I had the most amazing weekend with my beloved brother. 

Saturday we went to the cinema to watch OZ - the great and powerful, it was a great movie uvu!

today we went on a little photoshoot as Angelic Buster and Kaiser. (Maplestory.)

overall it was a weekend with kawaiiness, feelings (kono danshiii omg aksdjhaksd) n’ all that jazz. just look at us, so kawaii. BROTP

I was looking through old pictures on my phone, and stumbled upon this one. It’s from this summer, it was too hot to be alive, but we got cherries and ice cream, so it was okay. I love you big brother, you’re the best.

I had some really nice days with my favorite babbu Noa uvu!<3 

We ate a lot of popcorn, and watched some great movies! 

Today I made pancakes for breakfast! we also went to a flea market, Noa bought some really nice clothes!  and I bought a black demin vest! 

Well what else do I have to say, we watched a movie called “Pom Poko” jfc, I’ve never seen so many balls in one movie

like woah, these racoons had some sick balls.