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Order of Events

While I was doing my second playthrough of the game, I decided to jot down what happens when to aid in future canon-compliant fic writing. This is that list. It’s somewhat detailed but kinda brief all the same. It’s definitely more comprehensive than my paper notes.

I hope this helps anyone who is like me – can’t find a detailed timeline of the game, not enough time to replay it or watch a full walkthrough, and a pretty terrible memory.

  1. The bros leave Insomnia and their journey begins.
  2. The Regalia breaks down. They head to Hammerhead. Meet: Cindy, Cid, Takka, Dave.
  3. Short stop at Longwythe, then the bros arrive at Galdin Quay. Meet: Umbra, “Suspicious Stranger” (Ardyn), Dino.
  4. They learn of Insomnia’s fall and attempt to return to the city. Regis is dead.
  5. Quick stop at Hammerhead (speak with Cid), then head to the Prairie Outpost in search of Cor. Meet: Monica.
  6. First Royal Tomb, Keycatrich Trench. Meet: Cor. Get: Sword of the Wise, Axe of the Conqueror.
  7. Bust a small imperial base w/ Cor, open up the rest of the world; Noctis can drive now. Meet: Loqi.
  8. Head into Duscae. Noctis gets a call from Iris, new objective - head to Lestallum.
  9. Sidequest: Deadeye hunt, chocobos become available. Meet: Wiz.
  10. Head to//Arrive in Lestallum. Noct’s strange headaches begin. Meet: Iris, Talcott, Jared.
  11. Go through the Glacial Grotto. Get: Blades of the Wanderer. 
  12. Return to Lestallum. Headaches are worse, begin inquiries about the Disc, start to head there. Meet: Ardyn.
  13. Stay at the caravan w/ Ardyn, continue journey and arrive at the Disc. Ardyn leaves the party.
  14. Fight Titan and gain blessing. Meet: Imperial Chancellor Ardyn Izunia. Get: Blade of the Mystic, Mark of the Archaean.
  15. Stuck at the Chocobo Farm. New objective - wait for news from Cindy on the whereabouts of the Regalia and gain Ramuh’s blessing. Meet: Gentiana.
  16. Touch the three runestones. Complete Fociaugh Hollow. Imperials begin tracking the party and attacking at random. Get: Mark of the Fulgarian.
  17. Retrieve the Regalia from the Archeole Stronghold (Duscae), bust-a-base, summon Ramuh for the first time. Meet: Ravus.
  18. Return to Lestallum, Jared is dead, Noct has the Omen nightmare. 
  19. Begin the journey to Cape Caem. Drop Iris off at Old Lestallum, the bros move to bust-a-base again (Fort Vaullerey - Cleigne) to avenge Jared. Meet: Caligo, Aranea.
  20. Sidequest: Malmalam Thicket. Optional stops at Lerity Seaside and the Spelcray Haven, all en route to Cape Caem. Get: Scepter of the Pious.
  21. Arrive at Caem. Cindy tells the party that Cid needs mythril to fix the ship, Talcott directs everyone to the Vesperpool. Gladio leaves the party.
  22. Party heads to the Vesperpool, runs into Ardyn there, teams up w/ Aranea to complete Steyliff Grove. Get: Mythril Ore.
  23. Aranea drops the party off at Lestallum to get the ore refined at the power plant. Reunite with Gladio. Meet: Holly. Get: Refined Mythril.
  24. Sidequest: The Perfect Cup. (meat - behemoth near Prairie Outpost; shrimp - karlabos near Caem; egg - climb the Rock of Ravatough) Possible Get: Mace of the Fierce.
  25. Leave Caem and head to Altissia. Go to the Maagho, then head to the Leville for a stay. Now able to go back to the open world. Meet: Weskham, Secretary Camelia Claustra. Get: Messengers’ Amulet.
  26. Discuss terms w/ Claustra. Lunafreya delivers her speech. Commence the rite of Leviathan. Summon Titan. Noctis falls unconscious. Get: Mark of the Hydraean.
  27. Noctis wakes up, finds out Luna is dead and Ignis is blind. The party continues on to Nifleheim to get the Crystal back – hop on the train. Get: Ring of the Lucii, Lovers’ Notebook, Ignis’ Cane.
  28. Noctis and Gladio fight on the train. The party heads into Cartanica. Ignis delivers a powerful speech. Get: Katana of the Warrior.
  29. Shorter days. Imperials attack train. Ardyn switches out with Prompto, Prompto falls off the train. Daemons attack, summon Leviathan, the party stops in Tenebrae. Meet: Biggs, Wedge, Maria.
  30. Daemons attack train again in the Ghorovas Rift, Ardyn disables Noct’s powers. Gentiana reveals herself to be Shiva. Get: Trident of the Oracle, Mark of the Glacian.
  31. Daemons attack the train once more, Regalia breaks down en route to Zegnautus Keep, Noctis gets separated from Ignis/Gladio, Noctis puts on the Ring and moves through the Keep.
  32. Ravus dies. Noctis reunites with Ignis/Gladio, they rescue Prompto, fight daemon!Iedolas and daemon!Ravus. Get: Sword of the Father.
  33. Noctis learns of Ardyn’s origins and gets absorbed into the crystal, where he learns of his mission from Bahamut. Meet: Ardyn Lucis Caelum. Get: Mark of the Draconian.
  34. 10 years of darkness.
  35. Noctis awakens on Angelgard Island, picked up from Galdin by Talcott, reunion with the bros. They camp together one last time before heading to Insomnia.
  36. Fight Ifrit, summon Bahamut and Shiva, then Noctis fights Ardyn. Noctis gives one final goodbye to his friends before sacrificing himself to end Ardyn. The sun rises. Get: Infernian’s Shard.

anonymous asked:

i loveeee ur hcs!! how abt hcs abt the chocobros realising theyre maybe not straight/crushing on a guy? thank you!

So this turned a little bit more into how the bros came to identify with their current sexuality, I hope that’s alright!

Prompto had started to identify as bisexual in high school.  As self-conscious Prompto tends to be, he’d always been very confident about his sexuality.  He’d done things with guys on more than one occasion, though there had only ever been one man he’d slept with during that time.  It was the year after he’d graduated from high school, however, that he began to identify as pan.  The reason he’d began to identify differently was because while on a small getaway with the bros at Galdin Quay he’d had something of a small fling with someone who’d identified as agender.  So considering he wasn’t into only guys and girls anymore he couldn’t exactly call himself bi lol.  In all honesty, Prompto quite enjoys the freedom that comes with identifying as pansexual because hey man, why limit yourself?

Gladio began identifying as bisexual during his training with the Crownsguard. He’d been with a few girls before and he definitely enjoyed himself, so it was just the slightest bit jarring to find himself attracted to a man.  It wasn’t really jarring in a bad way, more like a good-natured “well shit”.  Just as with women, Gladio was pretty straight forward when hitting on the guy.  And that my friends was the first time Gladio experienced homophobia.  While Gladio definitely brushed it off – after giving the Crownsguard trainee a piece of his mind – the vile words spat at him definitely took a blow.  It was a few months before Gladio tried his luck again (though this time around he was definitely a little more subdued about his flirting).  His second attempt was significantly more successful and Gladio actually ended up dating that man for nearly a year afterwards.  Gladio is pretty evenly split as far as his attraction to guys vs girls go; his preference may change from day to day but yeah it’s usually nearly even.

It took a while before Noctis began to identify as demisexual largely due to the fact he just…didn’t know there was a term for it??  Up until he’d learned about demisexuality he’d just thought he wasn’t interested in sex like the rest of his friends which…to a certain extent was indeed true.  Upon learning a word for what Noctis felt, and learning that there were others that felt the same way, the Prince felt as though a weight had been unloaded from his shoulders.  The label was something for him to buoy himself with and it actually left him feeling a lot more confident.  It wasn’t until a few years after high school that Noctis first found someone that he connected with enough to have sex.  As he doesn’t feel anything for people unless he has a significant emotional bond with them, he doesn’t really have any sort of preference when it comes to their gender; he’s good with whatever and won’t bat an eye if he finds himself falling for a different gender than the one he’d previously been in a relationship with.

Ignis also identifies as bisexual, however he started identifying as such much later than Gladio.  It was during the ten years that Noctis was MIA.  The man Ignis ended up more or less falling for had been someone that helped Ignis learn Braille, and was also one of the few hunters that would agree to go out with him for small hunts.  Where Gladio was surprised by learning about his bisexuality, Ignis was more so confused because he’d honestly never really entertained the idea he could be anything other than straight largely because it didn’t really matter up until this point; his life was dedicated to looking after Noct for most of his life previously.  Looking back, he did come to realize that there had been more than a few occasions where he’d been attracted to men in the past but it had always been more of a subconscious thing.  Ignis and his first male s/o broke up about two years before Noctis returned.  As far as Ignis’s preferences are split, he has a slight preference for males over females.

“Your Marks Are Beautiful” Prompto X Reader Fluff

Author’s Note: Finallyyy the story I wrote days ago is here! I’m sorry for the delay 😩 Anywayssss this story was the memory that Prompto and the Reader mentioned in another story I wrote called “Thought You’d Never Ask”. Click the link to read that story after this one 😁😁 As always, your feedback would be highly appreciated! Enjoy 😊


Summary: The Reader and the bros head to Gladin Quay for a relaxing beach day but someone seems shy. Body praise involved.

Word Count: 828

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