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malmequers asked:  Can you give me your opinion about that scene in Dragonfly In Amber when Jamie comes back from a brothel all scratched and bitten.

Oh, this scene. Jamie and Claire’s deepest feelings - and fears - are beautifully played out. Some key themes:

Jamie and Claire’s physical comfort with each other: After a night spent “defending his virtue,” the first thing Jamie does when he gets home is let Claire strip him naked - and see his entire body. Throughout this scene, Claire remarks to herself just how big - and beautiful - Jamie’s body really is. They always seem to derive the most comfort - and feel the deepest connection - when they’re literally stripped bare to each other.

Jamie’s humor: He tries to defuse Claire’s suspicions by making light - as much as he can - of how he passed the night:

“Surely ye dinna think I’d do such things? I’m a married man!”
“Monsieur Millefleurs isn’t married?”
“He’s not only married, he has two mistresses…But he’s French—that’s different.”
“The Duc di Castellotti isn’t French—he’s Italian.”
“But he’s a duke. That’s different, too.”
“Oh, it is, is it? I wonder if the Duchess thinks so.”
“Considering a few things the Duc claimed he learnt from the Duchess, I would imagine so.”

Jamie’s honesty: He tells Claire everything that happened - even that he wanted to “rut” with the whores, like the men he was with - because of the complete, absolute honesty between them.

Claire’s insecurity: Claire is always in a fundamentally insecure position - after all, she *is* living in the past - and now, she’s in 1744 Paris, with a husband (who she knows is physically striking and attractive) telling her that he spent the night in the company of whores and lecherous men. And she’s pregnant, and self-conscious of how her body is changing. No wonder she immediately fears the worst.

Their bone-deep physical - and emotional - need for each other:

“Claire. To feel the small bones of your neck beneath my hands, and that fine, thin skin on your breasts and your arms… Lord, you are my wife, whom I cherish and I love wi’ all my life, and still I want to kiss ye hard enough to bruise your tender lips, and see the marks of my fingers on your skin…”

The disagreement drives them to even greater honesty - and an amazing reconciliation: As with most of their fights and arguments, they “make up” by learning so much about each other - especially how profoundly and deeply they love each other.

He bent and picked me up, carrying me to the bed. He sank to his knees, laying me amid the rumpled quilts.
“You’ll lie wi’ me now,” he said quietly. “And I shall use ye as I must. And if you’ll have your revenge for it, then take it and welcome, for my soul is yours, in all the black corners of it.”
…And when I had at length taken my last revenge of him, I did cradle him, stroking back the roughened, half-dry locks.
“And sometimes,” I whispered to him, “I wish it could be you inside me. That I could take you into me and keep you safe always.”
His hand, large and warm, lifted slowly from the bed and cupped the small round swell of my belly, sheltering and caressing.
“You do, my own,” he said. “You do.”


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 5): Part 1}

- Heed Genevieve’s Susanna’s Warning  - 

Crumplebottom manor, 1984. Life was good for the sisters growing up. Beatrice and Belinda were happy teens, Bianca however was distant from her sisters when she was a child, she seemed to be scared of witchcraft.


♪♫ Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us
You and I ♫ 

Belinda: “I love this song!”
Beatrice: “Serena played me this song at school! Bianca come look!” 
Bianca wasn’t listening to her sisters, she found something in the corner. An old photograph… Of whom? She turned it over at it said ‘Susanna, 1848. Cat & Shadow Brothel.’
Bianca: “What’s a brothel?”
Belinda & Beatrice: “What?”
Beatrice: “What are you looking at? Gimme that! Just a silly old photograph.” Beatrice scrunched it up.
Belinda: “Oooo! Beatrice look! Madonna’s up next!”
That photograph was there for a reason. A warning!! Susanna lived in Armadillo and revoked something terrible, yes she was a brothel mistress but what Bianca doesn’t  realise is that Susanna is what she’ll look like when she reaches young adulthood. Susanna is one Of Bianca’s past lives!

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anonymous asked:

The scene I want so much to see in the second season is the most funny of all the books and I will be very sad if they exclude it, it is Jamie holding the sausage when he rushes in to the brothel :D

I’m just grateful that Jamie has his hands in the honeypot. 

I'm debating on..

Writing my experience about working at the brothel after reading the psychological evaluation of Dennis Hof. :/

i hope loretta gets an emo phase

(( but can you imagine it tho she enters the room dressed head to toe in black wearing too much eyeliner and goes ‘shut up galahad you don’t understand this is the real me’ AND SHE CHANGES BASTARDS SIGN TO ‘welcome to my twisted brothel’ HOOT)) 

Sisters Delfina and Maria were the owners of Rancho El Angel, a brothel in Guanajuato, Mexico in the 1950’s and ‘60’s. the sisters had a successful prostitution business, but they also had a problem on their hands: the prostitutes who got too old to work expected continued financial support. The sisters came up with a solution–killing their low achieving sex workers. They also killed any customer who appeared to have a big wad of cash with them. When investigators questioned the sisters and examined the property, they found the bodies of 11 men and 80 women.

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since i know a lot of you like to have something playing while you study or do homework i decided to just make a masterpost of some playlists and other stuff i like listening to while doing stuff

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The Last-Ever Interview with the Leaders of Peru’s Shining Path Guerrilla Army

This August, newspapers in Peru splashed headlines across their front pages about the huge blow the government had dealt to what is left of the infamous Shining Path—a brutal Maoist guerrilla group who have spent the last 20 years hanging out in the jungle slaughtering peasants and smuggling coke. The headlines announced to the world thatComrade Alipio, the group’s military leader, had been killed.

Alipio’s death was as cartoonish as it was emphatic. A cocaine trafficker who had links to the Shining Path, but who’d turned informant for the police, lured an armed column of rebels towards a hut that he owned. Most of the fighters stayed outside, guarding the building while Comrade Alipio and two other Shining Path bigwigs, Comrades Gabriel and Alfonso, went into what was meant to be a safe house, expecting to meet some ladies of the night that the drug trafficker had organized for them.

Crucially, what Alipio and company didn’t know was that the army had rigged the house with ANFO explosives. As soon as the three rebels had made themselves comfortable, the whole hut went up in one big blast. The charred bodies had to be identified through DNA tests.

As soon as news of the killing came out, my phone wouldn’t stop ringing: I have the arguable privilege of being the only journalist to have met Comrade Alipio, and the local media were desperate for a soundbite.

Back in September 2010, I received a call on behalf of the leadership of the Shining Path, who had agreed to meet me if I travelled, unaccompanied, to Peru's Valley of the Apurímac, Ene, and Mantaro rivers, known by the acronym VRAEM. It’s a jungle region that routinely serves as the battleground between armed forces and drug lords. The Shining Path contacted me after I sent them a message while I was reporting in the area, tailing some anti-narcotics police patrols a few months prior.



The Telegraph takes an in-depth look at legalized prostitution in Germany - from the 12 story mega-brothels to outdoor sex boxes.

People think Amsterdam is the prostitution capital of Europe but Germany has more prostitutes per capita than any other country in the continent, more even than Thailand: 400,000 at the last count, serving 1.2 million men every day. Those figures were released a decade ago, soon after Germany made buying sex, selling sex, pimping and brothel-keeping legal in 2002. Two years later, prostitution in Germany was thought to be worth 6 billion euros – roughly the same as Porsche or Adidas that year. It’s now estimated to be 15 billion euros.

(Source: Marginal Revolution)