brot3: three musketeers

So I’m out with my friends, trick or treating when my friend pulls out a three musketeers. I start smiling to myself and pointing out that it’s a three musketeers. She hasn’t watched stranger things so, she doesn’t understand why I’m smiling. And you know what this bitch says? “Yeah I love three musketeers, top 3 maybe, it’s all nougat.”

She has no idea why I fell in the middle of the street screaming “NOUGAT”

The Four Musketeers are the Marauders. Athos is Remus, both with a secret backstory they keep. Aramis is Sirius, the ladies’ man. D’Artagnan is James, the natural leader of the group. And Porthos is Peter, slow on the uptake of the plan everyone else understands. Treville is a long suffering McGonagall, King Louie an amused Dumbledore that secretly enjoys the trouble they get into. The Cardinal is Snape, who they’d do anything to rile.