Your anger …  is because for millions of years,

the higher patriarchal male said “It didn’t happen” and he got his false-positive ending.  Truth bending.  Reality bending.

then …. “I’ll punish you if you persist” & other men will just let it happen.

Prior to Cosby, Alles & Trump, it took women of unbelievable courage to combat all society; and lose.   They lost bc males saw the bigger picture: if I let this one woman win; the flood gate will open.  My male peers will look down on me.

Millions of women have been made examples, in the same terror techniques, in brothels & home violence as slave owner’s did to strike fear in everyone.  

One is called Lynching, the other Strangling during sex.  One is called a hate-crime; the other is a domestic homicide. 3/5 of a homicide bc somehow she was responsible.  Sex workers deaths are not investigated homicides. 

Jamie Leigh Jones’ story - unfairly squashed like a bug

Look at the brave lives of Oprah, Maya Angelou, Eritha Kitt, Bettie Davis, Tina Turner, and on and on.  

YOU MUST STAND UP and get that false-positive precedence corrected, destroyed, so that truth is truth.  

game of dominance

Type: middle lengthed to shot scenario

Summary: You need release and the only one able to do that was Jungkook -who was working in your favourite brothel.

Genre: Smut, Bothel!Jungkook

Warning: mature content, graphic smut

Word count: 1.827

Thanks to Granny Alyssa aka @taehxyung who expressed her thirst for Jeon and wanted me to write a thigh riding smut. Also tagging @fvcked-up-kids @ot7-trash @exo-chanyeollie and my rosie patosie loser @imaginethisbts

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Your coat was long, practically not revealing anything, then why did it felt like he could see right through the thick layer of fabric and right at your black lingerie that hugged your body like how you wished for him to hug you?

You didn’t know, yet it made your legs tremble lightly, your stomach turning with sudden arousal. His gaze was intense, staring over the shoulder of his customer, completely fading her out; eyes only fixated on you, absorbing you, devouring you. The blonde strands covering his eyes were swiped away by the woman’s hands -nails long and painted red, like a warning.

But you didn’t need a warning anymore, you already entered this dangerous zone, completely jinxed -and you loved every second of it.

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