Kankers were the only allies from beginning to finish, but they got zero praise, Nazz was obviously supposed to star in her own little romance plot, but the movie ended without the romance ever being mentioned again, Kevin was horrid, Rolf and Wilfred were fairly unpleasant towards each other, and the villainous role Jonny was given was insulting towards his character; it’s like nobody received the minimal best treatment from this movie.

I also would’ve inserted different music tracks for the dramatic bits. The music was consistently jazzy and cheery, it was weird to listen to.
Fans say to have cried when Ed and Eddy sank through the mud, but the background music already spoiled that it was all just gud lulz. It and the sound effects did not take these scenes seriously, while you can clearly see that the animation did. The ball was dropped at many areas.

pidge who lowkey really wants to go to prom but she doesn’t want to go alone so she decides just to get over it, except then lance, hunk, and keith find out and decide to all be her dates

they split the cost of her ticket and then help her shop for a dress and do her hair and makeup

pidge ends up having three different colored corsages, and not to mention the best prom pictures ever

the boys take turns dancing with her, spinning her around the room and tossing her in the air, and it’s the best night of her life

I am still a Muslim

Yes, I don’t wear a hijab. Yes, I wear tight dresses and sometimes short shorts. Yes, I sometimes miss my namaz. Yes, I did not memorize the Quran. But I am still a Muslim. I believe in Allah (swt). I believe in the day of judgement. I believe in junnah and jahannam. I believe in zakah. I try my best to complete my daily prayers but overall I don’t believe that it is the only thing that defines me as a Muslim. My everyday acts and dedication to Allah is what I believe makes me a part of Islam. I make dua everyday. I start my day with bismillah and I end it with alhamdulillah. I stay humble and modest in my actions. I respect my parents. I pray for the unfortunate. I am still a Muslim. I am just as Muslim as you are.

anyways I’d pay cash money to see sana in the kitchen while her mom is cooking, and sana is eating bc she’s on her period and can’t fast, but then her brother/father/the balloon squad walks in and she welds her mouth shut and hides the food as fast as possible… that’s the True ramadan experience… if that doesn’t happen at some point I’m calling the cops….