Kid-Apoo-Hawkins Alliance. Headcanons Part 5: The Alliance

  • Ever since he arrived at Kid’s base and accepted to form an alliance with him and Apoo, Hawkins has been leaving little scent jars full of essential oils literally everywhere and is following the same process he uses on his ship: to try and create the right atmosphere via aromatherapy.
  • Kid doesn’t like “his den smelling like a brothel” one bit, according to his own words.
  • Seeing as the relaxing scents he’d been using - mainly to mollify Kid’s volatile temper and his obvious rivalry with Apoo - didn’t seem to be working, Hawkins increased the concentration of the mix after consulting Killer about it, who is secretly grateful for the initiative.
  • Apoo was incredibly happy upon discovering he wasn’t the only music fan of the group. Killer plays the drums every chance he gets, the double-jointed man once caught Hawkins playing an old harpsichord and as much as it pains Apoo to admit they have something in common, Kid spends plenty of his time blasting music.
  • When Apoo, in his elation for having found a common ground with the other three, tried to give them all a group hug, things didn’t end well. Hawkins got so tense, that combined with his usual expressionless face, he looked like an opossum when it’s playing dead and Killer had to place himself in the middle and make a gigantic effort to prevent Kid from successfully strangling poor Apoo.
  • Hawkins has been about to drop the alliance more than once, fed up with Kid and Apoo’s childish behaviour. So far, Killer has always managed to convince him to stay.
  • Betting on who will manage to make Hawkins laugh is one of the rare occasions when Kid and Apoo are not trying to kill each other. So far, none of them have achieved anything.
  • Once Apoo tried to tickle Hawkins in an attempt to win the bet. The calm and stoic Hawkins nearly killed him. It’s the only time he has ever used his Devil Fruit powers against any of his allies.
  • Killer is the one who ensures peace within the group and tries to solve any quarrel through dialogue.
  • Hawkins is the only one who actually has any table-manners.
  • When Apoo is bored and there’s nothing else to do around the base, he follows Kid at a safe distance and makes weird/dumb sounds to simulate every step he takes, the way he chews, etc. just to annoy him.
  • Once he’s done bothering Kid (meaning when he’s been about to die at Kid’s hands thrice in about two minutes), he goes off to see what Hawkins is up to, who in turn spends most of his time looking into his cards in silence. He tries to strike up a conversation with him, but always ends up monologuing; from time to time he’ll receive a monosyllabic response or a distracted “mhm”, however Hawkins is not much of a talker. If he’s desperate enough to get some kind of distraction, Apoo will ask for a card reading.
  • Every week they all gather for a game of poker. Hawkins and Killer bleed the rest dry, Kid gets his dander up and destroys something while Apoo teases him and laughs his head off as he enjoys the show that is to witness one of Kid’s infamous tantrums.
  • If they were a family Killer would most definitely be the mother who tries to keep everything in order; Hawkins would either be the indifferent father or the eldest “I’m too mature for this crap” son; Apoo is certainly the prankster middle child who always picks on the runt who is undoubtedly, Kid.

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Seventeen-year-old prostitute Hashi embraces a Babu, her “husband”, inside her small room at Kandapara brothel in Tangail, a northeastern city of Bangladesh. Many young and inexperienced prostitutes have “lovers” or “husbands” who normally live outside the brothel occasionally taking money and sex from them in exchange for security in this male dominated society. She earns about 800-1000 taka daily ($9.75 - $12.19) servicing around 15-20 customers every day. Hashi is one of hundreds of mostly teenage sex workers living in a painful life of exploitation in Kandapara slum’s brothel who take Oradexon, a steroid used by farmers to fatten their cattle, in order to gain weight and appear “healthier” and more attractive to clients.

A neighborhood of around one hundred buildings with more than 800 small rooms is one of 14 official brothels of Bangladesh; in essence a prison for around 900 sex workers. The young sex workers of Kandapara brothel in Tangail must serve at least 10-15 customers each day. Being a “Chukri’ or bonded girl, they are bound to follow the orders of their Sardarni (House owners, who were previously prostitutes and purchase girls to run their business).

Photographed by Andrew Biraj

If your Dragons are Drunkards...

This may be useful for you. Also: tavern-owners, distillers, brewers, tavern-goers, lawmen, mercenaries, courtesans, etc. etc. etc. Have a list of the plants that can make alcohol in Sornieth.

Most of the items I have listed here are for use in wines, however, Sornieth does have a few wheat-like plants that produce grain. Grain is used to make stronger brews like vodka, whiskey, and rum. Wine and brandy need fermented fruit.

Please note that I am NOT an expert in malting in any way. Most of this has been gleaned from books, and as such is probably lacking in some areas. That being said, if you’d like to contact me about the malting process, I can link you to several good sources/share what I know.

FR plants you can make spirits out of:

Amaranth (a grain - used for stronger stuff like whiskey, gin, rum, and vodka)

Prickly Pear




Blood Acorn

Woodland Acorn


Winter’s Delight (in my lore this is a rare, delicious wine harvested on the winter solstice)

Charged Duneberry

Potash Peach (must be cooled before fermenting)


Aether Cherries

Red Delicious Apple

Honeycrisp Apple

Other items used for flavoring:


Luminous Almonds

Roses (petals only)


Jasmine (goes well with strawberries)

Speckled Petunia (Reduction) (sweet, grassy flavor)

Hallowed Ivy (lifts a dragon’s emotional spirits)

Sour Green Apple

Granny Smith Apple

Use at your own risk:

Blue Entoloma (sleep aid)

Blood Spath (high in calories)

High-Voltage Almonds

Maiden’s Blush (slightly toxic, raises body temperature)

This is not, of course, the final jurisdiction on matters! I may have missed a few plants/not included a few because I am not a brewer myself. Feel free to use this information any way you please~

So there you have it. I wanted to make a list like this for a long time, I may do a different one with the known recipes of Sornieth’s garnishes/sauces/food recipes when I find time.

Do not drink and fly. Stay safe, kids.

Happy brewing!
Welcome to Paradise
When Germany legalised prostitution in 2002 it triggered an apparently unstoppable growth in the country’s sex industry. It’s now worth 15 billion euros a year and embraces everything from 12-storey mega-brothels to outdoor sex boxes. Nisha Lilia Diu visits some of them to find out who won and who lost

This is why I support the Nordic model. Capitalizing prostitution harms women and benefits men.

Klance Brothel AU

So I had an idea a few months ago about a Klance Brothel AU and I wanted to share some headcannons with y’all:

  • Keith Kogane is a prostitute in an illegal and unregulated brothel with exploitative conditions for workers
  • Lance McClain is a cop who pretends to be a prostitute
  • Everyone is aged up (from 25 to 35)
  • Lance is on a sting operation to catch the owner and go along with the suspect’s actions to gather evidence of the suspect’s criminal activity (exploitation of prostitution)
  • The operation is supervised by detective Allura Altea backed up by her assistant Coran and her team called “Voltron” (Hunk Garrett, Pigde Gunderson and Takashi Shirogane – also Lance)
  • Lance meets Keith for the first time after a few years right in the brothel
  • Keith is surprised to see Lance McClain there. Is he a client? He can’t tell but he hope so
  • Lance is shocked. He thought Keith just moved away to another state to start a new life or something
  • They went to the same police accademy but Keith got kicked out for disciplinary issues and lack of attendance even though he was one of the best students. Then he disappeared
  • They have been rivals but it was kind of one-sided thing started by Lance. He wanted to be recognize as an equal under Keith’s eyes
  • Actually Keith had a crush on Lance
  • Keith: “What the fuck are you doing here?!”
  • Lance: “Excuse me? What the fuck are you doing here?!”
  • Lance tells him he just got the job and from now on he’s an actual prostitute
  • Keith gets so mad at Lance that he drags the guy in his room yelling he’s just made the worst choice of his life
  • Lance: “That’s none of your business!”
  • Keith: “You’re just wasting your life, asshole
  • And that’s how Keith realizes he’s still pining after Lance
  • Lance thinks he can pull some important information from Keith since he’s been in the brothel for years and apparently he seems to be the owner’s favorite. He just need to get closer to him and get his complete trust
  • They become friends at some point and Keith trusts Lance enough to give him a lot of useful information. Keith also tells Lance he’s the only one he can trust in that place. Lance feels awfully guilty after Keith’s confession. After all he’s manipulating Keith filling his head with lies. But he has to if he wants the operation to succeed
  • Keith is jealous of Lance’s clients
  • Lance’s totally oblivious
  • They fight a lot because of that but Lance just doesn’t get it
  • Keith is a mess
  • Lance is only focused on his sting operation but then feelings kick him in the cojones
  • Keith is impulsive and sick of Lance’s blindness so he kisses him
  • They fuck
  • Lots of feelings
  • One day police raid on the brothel and the owner gets arrested. All the prostitutes are escorted out of the bulding. Keith is sickly worried since Lance is nowhere to be seen
  • Keith doesn’t want to leave without Lance so he fights against the cops
  • He’s forcibly dragged by the police out of the brothel. Lance is out there talking to a silver haired woman who seems to be a cop
  • The woman is returning Lance’s badge back giving him a pat on the shoulder. She seems to be very proud. Keith’s head starts to spin
  • Keith: “What does this mean…?”
  • Lance: “Keith…I can explain-“
  • Keith: “You fucking lied to me!”
  • A n g s t™

i’m sorry if I made any mistakes or whatever, English is not my first language plshavemercyonmeeeee