bros are the best with kids

Straight White Boy Problem #858

for the past ten years, me and my black friend (lol I’m not racist!) have become best friends! hes my best buddy but i feel bad for him sometimes because i have heard people say that he is “too white” for a black kid…….how do they want him to act? If he’s too black, is that a problem too? why does it even matter how a person lives their life if it isnt affecting someone else? it makes me mad that people are THIS ignorant, but I told him not to listen to those jerks. hes my bro and I gotta support my bro

imagine jack and bitty come out by simply not hiding their relationship!!

  • the Samwell team being super protective of their bros
  • the Providence team being super cool with it (and in some cases being lowkey passive agressively protective)
  • but also the tabloids being so straight

“nhl superstar Jack Zimmermann was seen yesterday leaving his penthouse apartment with best friend and roommate Eric “Bitty” Bittle. They were later seen at lunch with a young woman with whom jack seemed very close to. A simple lunch with an old friend or the best friend meeting the girlfriend lunch? Who knows, but one thing’s for sure, Zimmermann seems happy and ready to give his all for the season’s first game this Saturday. #LetsGoFalcs”

  • also, the Falcs winning the Stanley Cup, Bitty runs over to Jack on the ice and they stand there hugging, exchanging i love yous and “im so proud of you, honey!”
  • jack getting married to bitty
  • the media still hasnt caught on that they’re together
  • it’s only been 4 years you know
  • it’s not as if they’re hiding it
  • the media’s just dense af

“Jack Zimmermann spotted with best friend and roommate Eric Bittle and their 3 children. It appears that the pair has decided to add another kid to their little family as they were headed back to their car after meeting with a foster child. These two are absolute #bromance goals and we wish them luck!”

  • the Samwell team and the Falcs mocking news media outlets!!!

“Zimmermann and husband spotted with their children, bro goals!!”

“HAH! Good one, Ransom!!”

“Thanks, Tater!”

it’s 1:34 in the morning someone stop me

  • Person who doesn't read comics: Batman is so cool. He's such a loner. He doesn't need anyone to get the job done.
  • Me: You know he has like 9 kids, right?
  • Person who doesn't read comics: ...excuse me what?
  • Me: Yeah! Dick, Jason, Babs, Tim, Steph, Cass, Damian, Duke, and Harper.
  • Person who doesn't read comics: ...excuse me...what?
  • Me: I mean, he adopted Dick, Jason, Tim and Cass. Damian is his biological son. He just mentors the rest but they may as well be his babies. And then he has Alfred, and Leslie Thompkins, and quite a few allies he trusts. Superman, Wonder Woman. Batwoman.
  • Person who doesn't read comics: He hates Superman.
  • Me: Hahaha! Dude, they are like best bros. One time they limped through a sewer together after Metallo shot Clark with a Kryptonite bullet, reminiscing about old enemies. It was adorable!
  • Person who doesn't read comics: but-
  • Me: And then there's the squad of lady friends. Catwoman, Zatanna, Talia, Black Canary. I'm probably missing a bunch.
  • Person who doesn't read comics: I-
  • Me: :) :) :) :) :)
  • Person who doesn't read comics: BUT HE'S A LONER!
  • Me: Tell that to Damian. Bruce let him keep a cow in the batcave.
  • Person who doesn't read comics: *bursts into tears*

Chris López always knew there was something a little different about her youngest child, Gabe. Although assigned female at birth, Gabe, 9, always knew he was a boy.

Things really changed for Gabe when when he spent a weekend at a camp for transgender kids when he was 8 years-old.

“I met three best friends — Luke, Brock and Cooper,” Gabe says. “They were all transgender like me, so they all wanted to be boys. That’s why I say we’re bros. We know each other.”

Transgender Boy Finds His ‘Bros,’ And Himself, At Camp

Photo: StoryCorps
Caption: Chris López told her son Gabe, who’s transgender, that she will always have his back.

ok… so my best friend has been crushing on this girl since freshman year. she has been talking about this girl, and watching her at the bagel toaster, and smiling about her hair, for two consecutive years.

well, over the course of these two years, my best friend has planned her morning routine so that she and this girl go to the bagel toaster together and eventually they started talking. after a while my friend convinces this girl to go to GSA with her, and all that jazz, and they start getting to be closer and closer friends, and everyone in our friend group can just TELL that like like each other (because we’re all friends with both of them.) so eventually, SHOCKER, they kiss, and then they just don’t talk about it for like a week.

so finally finally finally, they both agree to talk about it on Monday (today) so they could speak in person, and they see each other three times and… nothing. not a word said about the Kiss or the obvious like-likeness they have for each other. anyway, they both get on their buses at the end of the day and my best friend is texting me, kinda sad because they never ended up talking bout the Kiss. BUT, the way the bus system works at our school, the first trip buses start at the high school and then go to pick up the kids at the middle school. so, my friend and her crush, both on their first trip buses, end up stopped at the middle school for about 15 minutes, and my best friend makes an executive decision.

my tiny badass lesbian friend marches up from the back of the bus, tells her bus driver she’ll be right back, and gets off the bus to go look for this girl. bus drivers are looking at her in confusion, middle schoolers are staring, but she finally finds her crush. the girl has headphones in and has her back to the window, so my friend (who is 4'11") reaches up on her tiptoes and knocks on the bus window. her crush, having headphones on and not seeing my friend because she’s short, is very confused and it takes a couple tries, but eventually she sees my friend and rolls the window down.

my friend’s reaction to this is to yell, “I’m gay for you! Are you gay for me?”

to which the crush responds, “Yeah, I’m hella gay for you!”

my friend: “Then you should date me bro!”

her crush: “That sounds hella good! Yes! 👌”

and to finalize this, my friend reached on her tiptoes and her crush stuck her arm out the window and they fist bumped.

i love them.


Haikyuu characters: a summary

Oikawa Tooru

- an actual trash but i love him
- model???
- probably owns an alien merchandise
- lowkey gay
- 3rd year but actually acts like a 7 year old boy
- eats milkbread for lunch

Kageyama Tobio

- volleyball genius but got failed exams
- lowkey tsundere
- #1 milk trash
- HARU???
- i wanna touch his haiR

Tsukishima Kei

- saltyshima
- “tch”
- lowkey nerd
- owns dinosaur figurines
- freakishly tALL
- good with kids???

Akaashi Keiji

- a beautiful setter tbh
- messy hair???
- lowkey mom
- i fucking wanna see his smirk again AGAIN AND AGAIN
- boyfriend material??

Nishinoya Yuu

- bro
- meme #2
- cute af
- talented tbh
- more hairdown noya PLS

Sugawara Koushi

- mom
- vv really pretty
- i lowkey ship him with kiyoko
- knows everything???

Hinata Shouyou

- jumps higher than my grades
- cinnamon roll #2
- toilet guy

Tanaka Ryu

- meme #1
- bro
- lowkey savage
- “kiyoko-san spank us”

Iwaizumi Haijime

- armS
- boyfriend material
- mean but nice
- has 829782 nicknames for oikawa
- have u sEEN HIS BICEPS

Tetsurou Kuroo

- kinda savage
- “ive always been a nice person”
- vv attractive

Yamaguchi Tadashi

- cinnamon roll
- “TSUKKIII !! ”
- freckleSSS
- da kewl guy
- ##underrated

Daichi Sawamura

- dadchi
- angst
- reliable
- wig

Kozume Kenma

- no game no lyf
- cinnamon roll #3
- shouyou af
- vv genius

Koutarou Bokuto

- emo
- rlly loud
- drama queen
- bffs w/ kuroo

post reveal, the kids are dating and having a jolly time when nino catches chat giving marinette a good night kiss or something

nino being the bro he is flips the fuck out because that’s his best friend’s girl he’s kissing wtf and there’s no way she’s into it because she’s totally loyal to adrien so chat *must* be harassing her

so he just POUNCES on chat “this is for adrien!! RUN MARI ITS OKAY ILL PROTECT YOU” and while adrien is super touched that nino would fight a superhero for him, he’s also dying and would very much like for him to stop

The Signs as Filthy Frank Quotes:

Aries: “I am the pussy master!”

Taurus: “Ravioli, ravioli, what’s in the pocketoli.”

Gemini: “I don’t need pickup lines because they don’t work on corpses.”

Cancer: “I’m gonna be so fucking clean that I’m shitting Febreze”

Leo: “I hope you have insurance because I’m about to destroy your pussy.”

Virgo: “I let the best drop like old people with polio.”

Libra: “Welcome to the rice fields motherfucker!”

Scorpio: “I set a kid in a wheelchair on fire the other day…..Hotwheels!”

Sagittarius: “It’s all fun and games until some kid dies. Then it’s hilarious.”

Capricorn: ”It’s time to stop.”

Aquarius: “You know in this game, you gotta eat the whole ass bro.”

Pisces: “I have a belt and i’m not afraid to hang myself.”


*this is the only edition

ryuji would be the best oniichan fite me irl if u disagree

  • seriously like???? he cares so much and he’d be SO PROTECTIVE
  • hey remember when ann showed up in the metaverse and his thought process wasn’t “man this chick is gonna slow us down and be annoying” but instead it was “ann could get really hurt if she came with us i don’t want her getting dragged into this”
  • like remember how his dad was abusive remember that he would totally FITE HIS DAD FOR THIS SIB, you know it
  • if it was a little sister i would literally die, rip me, because u know he would dote on her so much.
  • “hey [xxx]-chan, let’s go to the park!! of course you can wear your loveline costume!! don’t forget the lettuce i bought to feed the ducks!!!”
  • (psa, do not feed ducks bread. give them things like corn or lettuce or birdseed.)
  • he’d do like tea parties with her and let her put bows in his hair and paint his nails and he’d be like “WOW YOU DID SUCH A GOOD JOB WOW MY NAILS LOOK SO GOOD” and he’d go to school with them the next day, dress code be damned
  • “akira look what my sis did for me!!” “wow she did a good job.” “I KNOW RIGHT”
  • and they’d play dressup and stuff like that and he’d be the dragon she slays or the demon that guards the treasure and each and every time she overcame some kind of obstacle he set up he’d be like “ur the smartest kid on the planet why didn’t i think of that solution, truly u r the True Genius of this family”
  • but even if it was a little bro COULD U IMAGINE
  • he could idolize him and be like “ONIICHAN UR THE GREATEST” and they’d go on runs together and play tag through the house and accidentally break things and mom would get mad but ryuji would always take the blame
  • or he could think he’s The Most Annoying™ and fight back against the attention with exasperated sighs and eye rolls and “moooom ryuji won’t put me down!!”
  • ryuji is best big bro

akira would also probably be a big bro

  • i kinda think his parents are The Literal Worst™ (reblog if u agree)
  • so if he had a sib it would probably be a younger one they had by accident
  • (so like i kind of think akira was born because someone’s parents really wanted grandchildren but now all the grandparents are dead and everything is sad)
  • so lil bro or sis would prob be ignored and shunted to the side by The Asshole Parents™
  • which basically leaves it to akira to take care of them
  • akira is like, the stern but cool older brother who is like “no we are not having cookies for dinner BUT if you do well on your math test we can bake some this weekend” or “i heard you got in a fight at school. i don’t care who started it, so just tell me this: did you win?”
  • lil sib probably looks up to him way more than they can express or he can understand. growing up with parents who basically just don’t care about you makes you super appreciative of any kind of affection or praise so they’d have a super close relationship
  • would be D E V A S T A T E D by his having to move away after the Incident
  • wow look an actual legit canon reason for akira to go home at the end of the game instead of “just because he gotta”
  • (he don’t gotta. y u do this atlus)

yusuke the biological only child (who gets adopted??)

  • ok so hear me out
  • wait hold on–did we ever learn about yusuke’s dad?? i literally can’t remember so i’m just gonna say: probably dead
  • yusuke’s mom probably didn’t have time to have any other kids before she kicked it (sry mrs kitagawa) BUT
  • i think the students of madarame were closer than the game prolly had time to get into?? like the guy whose heart u change in mementos asks you to go back and save yusuke and i just feel like there had to be some STRONG BONDS there
  • all i’m saying is there was an older student ok like 2-6 years older than him who loved him like a brother bc c’mon he’s a little out there but HOW COULD U NOT boy is sweet as the candy he drops way too much yen on.
  • probably had to remind him to eat and shit like that while they were with madarame like “dude u can’t live on paint fumes PLEASE EAT FOOD PLEASE”
  • also had no social skills so could not coach him on social skills
  • hated to leave him but couldn’t stay for their own mental health and always regretted leaving him behind
  • so yeah probably later after the game they reached out to him
  • and just kind of informally adopted him as their lil bro like “you’re mine now, i’m going to protect you and buy you food”

akechi the foster brother

  • so here’s the deal with akechi
  • he knows what it’s like to be in the system and bounce around and have no one who cares or listens or wants you there and it just. it’s hard and terrible and no one deserves to feel that way ever.
  • so he decides he’s going to be big bro to literally every difficult foster kid he ever comes across.
  • getting bullied? guess it’s time to come home with me where i will tell you that you are absolutely the best and what the bullies say doesn’t matter ever and you will never ever know this but i’m gonna fuck up that kid’s future times 10000%
  • moody and combative? c’mon, you can have your own room and lock the door on me all you want and i’ll sit outside in the hall for four hours to teach you that no, i’m not going to give up on you and you are worth the time and effort because you matter so much.
  • really timid and scared of everything? it’s okay, we’re going somewere safe and i will let you hide wherever you want, even if you scare the living daylights out of me when i reach under the sink for the dishsoap and i see you curled up in there. you can crawl in my bed when you have a nightmare absolutely, i’m not going to kick you out and i’m not going to hurt you
  • M A G I C A L
  • u can’t tell me he wouldn’t care so much about foster kids
  • u just can’t it’s illegal

mishima gotta be someone’s lil bro

  • lol this boy like
  • he has to have an older sib, there’s no question about it
  • boye just too insecure to be big bro to someone else, he’d suck at it
  • which, yknow, would actually be really funny but i was kind of going for canon-plausible (SHUT UP I KNOW) and reasonably healthy relationships
  • so what i kind of imagined here was like, an older sister who’s kind of critical of him but damn she tries to be there for him because their parents are certainly not
  • she tells him under no uncertain terms that he NEEDS to quit the volleyball team because this is not safe or right in any degree and you know it yuuki
  • (he did know it yuuki but she also told him he needs to stop giving up on things so easily and he just?? didn’t want to give up?? if he could hold on just a little longer maybe it would get better)
  • she’ll clean his cuts and be like “ok whatever you say yuuki, you know what’s best for you”
  • but he totally doesn’t
  • i just want him to have someone who supports and loves him because obviously he’s not getting that from his parents and he NEEDS LOVE AND GUIDANCE PLEASE

so uh yeah that’s it for now. if you want more like this send me a request and i’ll get on it!

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Headcannons for percy with a little brother?

  • Percy calls him Little Dude so much when he’s a baby that Sally worries it’s gonna be his first words. 
  • This kid would WORSHIP Percy try and tell me otherwise. 
  • Like, he follows Percy round and copies his movements. 
  • Which basically means that he becomes this twitchy little kid who bounces his knee and raps his knuckles on every surface and bites his lip and Sally is just like, jeez goddamn these boys of mine. 
  • Kid develops a smart mouth like his big brother but also respects the hell out of his momma. 
  • See also: Paul and Percy and baby bro going out together to give Sally a break. Taking him to the park and playing ball and blowing bubbles with one of those bubble things.
  • ALSO.
  • Anyways. 
  • Picture Percy carrying his little bro around in one of those papoose things. 
  • Picking him up from nursery and school!!
  • Taking him for walks in the park with Annabeth! People mistaking them for young parents and them just going with it. 
  • This kid also thinks Annabeth is the coolest person in the world. 
  • (Spoiler alert: because she is.)
  • Percy and lil brother make up a secret handshake as soon as he’s old enough to do it and it gets more and more complex over the years until it’s like a five minute long Parent Trap fandango. 
  • They go on ~quests~ around the apartment and later they go to Central Park and run around with fake wooden swords and make dens in the woods like dumb kids. 
  • Basically Percy wants to give his little brother the childhood that he couldn’t have because of Gabe and monsters and ominous death prophecies. And that isn’t to say that Sally wasn’t the best mom in the world for Percy because she was and still is. 
  • But he’s so happy to have a big family <3
  • I mean, full disclaimer, all of these are applicable to Percy with a baby sister but I just like the idea of him with a little bro??
Straight White Boy Problem #600

Bro: Hey bro did you see that sporting event last night it was amazing

Me: yes my favorite team won and my favorite player did the best job

Bro: sports are so cool dude

Me: *looks at my phone for new text messages but there aren’t any, laughs nervously bc this kid only talks about sports* hahHa yeah i know

Guys, @osote2011 and I came up with a DEH Beauty and the Beast au.

Connor is the Beast. His temper constantly gets the best of him, and he lashes out at people when they seem like they’re making fun or him. Connor just fits as the Beast so well, okay.

Evan is Belle. He feels like an outcast and an outsider in his village due to his anxiety. He isolates himself to avoid messing things up, and instead spends his time in the nearby forest, climbing trees and reading nature books.

Jared is Lumiere. He lives for attention; he loves showing off Connor’s castle and spends most of his time trying to hook Evan and Connor up to break the curse because being a candle is weird af.

Alana and Zoe each share traits of both Cogsworth and Ms. Potts. Alana is the brains of the trio, constantly trying to keep them on track and get them to stick to the plan. She also has a habit of bickering with Jared. However, she’s also the most tolerant of Connor’s attitude and treats him with the most kindness.

Zoe, on the other hand, does not put up with Connor’s shit. She tells him off when he’s being ridiculous, even if she’s a very breakable kettle and he is a giant beast. However, she takes to Evan very quickly and treats him with the most kindness. She doesn’t just see him as a way of becoming human again - she recognizes that he’s a scared kid and she does her best to help him adjust.

Heidi is obviously Maurice. She’s seen as a bit odd because she’s a single mother who works so hard to take care of her strange son.

Basically someone with time should write this because it works so well.

My top 10 Lin Manuel moments

(you’re welcome)

1. Where Lin sums up my entire life

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2. Sassy Lin got dat A$$

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4. POLITICAL TRUTH *bro five*

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5. The theatre kid came out real quick

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6.  I don’t even have a funny caption this is great already

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7. … friends??? ft Jonathan Groff

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9. Sweet lil baby lin

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10. Here to steal ya boyfriend and all of your cookies 

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Mc Looking After Deaged RFA members + Saeran

So we’re ignoring Rika for this one
Just a random thought I had at 2 am and couldn’t get outa my head.
Assuming by some magic shenanigans, everyone in the RFA is suddenly like four to six years old and MC has to mom them until they figure out how to undo this

•Jumin and V would 100% be inseparable. Jumin will NOT talk (decently) to anyone who isn’t V. They’d be joint at the hip and just sort of babble in six year old Korean. If they were to find plastic flowers lying around, they’d attempt to make bff flower crowns probably.

•Jumin’s looks like a pathetic rose boomerang but DAMN V is greAt at this kid’s got art skills

•V’s actually v sweet and thoughtful even as a baby. He’d probably try to get you a glass of water when he notices how worn out you are by this baby sitting thing (except he’s like barely six and can’t reach the water dispenser much less the sink) so he just ends up staring at you with large teal eyes

• Totally loves when you give him attention bc his parents were inattentive af but he won’t bother you for it

• in general precious angel. Total good boy

• Jumin’s another story tho

• Hella hard to please. Won’t eat just anything

• Until the MC makes him pancakes and he’s like

• ??? am I in heaven??

• Is actually really really really clingy when MC starts growing on him

• Always wants you to pay attention to him and WILL badger you for it at all possible times

• But not with words cause the kiddo can’t express his needs well, even as a six year old. He’d just poke you. And stare. Possibly hold his arms out for you like “carry me you peasant ”

• jaehee is just adorable

• Even as a baby she’s incredibly smart

• she follows you around and gazes a lot. Very curious. Usually she’s that ones kid who asks all the what, how and why questions.

• She’d be extremely timid and reluctant to open up to you, but once she does; BOI IS SHE A CHATTERBOX

• She adores when you give her attention but tries not to show it. Cuddle her and kiss her cheek and she’ll be so happy she’ll internally melt.

• Saeran and Saeyoung, let’s say they’re around five- would be pretty much like Jumin and V. Pretty inseparable

• Except Saeyoung loves to wander around and pull the other kids’ hair and just mess with them in general

• More than once one of them will come crying because of something Saeyoung does

• But then Saeyoung gets really confused if you get mad at him because?? He was just being affectionate?? For real? How was he supposed to know squeezing them in THAT tight of a hug would hurt?

• Much like Jumin, he’s a little shit and honestly just wants you to give him attention. But he’s blab about it in an obnoxiously loud way, all like “NOTICE ME!”

• Constantly poking you

• Saeran is very very restless

• Kid walks fucking everywhere

• That’s OK tho because Saeyoung always follows him to make sure he doesn’t get locked up in the fridge accidentally (-again-)

• Saeyoung hugs him hardest of all

• Saeran probs has high pain tolerance because of that lmao (-I’m sorry don’t kill me-)

• Kind of intimdated by you tbh? Like he does want the cuddles and the kisses and he secretly needs the attention but Saeran’s also kind of anxious about it?

• Zen tho

• Zen thinks he’s the best kid of all

• Constantly tries to prove it

• Tries to break the child/mum relationship and be a caretaker along your side

• He’s six, for God’s sake. He can take care of himself and others!

• Total big bro figure

• Or tries to be. He always tries to seem like the comforting big guy who the other’s can look up to and come to for help in case you’re not here

• But then he’ll trip on something and scrape his knee and start crying until you pick him up and embrace him

• At which point he’d cling to you as if his life depends on it

• Oh boi let’s talk about yoosung why shan’t we

• Youngest baby. He’s like, four. And he’s the cutest little shit you’ve ever seen

• Wide violet eyes and cute chocolate coloured bangs and those pretty lil lashes

• He’s secretly a little shit tho, even more than Saeyoung

• Except he’s better at hiding it bc he will legit cry

• His tears make him look so vulnerable and innocent?? You can’t help but think he is

• Has totally eaten the last cookie but makes you think it’s Saeyoung who did it

• He LOVES your attention. Infact he gets kind of jealous when he sees you giving too much attention to anyone else.

• Keeps trying to trip V

• Doesn’t know why he just,, rlly doesn’t like V

• But when you look at him he looks like a total angel, so precious and pure and?? How could you be mad at him, like ever? And if you do, do you even have a heart??? It’s impossible.

I'm going to talk about some serious shit here

So I went in for evaluation today. I actually only recently read up on what ADHD truly is. And it was as if a fog just cleared up.

I have an IQ of 144. I read almost every book I could find on study skills. I try to work hard-those who have followed me since the beginning would probably know that, but my mind has always wandered all over the place-I thought that was a character defect that I had to overcome entirely with willpower and that if I don’t, I suck at life and will become a shit doctor. Despite all my efforts and three years of time, I am still not in med school.

My mother used to use ADHD as an insult when I was a kid, and there was this hyperactive kid who used to beat other classmates up. My experience with this condition has never been positive. Even if I did see this in myself I would not have acknowledged it because, dude, I thought ADHD was for the “bad kids”!Living with my parents meant that everything I did was under their supervision. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents to bits, but there are only so much you can share without getting hurt.

Everything changed this semester, however. I learned two things about one of my good bros: he has ADHD, and he ranks in the top 5% of his medical school class, at the best medical school in Taiwan. Also, I finally got the opportunity to live in a dorm, away from the prying eyes of my kin. This prompted me to seek out a diagnosis, and that is what I did this morning.

It’s not because that things have evolved to the point that I’m completely unable to do any work without Ritalin. It’s just that I discovered that I need to physically force myself into concentrating, and when I finally do it is only for less than an exhausting hour. None of my friends seem to have this issue. I thought my willpower was weak, but I have achieved things over this past semester that are not easy to do without a strong mind, which I can now proudly say I possess.

The doctor agreed that my description of what I’ve been through fits AS/ADHD, and I have another appointment with her scheduled next Tuesday. She gave me questionnaires for Asperger’s (which I have also been evaluated for) and ADHD, and these are to be discussed along with future treatment options next week.

I don’t care what label I get next week. All I do know is that there is a long road ahead of me with AS/ADHD, lupus, being LGBTQA, and hopefully med school.

It’ll be one heck of a ride, and I will do whatever I can to make it all worth it.