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Well, Florence shames other women, and tries to get them to stop earning money the only way the know/can, while hypocritically being housed by a brothel madam herself. That makes her a tad worse than Margaret imo.

Yes. Florence is absolutely a hypocrite by virtue of taking Lydia’s offer. And she does shame other women. To try to get them to stop sex work, which this show has been pretty frank is not glamorous or safe or healthy.

Yes, sex work provides a way for women, who may not have any other options, to earn money and to retain their financial independence, rather than losing that independence by doing the respectable thing and getting married to a man who would then own the woman and everything she owns. (“Marriage is the worst kind of thief,” after all.) And certain kinds of sex work — if a girl manages to catch a rich keeper and become a high-class courtesan, for example — can elevate a girl to the trappings of high society and give her not only lasting financial security but also luxuries she could probably only dream about otherwise. This is why I said Margaret has pragmatic considerations for selling her daughters. She believes it gives them the best possible chance at life, and she has a point.

But, as we have also seen, sex work also leaves women open to manifold abuses at the hands of their johns or keepers. It not only stains them with social shame that will stick to them for a lifetime but also presents a very real danger of rape, of being beaten, of getting pregnant out of wedlock, of contracting venereal disease (it’s not an uncommon fan theory, for example, that Florence’s blindness might be due to such a thing) … It is hard, dangerous, and demeaning work, even if you’re lucky enough to have a bawd as kind as Margaret, and most of these girls will never reach the heights Charlotte and Lucy aspire to. Most of them will have short, ill-fated careers. And even courtesans – the ones we’ve seen, at least – truly enjoy only the trappings of the higher class. They are still possessions. They are still outsiders at the dinner table. They are still vulnerable to their keepers and must obey them. There is a sort of freedom and agency to being a sex worker, but it is by no means pretty or absolute.

Florence’s approach is harsh, but she, too, has a point. She’s been there. She knows. So, again: Do we damn the woman who’s trying to save women from a dangerous lifestyle simply because her approach is harsh and moralistic and because she, being very poor and having a daughter to take care of, accepts a devil’s bargain for shelter? Do we praise Margaret for being a typically kind woman and a relatively good bawd while ignoring that she is, nonetheless, a businesswoman who turns a bleeding Emily away and insists Lucy continue in the profession even over Lucy’s protests and misery?

Harlots does not demonize sex workers, but nor does it glamorize sex work. It is a complicated and multifaceted issue, and Florence and Margaret alike are complicated and multifaceted women who both have a point.


Charlotte: What the hell is going on! Theo Alexander Thorpe did everything I taught you fall out of your head?!

Theo: Mom…

Charlotte: No don’t you speak to me this is not how a Thorpe should behave…not that you ever do I really shouldn’t be surprised by you treating my home like a brothel!

Theo: MOM!

Charlotte: I said don’t speak! You should leave now Meredith.

If your Dragons are Drunkards...

This may be useful for you. Also: tavern-owners, distillers, brewers, tavern-goers, lawmen, mercenaries, courtesans, etc. etc. etc. Have a list of the plants that can make alcohol in Sornieth.

Most of the items I have listed here are for use in wines, however, Sornieth does have a few wheat-like plants that produce grain. Grain is used to make stronger brews like vodka, whiskey, and rum. Wine and brandy need fermented fruit.

Please note that I am NOT an expert in malting in any way. Most of this has been gleaned from books, and as such is probably lacking in some areas. That being said, if you’d like to contact me about the malting process, I can link you to several good sources/share what I know.

FR plants you can make spirits out of:

Amaranth (a grain - used for stronger stuff like whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka)

Prickly Pear




Blood Acorn

Woodland Acorn


Winter’s Delight (in my lore this is a rare, delicious wine harvested on the winter solstice)

Charged Duneberry

Potash Peach (must be cooled before fermenting)


Aether Cherries

Red Delicious Apple

Honeycrisp Apple

Other items used for flavoring:


Luminous Almonds

Roses (petals only)


Jasmine (goes well with strawberries)

Speckled Petunia (Reduction) (sweet, grassy flavor)

Hallowed Ivy (lifts a dragon’s emotional spirits)

Sour Green Apple

Granny Smith Apple

Use at your own risk:

Blue Entoloma (sleep aid)

Blood Spath (high in calories)

High-Voltage Almonds

Maiden’s Blush (slightly toxic, raises body temperature)

This is not, of course, the final jurisdiction on matters! I may have missed a few plants/not included a few because I am not a brewer myself. Feel free to use this information any way you please~

So there you have it. I wanted to make a list like this for a long time, I may do a different one with the known recipes of Sornieth’s garnishes/sauces/food recipes when I find time.

Do not drink and fly. Stay safe, kids.

Happy brewing!

(Unfortunately our consistent party tends to be just three people: myself, my husband, and a friend of ours. When I’m DM, I’m almost constantly caught off guard by the things my players do. Even when I go out of my way to try and come up with every possible thing they could do, they manage to do something unexpected. Here’s a few examples…)

Bear Hunting

(Story is an elven man is a mentor to a young human boy. His parents died under mysterious circumstances; everyone believes a bear killed his parents. After some investigating, it was determined that the elven man killed both parents with arrows to the heart, on account of they were going to sell their son into slavery. This follows.)

Husband: I let the elf go and go hunting.

Me: Uh, okay. What are you hunting for?

Husband: A bear.

Me: ….. *retrieves Bestiary* Ooookay then…

(He eventually succeeds in killing two bears, then brought one to the boy as ‘the one that killed his parents’. I actually, honestly expected him to kill the elf mentor…)


(A young boy is causing a scene in a city, harassing some guards. My players come and get the situation calmed, getting the guards to leave. It turns out that the boy’s father was a wizard who was wrongfully executed and he’s taking out his anger on the guards. Then this happens…)

Me: The boy, still distraught, casts Magic Missile at (husband). Take 2 damage.

Husband: Ow.

Friend (a ninja): I jump kick the boy in the head.

Me: ….what.

Friend: *hard stare*

Me: …. (We roll appropriately) He takes 12 nonlethal damage and is knocked unconscious.

Friend: *to my husband, in character* Shall I dispatch this miscreant for you, master?

Husband: NO.

Brothel Battle

(A slaver ship captain is in a brothel. I expected the players to just wait on the docks for him to return. Instead, they split up and end up at the brothel together. One is an Inquisitor (husband), the other is a vigilante (friend). Both are male. I fully expect both of them to enter as patrons. Instead…)

Friend: I disguise myself as a woman named ‘Rose’.

Me: …..Okay.

Husband: *shaking head*

Friend: I go inside and pretend to be looking for a job.

(We RP him approaching the Madame, and her offering rates and such things for 'Rose’. Note that the vigilante’s hero name is “The Wild Rose”, the brothel’s name is “The Blooming Rose”, and the Madame’s name is “Rosa”. The place is also heavily guarded by false patrons wearing masks. Husband comes in as a patron looking for a woman of Rose’s exact description, so he’s escorted to her room as her first patron. Then they just wait in the room for the man they suspect to be the captain to come by. After actually yanking him into the room when he turned down Rose’s advances [he preferred strong women, but Rose was dainty and childlike], they fight, and win. However, an alert goes up. I expect the pair to jump out the window. Instead…)

Husband: I run out of the room and around the corner, duck into another room, and cast Invisibility on myself.

Friend: I scream and pretend (Inquisitor) killed my customer.

(They proceeded to escape and even took the captain’s boots before they left, both of them invisible at this point.)

A Whole New Use for Bear Traps

(Same as the previous game, the two are sneaking around the house of a rich family and spot bear traps in the garden. I expect them to either move the traps, spring them, or ignore them. Instead…)


Me: ….Okay, you do so.

(Few moments later, after a successful perception check to notice footsteps nearby…)

Me: You hear someone sneaking around.


Me: …..WHY.

(It was an ally of theirs sneaking around, but he barely managed to NOT get her head stuck in a bear trap. Later on he used them again on a guard. Rather than roll damage, I just accepted it as the guard died instantly. For his sake…)

Brothel AU Stucky Doodles

Peggy getting Steve ready

“I fell for this client” Steve

“I want you, Steve, BE MY BRIDE” Bucky

“You’re my favorite client”

“Come home with me, Steve”

“And I’ll dress you up every day like a princess”

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►19th Century Brothel AU Stucky, sappy ending & grand wedding for Stucky, happily ever after Till The End Of The Line

I’m so happy Idelle got her happy ending as the shrewd wife of Nassau’s new governor, who will have a lot to say on how things are run considering her history with Max and Mrs Mapleton.

She’s one of the best developed characters to me, who’s come so far from the requisite background nudity to someone who takes charge of her own destiny forging alliances in the shifting power dynamics on the island. Like, she could have been easily killed off in the way of Miranda or Eleanor but I’m glad writers chose not to do that with her.

Will you look at that, a show that portrays sex workers as witty, intelligent counterparts who even outsmart all the male pirates, capable of forming powerful partnerships and have agency to decide their own fate. And the most powerful of them all is a queer black woman, who essentially became the new queen of Nassau.

Alright, in the hours before we find out what our favorite shitheads got up to over the course of a one year timeskip, i want to place my bets:

TARYON: I’m honestly gonna guess he stayed in Whitestone to rebuild Doty and then either got on their last nerve and was encouraged to go exploring, or he decided to do so of his own volition. He may have come back since then, but I’m betting he didn’t spend all year in Whitestone.

SCANLAN: Still wandering with Kaylie. Has probably noticed Percy’s spy and while initially angry about it, he has since made friends with the guy and they chit chat sometimes about what he is and isn’t going to put in the latest report.

VAX: Took his well deserved vacation in Zephyra. Has been annoying Ashari parents by teaching their kids how to be masters of stealth. Fortunately, they live on a mountain and there’s nowhere for the kids to sneak off to. RQ has been radio-silent.

KEYLETH: Has been learning from her father how to be a leader. Has been getting better at it, but by the end of the year, is desperate to go out and do something again.

PERCY: Doing a lot of miserable paperwork and hating it vehemently. Has been working on a number of inventions both for his personal use and to keep Whitestone safe as a whole. Is either planning a marriage proposal to Vex or they already eloped and everybody is going to be furious about it.

VEX: Has been building her house! Has also thrown herself into patrolling the woods around Whitestone because she is determined to prove she is good at her role and also because she wants to be prepared for the next Grey Hunt. Has been spending a lot of time in the library doing research on Orcus.

PIKE: Either went wandering with Grog or stuck around Emon to help rebuilding efforts. Possibly went sailing again and met a beautiful pirate woman that she’s now banging. Alternatively, she’s been visiting a lot of brothels.

GROG: Went a-wandering, possibly with Pike. Probably picked a lot of fights. Maybe checked up on his cousin and the remnants of the Herd of Storms. Learned to read.

Klance Brothel AU

So I had an idea a few months ago about a Klance Brothel AU and I wanted to share some headcannons with y’all:

  • Keith Kogane is a prostitute in an illegal and unregulated brothel with exploitative conditions for workers
  • Lance McClain is a cop who pretends to be a prostitute
  • Everyone is aged up (from 25 to 35)
  • Lance is on a sting operation to catch the owner and go along with the suspect’s actions to gather evidence of the suspect’s criminal activity (exploitation of prostitution)
  • The operation is supervised by detective Allura Altea backed up by her assistant Coran and her team called “Voltron” (Hunk Garrett, Pigde Gunderson and Takashi Shirogane – also Lance)
  • Lance meets Keith for the first time after a few years right in the brothel
  • Keith is surprised to see Lance McClain there. Is he a client? He can’t tell but he hope so
  • Lance is shocked. He thought Keith just moved away to another state to start a new life or something
  • They went to the same police accademy but Keith got kicked out for disciplinary issues and lack of attendance even though he was one of the best students. Then he disappeared
  • They have been rivals but it was kind of one-sided thing started by Lance. He wanted to be recognize as an equal under Keith’s eyes
  • Actually Keith had a crush on Lance
  • Keith: “What the fuck are you doing here?!”
  • Lance: “Excuse me? What the fuck are you doing here?!”
  • Lance tells him he just got the job and from now on he’s an actual prostitute
  • Keith gets so mad at Lance that he drags the guy in his room yelling he’s just made the worst choice of his life
  • Lance: “That’s none of your business!”
  • Keith: “You’re just wasting your life, asshole
  • And that’s how Keith realizes he’s still pining after Lance
  • Lance thinks he can pull some important information from Keith since he’s been in the brothel for years and apparently he seems to be the owner’s favorite. He just need to get closer to him and get his complete trust
  • They become friends at some point and Keith trusts Lance enough to give him a lot of useful information. Keith also tells Lance he’s the only one he can trust in that place. Lance feels awfully guilty after Keith’s confession. After all he’s manipulating Keith filling his head with lies. But he has to if he wants the operation to succeed
  • Keith is jealous of Lance’s clients
  • Lance’s totally oblivious
  • They fight a lot because of that but Lance just doesn’t get it
  • Keith is a mess
  • Lance is only focused on his sting operation but then feelings kick him in the cojones
  • Keith is impulsive and sick of Lance’s blindness so he kisses him
  • They fuck
  • Lots of feelings
  • One day police raid on the brothel and the owner gets arrested. All the prostitutes are escorted out of the bulding. Keith is sickly worried since Lance is nowhere to be seen
  • Keith doesn’t want to leave without Lance so he fights against the cops
  • He’s forcibly dragged by the police out of the brothel. Lance is out there talking to a silver haired woman who seems to be a cop
  • The woman is returning Lance’s badge back giving him a pat on the shoulder. She seems to be very proud. Keith’s head starts to spin
  • Keith: “What does this mean…?”
  • Lance: “Keith…I can explain-“
  • Keith: “You fucking lied to me!”
  • A n g s t™

i’m sorry if I made any mistakes or whatever, English is not my first language plshavemercyonmeeeee
Religious Sisters Dress Up As Prostitutes To Rescue Trafficking Victims From Brothels
The low-key network of 1,100 sisters currently operates in 80 countries.

Rouge (胭脂扣). Dir. Stanley Kwan. 1988.

An adaptation from the novel by Lilian Lee, Rouge is part period drama, part ghost story, melding together elements of romance and the supernatural to slowly unveil a moving story about the inevitability of change. Fleur, an alluring courtesan working at a flourishing brothel in 1930s Hong Kong, falls madly in love with the 12th Master, Chan Chen-pang, who comes from a wealthy family. Their torrid, doomed love affair comes to an end when, realizing they can never be together, the two decide to commit suicide by overdosing on opium. 

The film travels between flashbacks to the 1930s, and scenes set in present-day 1980s Hong Kong, where Fleur returns as a ghost after spending 50 years in the afterlife waiting for the 12th Master. Believing that he is still alive, Fleur searches for her lover among the strange, unfamiliar streets that used to be her home, and grapples with the realization that both her lover and the Hong Kong she once knew could be long gone.

Rouge stars Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung, two wildly successful Cantopop idols at the time, whose performances in this film established their acting potential. A classic of 1980s Hong Kong cinema, Rouge will forever be remembered for its two stars, and in retrospect its eerily fateful storyline, as both Anita and Leslie ultimately passed away in the same year.

An Oath For Sinners, 2.

Part: One Part: TwoPart: ThreePart: Four (Finale)

Genre | Vampire / Escort AU.

Pairing | Min Yoongi / Reader.

Words | 14,872 words.

Conspectus | Min Yoongi needs some kind of hobby, a distraction much more sophisticated and preferably not so wholly illegal as blatant murder in order to satiate his esurient thirst and perdurable boredom.

But not even the dastard vampire himself thought he would find it in the bloodstream of a sightly girl who lives for diamonds in her pockets and Armani suits adorning her men.

Warnings | Surprise cameo by rich businessman Kim Taehyung. Mentions of blood and other vampire necessities. Brief explicit sexual content. Yoongi getting hard over trivial matters.

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