brother &sister

Times were tough when I was younger. My brother and I had to share a room and a laptop. It proved to be difficult when we were both horny teenagers and needed to get off all the time. Eventually we had to learn to share and make compromises about the kind of porn we watched. That then turned into exploring each other’s bodies and soon enough we didn’t need the porn.

Bean Boozled.

Anon requested- 

2- “I bet you ten bucks”

17- “I told you so”

31- “Why’re you laughing? This isn’t funny, Y/N”

You were sat in the library with Sam, Dean had gone out on a hunt demanding that Sam stayed behind since he had a sprained ankle, you offered to stay and Dean took Cas with him.

Your feet were kicked up on the table, your headphones were in your ears with the volume turned all the way up and your head was tilted back as far as it could go, feeling a tap on your shoulder you opened your eyes to see Sam looking down at you, pulling out your headphones you sat up and crossed your legs, “what’s up?”,  he pulled out a small box from behind his back and a grin settled on your face “aren’t those the Bean Boozled Jellybeans?” You asked grabbing them, nodding he sat next to you.

“Do you really think they’re as bad as people say?” He questioned, you shrugged and started opening it “only one way to find out” you answered, pouring the jelly beans on the table in front of you. Picking one up you examined it, “okay, that one is either… Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg” Sam grimaced as he read of the flavours, you shrugged and popped it in your mouth, you chewed and smiled “buttered popcorn, thank god!” You praised causing Sam to chuckle.

Sam picked one up and looked at the flavour sheet, “okay, this is either… Oh god, it’s either Peach or Vomit” he sighed, taking in a deep breath he popped it in his mouth, he chewed and went to spit it out but you forced his mouth shut “nope, you have to swallow it or you loose” you laughed, he groaned but swallowed it. You sat back and laughed while Sam just glared at you, “Why’re you laughing? This isn’t funny, Y/N. That was disgusting” he whined, making you laugh even harder.

“I’d like to see you try one without spitting it out” he muttered, sulking in his chair, you wiped your eyes and looked at him, “I bet you ten bucks, I can eat a handful of those things without spitting them out” you challenged, Sam raised a brow at you before holding out a hand, “deal” he spoke, shaking your hand with his you grabbed a good sized handful and sighed before putting them in your mouth.

Chewing quickly, you kept your eyes shut tight and your face was scrunched up, swallowing them you let out a breath and looked towards Sam who’s eyes were wide “I told you so” you smirked, “how have you not vomited?” He asked surprised, you went to answer when a weird feeling erupted in your stomach, standing up you looked at your brother, “hold on to that thought” you answered before running towards the nearest bathroom, you could hear your brothers footsteps not far behind.

Yeah, this was a bad idea.


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