Okeoghenevevu Nathan Okoro

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Okeoghenevevu is inspirational young Nigeria man that once resided at the Borstal Remand Centre for boys. Pastor Anthony and his wife had the good fortune of connecting with this young man. With much help, Okeoghenevevu turned his life around and is helping to inspire the incarcerated youth of the reform center as well.

It was a please to watch and listen to Okeoghenevevu talk with the boys and not at the boys. As i looked into their eyes I could see that they know he was one of them and understood their issues, concerns, and needs. I look forward to spending more time with him the next time I visit. Thank you for being who you are Okeoghenevevu Nathan Okoro. You will serve the Lord and those boys in ways that will bless you in many ways in the future.

Photos by: Presscott McDonald for Global Network for Humanity


These are just a few of images from our day at the Borstal Remand Centre in Abeokuta, Nigeria. The juvenile center consisted of young people ranging from 16-30 years old. Global Network for Humanity wants to offer help to the center to improve living conditions for the boys. They also feel that It is also imperative that the obsolete Nigerian Children and Young Person’s Law be updated. I am look forward to my next 2 trips to Nigeria to document these needs with my lens. That way they can display the images to the world community and raises awareness.
Photos by: Presscott McDonald for Global Network for Humanity