Tom yum hot pottttt 😍😍😍 eating hot pot in cold weather is just unbelievably satisfying! It makes me so warm and full 😆

So this hot pot I used corn, carrots, tomatoes, lemongrass and tom yum paste for the broth. Then just put in things like ramen, mushrooms, okras, napa cabbage, tofu and dip with the sweet chili soy sauce to eat. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Random College Cooking Tip

Buy two roasted pre-cooked roasted chickens for the week, but instead of eating it immediately, shred the chicken off the bones and freeze it for future use.  As for the bones, roast those in the oven with an onion, some garlic, and maybe two slices of bacon for thirty minutes. Boil the mixture in water that just barely covers the bones for about two hours with a handful of salt, adding extra water as needed. Strain the liquid into a large container, squeezing out all remaining liquid, and bam! College Chicken Broth!

You can skim the top if you don’t want the broth to become foggy, but its not required.

Use this broth for soups and sauces! Cook you ramen in it without needing the flavor bag! Add in some chicken and noodles for chicken noodle soup! Add cocnut milk for a creamier soup! Just make sure you know what your doing.

Oh, and discard the solid stuff. You’ve boiled all the good stuff out of them, and are basically flavorless husks at this point. 

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Yes, the same soup as before. But you cant argue with something that tastes good and costs very little.

This bowl of soup cost me $.25 for the avocado (which I caught right as it was going bad, leaving the bad parts out and its so creamy), about $.50 for the pasta, $.50 for the chicken, $.50 for the broth, and $.10-15 for the carrots.

And I also remembered why i dont reheat soup in this particular set of bowls, they get so hot you cant hold them. I broke one in the microwave a while back leaving chili and broken bowl everywhere. You’d think that would teach me.

Dinner tonight is left overs from lunch… Ground turkey, pasta, some chicken bone stock and a little turkey gravy to make sure its all moist.

Add some sour cream and it would almost be stroganoff.

I tried a bite with some cottage cheese and it didnt quite taste like I wanted. Glad I didnt mix it in the whole bowl :D

Not super exciting but considering my diet restrictions this is like being given a bowl of wings and sauce, so I cant complain. :D

The Pho Sandwich, aka P.H.O.O.

At Sunny & Annie, which, by all appearances, is your typical run-of-the-mill corner bodega, there’s something special going on behind the deli counter…

Run by a Vietnamese family, they take what is typically in a bowl and put it on a roll…

All the ingredients used to make a bowl of pho are repurposed as the stuffing for this amazing deli sandwich. Minus the noodles…

And it works!

Sure, it’s a bit of a different experience, but the flavors all add up, especially if you order your sandwich hot.

The avocado is added to give each bite the feeling of fat, which you’d normally get in the beef broth in actual bowl. Pretty smart!

One of the more interesting eating experiences I’ve had this year!


94 Avenue B, on the corner of 6th St.

NY, NY 10009