i was commissioned by the lovely and super awesome @vvoidknight to draw the 8 strilondes from their fic (its Very Very Good, no matter what vvoid says), Paper Knives! thank you so much! also i recommend paper knives at all costs its the funtimes strider-lalonde big family angst train that you’ve always wanted

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Meeting Matt

So, we all had our takes on what Matt would be like and to be honest some pretty good fanfic had great characterization on him but let’s all be honest here


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much better

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than we expected!!

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And just to add my favourite one

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How can I fall in love with so many characters?!!! He’s such a precious sister-loving, nerdy, loves to act cool older brother!! Just another to add to the list of why I’m jealous of pidge.

pinkiepie1117  asked:

Wait, what can muggs do?

Mugsy can actually manipulate objects, thoughts and emotions with his mind! He discovered it while he was bed ridden in the hospital at a young age, trying to reach for a toy and managed to get it to himself. Then it came to a point where he really wanted something and would ask the nurses and all he would have to do is touch them on the hand and they would go get what he wanted.

Of course he learned that he didn’t need to use it for silly purposes and now uses it only when it is really necessary. However, in the acts of doing so, he is being watched. People know of his abilities and keep a close eye on him.

Cuphead has absolutely no idea about it, but Mugs knows…more about Cuphead. He doesn’t know all the details, but he does know that Cup has done something drastic on his behalf, and wants nothing more than to ease it and do his best to not be a burden. He plays dumb, cause he doesn’t want Cup to ask how he figured out.

He plans to keep this little ability of his a secret. But there are certain people out there who have other plans for him. 

Some, don’t play nice.