what i know about homeshit part 2

part 1 

so many fuckin characters tumblr couldn’t fit it all in one post


“Why did I get such a raw cut of the asshole deck–and why did it take me so long to figure that out? And like he’s dead now so that’s that, so all that’s left to do is look back and try to put the pieces together of my first 13 years. And all I can think is what the fuck WAS that?!” 

dave loves how loud karkat is

he loves always knowing whats on karkats mind

he loves that he always knows where karkat is

dave grew up in an abusive home with a guardian he barely knew. what scared him the most was that at any moment a sword could appear out of nowhere and he was always expected to be ready to fight. he had to be quiet walking around the house so he could try to hear bro’s footsteps or breathing and figure out if he was near. he spent his childhood constantly having to be on edge and guess about bro, how bro was feeling, why he did the things he did, who he was

so being with karkat is beyond refreshing. dave can always hear his footsteps because he cant sit still, he’s always pacing and talking to himself.
he tells dave exactly how he’s feeling at all times, and even if he wouldnt, his entire body language is so clear to dave that he never has to guess what karkat’s feeling or thinking about.
dave grew up in a silent home with no communication, and karkat is anything but that. he shares everything with dave, and even when they’re not talking to eachother karkat will speak to himself. he’s the opposite of the quiet mystery dave grew up with, and that is exactly what he needs

karkat is loud, annoying and emotional, and dave loves it

(inspired by an ask @lesbiankarkat answered)


The whole “Dave realizes his home life was abusive and works on dealing with it” thing is so important to me you have no idea and i want the Superfriends to have an Encounter
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and i want bro to have an encounter with a FIST HAIIIYAH

I’m reading Act 2 and it’s so goddamn obvious that all the kids are wrong about their guardians from the moment they’re introduced. John, Rose, and Jade assume that their guardians are more negative in their intentions than their parents clearly are/were. And Dave’s exact equivalent is how awesome he considers Bro. All of them turn out to be wrong, and that absolutely includes Dave. It is so obvious that Hussie is yelling at us “don’t trust what these kids are saying, they’re young and naive!” between the lines. John and Rose are too spiteful and distant from their guardians, Jade is…well, a weird case as always. And Hussie’s language when Dave describes Bro is absolutely screaming “this kid grew up in an abusive household but he’s young and convinces himself that it isn’t.” And if you pick up on the obvious faults in the other kids’ logic, you should def pick up on Dave’s. 

Basically Hussie knew from day one what he was doing with Bro, the fandom just completely missed it. And it forgets about the other guardians as well.

So in order to get this u need to have both read Homestuck and watched The Road To El Darado. My gods what a niche audience. Can’t say this was properly thought through, my private little joke stretch became a colour study (fuck colour and all it’s relatives) and now look at the mess I made?! Please credit with link in the description if u repost on other accounts, ie instagram.