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I lost all my episodes of gokaiger sadly I gotta redownload them cause I didnt get a chance to move them to my external hd before I had to reinstall my PC :’(

shit bro

i lost all my episodes of gokaiger, magiranger, go-onger, and boukenger

about 10GB worth of movies

my criminal minds

my gifs and reaction pictures


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The last one I watched was RPM that was the one before samurai right? Surprisingly it was good compared to the other shit that was crapped out before that. Samurai is I like that they brought the theme song back but its kinda meh.

Yeah, RPM (which is the remake of Go-Onger which I’m also watching) is right before Samurai

I watched one episode of Power Rangers Samurai and laughed my ass off though because they changed so much stuff

And don’t get me wrong, I know they had to because I highly doubt that regular watchers of Power Rangers in America would really understand the whole feudal lord thing, but in my opinion they lost too many things in translation.

And the costumes… don’t even get me started on the costumes…