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Hi I just wanted to say that I love your comics this au its so cute (? Idk how to explain it, this just makes me really happy the story is so sweet and relaxing but real and i love it, also I was wondering if the story had canon ships? Or it was just like bro kind of thing? Haha sorry if I bother you, just to know what kind of story is or where its going

Thank you so much!! I’m glad you enjoy this au :’) As far as canon ships go, it will eventually! I have 3-4 in mind I really want to happen. But not for a long time. I plan for everyone to bro and gay it out with each other as long as I’m able insert maniacal laugh

Super belated since I am the slowest artist, but I wanted to join the hype train truck and make a ClusterTruck themed drawing celebrating @therealjacksepticeye reaching 13 million subs on Youtube. Congrats from a newish subscriber! Keep doing you, dude. :)

I’m imagining the community partying in all of the trucks, interacting with each other on the inside or just watching and cheering on the smol Irishman running on truck tops. :D

but why band members tweet to each other? I mean, they have each others cell phone number, but they’re like, ‘nah, let’s chat in public’, all I can think about is that they in real life are like, ‘bro, let’s make everyone ship us, let’s be ship material.’


“This is about the porridge. You remember, don’t you? I can’t recall where we were, Saint Germain, I expect…”

find me 2 legit actual confirmed bros that look at each other the way kaisoo do, 2 legit actual confirmed bros that call each other jagi and say they love the other in a fucking poem on broadcast and the other call the other pretty when they looked at themselves in the mirror then we can talk about what’s real and what’s not good night👏

About the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus..
  • Troy (film): THEY WERE COUSINS.
  • Straight people: THEY WERE BROS, GOOD BroS, BROmance, NOTHING really gay about it.
  • Homer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Plato: of course, duh, they were totally gay for each other, the real question is: who was the top and who was the bottom? I think Achilles was totally the bottom tbh.

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i never thought tae///kook is real because they slept next to each other in bon voyage, i mean i slept next to my best friend and sister so many times, jk said ''i want you'' for jimin for three times, i dont know what else they want

personally, tae/kook has always been 100% bros being bros, strictly-platonic-maybe-they-crushed-on-each-other-for-five-minutes type of relationship to me. I’ve been best friends with the same girl for almost 9 years, and we act like Tae/kook. We used to have a handshake (like tae/kook do), we slept in the same bed before (like tae/kook have), we address each other as best friends as ‘loser’ and ‘stupid’ (like jungkook said him and tae are ‘dumb and dumber’ friends). There has never been a tae/kook moment that made me think they were romantically involved or crushing on each other. It seems like a bro-filled platonic love. So, the only tae/kook moment that i could think of at the time was the bon voyage behind the scenes sleeping photos.
But as I said…. the evidence that Jikook shippers have….. just makes Jikook seem so realistic and pure and full of romantic love. There’s so many instances where I see a Jikook moment and have to take a step back because they were just too REAL. Like this hotel room thing, or the pat on the head in the recent vlive (where jimin had leaned forward as if too kiss jungkooks head), or Jimin’s twitter video on JK’s grad day, or Jungkook physically retracting his hand and curling it into a fist when he accidentally caressed Jimin’s back, or the most recent backhug where Jungkook just seemed… at home with his head resting in Jimin’s neck. It just seems too real to me, so much that it scares me.

a mess of xiaolin headcanons:
  • music is banned in rai’s and kimiko’s rooms
  • then in the whole temple - they gotta use earbuds, no exceptions
  • omi is lactose intolerant and no one makes fun of him because HEIGHT
  • jack being very sick and wuya staying with him for a while (“You took care of me too”)
  • kim and good!chase were very close bros in that alternate universe
  • hannibal never ever forgives chase and raimundo.
  • this said, chase and rai actually admire each other a lot
  • the monks kept the heylin cutouts from 3.11. and they either keep using them OR send them to their real counterparts as a christmas present
  • clay is the mom friend. 
  • the monks see bits of each other lives when they create either of the formations; the good and bad bits too.
  • so it is natural they bond over lost mothers (seriously? where are the mothers in this show??)
  • BUT jack calls wuya ‘mom’ a lot. the first time chase witnesses this, they are dining together and he spits soup all over the table
  • kimiko teaching omi to write in cursive
  • clay teaches all of them strip poker, omi is SUPRISINGLY good
  • all of them dream a lot of the xiaolin dragons before them
  • dojo crying when the monks become dragons
  • guan and chase have tea once in while. 
  • chase rearranging furnitures every 6 months cause he is like that
  • when omi is older he regularly say; “Just a sex” instead of sec

feel free to add!

Okay but give me Grantaire with tattoos everywhere but they aren’t his drawings;

He doesn’t think his art is good enough to be tattooed. No. Instead, the tattoos are quotes from his friends, scattered all over his body. they are everywhere. Encouraging and loving words from Jehan and Courf tattooed on his forearms so he never loses sight of what is important. Wise words from Combeferre tattooed across his bicep, stupid jokes and stereotypical “bro” sayings from Bahorel and Feuilly are written on his legs. He has snippets of lectures from Eponine on his ribs, where he can reach and touch them when he needs to remember how to love himself. He has tattoos from JBM: the kind loving words they say to each other when they think no one is listening. 

His sketchbook is filled with drawings, yes, but it is equally filled with words- the things he hears and picks up at meetings or dinner that he thinks “that would make a good tattoo” and scribbles it down real quick.

Les Amis have a competition to see how many quotes of theirs they get on R’s body, and often Bahorel will finish a sentence with “wow that sounds like it should be a tattoo, eh???” 

and the first time R has to take off his shirt at the beach, or because something was spilled on it, Enjolras discovers he has a quote on there too.

Tattooed across his heart, Grantaire has two words, written in beautiful curling script:

“Be serious.”

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Some Lukercy headcanon, please? I'm literally dying for this ship.

these are in my(mod abbey’s)luke returns au, a few years post-canon

  • they register high on the gaydar; it’s amazing this relationship was ever a secret. it’s not like they’re constantly pda-ing, but no straight guy would ever be caught looking at his bro like they look at each other.
  • luke ruffles percy’s hair a lot and makes like he’s being teasing but actually he just loves percy’s hair and touching it
  • they ended up sparring together a lot. being a natural with a sword is great until you realize it’s hard to find a real challenge who isn’t your childhood mentor/archenemy
  • percy did not cope well with the return of The Crush From Hell
  • luke did not cope well with realizing he was falling for someone who has every reason to hate him, and so tried what he does best: repress until you want to scream! and he succeeded for a while but when they’re practicing he slips into instructor mode and forgets he’s not touching percy ever, at all, 100% no, and critiques percy’s form from right behind him, touching his back and arms and waist and generally ensuring percy didn’t remember jack shit of what he said
  • that said, a lot of their best bonding moments happen at night. neither of them sleeps very well, so they end up talking a lot. it’s how they initially opened up to each other. percy found him after a nightmare and it started a conversation that lasted until they were both too tired to talk coherently.
  • it was fun explaining why they slept together when annabeth came looking for percy the next morning
  • the best at flirting in highly inappropriate times
  • recent google searches: how to tell your boyfriend you love him but he cANNOT KEEP PUTTING HIS HAND ON YOUR LEG DURING IMPORTANT COUNSELORS’ MEETINGS IT IS V E R Y DIST R ACTING
  • you know what’s even more fun than explaining to your ex that the two guys she’s been attracted to in her life are falling for each other? telling your iron-willed protective shotgun-having mother that her beloved son is dating someone who tried to kill him approximately 1,957 times. 
  • and luke gets it, he really does, what he did warrants more shit than sally could ever give him. he wants to take it calmly, like a hero would, but at the end of the evening, he’s just sitting on the fire escape, thinking about how he promised he would do everything he could to keep percy from becoming him, and isn’t risking corruption by proximity kind of breaking that promise? or at least fracturing it?
  • percy sits next to him, arms resting on his knees, until he starts talking, and when he’s done, lets out a long breath.
  • “y’know….my mom once told me my heart is always in the right place. and you know what they say about good intentions, but i trust her. i trust her to know that it’s a good thing, so she trusts me.” he bumps luke’s shoulder with his. “give her time. she’ll warm to anywhere i put my heart.”

I had this doodle lost in my carpets and I FORGOT ABOUT IT. But here you have, how the boys call each other on the FamilyAU where Deku and Yami are close cousins and Kacchan and proto!Katsu are identical twins.

So, let me explain! Proto!Katsu’s name on the AU is Katsuo (it means something really similar to the name Katsuki so, I think it’s perf!) and of course Deku would call him “Katsunii” because he would act like a big bro for him for sure. Kacchan will still be his precious Kacchan, while he calls “Mikkun” like a shortname to Yami since he was little, because his real name is Mikumo. He thinks it’s cute.

Yami couldn’t stand Kacchan personality at all, so he’d go with simply “Bakugou”. He’d call Deku and Katsu by his names because he’d feel himself being really close to them, just he wouldn’t be the kind to use nicknames.

Kacchan, well, he’d come to the same conclusion about Deku’s given nickname, and he definitely calls Yami by the nickname his brother gave him (when he’s not calling him weird names like gloomy face, that happens a lot). And Katsuo would be “Aniki” of course, exept when Kacchan is being the younger twin and calls him by his name, then Katsuo cries.

And finally, Katsuo’d call cute names to the cute Deku, “Izukkun” being his fave one because he’d spoil him a lot (That makes Kacchan angry 100% of the time) and Yamikumo would be his gloomy Yami and that would never change. Also, he calls his brother “Aniki” too, but he’d tease calling him cute nicknames just ‘cause he’s the older twin. He’d just call him by his name when with their parents and in serious situations, because they’d happen to fight a lot.

Aaaand that’s all~ ♥

[screaming flail]




[takes deep breath]

Omg, guys…OMG!  The Oath…the Oath and all the things that come with it just makes me so happy/sad/angry…I’m pretty sure my emotions are just randomly pushing buttons on the control panel in my head.

The duality of Steve’s personality in this issue was FASCINATING!  I’ve always head-canon that real!Steve is locked away in hydra!Cap’s mind, and this is just…amazing.  Look at how hydra!Cap speaks in third person!

This issue gave us so much because it just reaffirms a lot of stuff fandom has always claimed.  It’s just nice to always get official canon to say “yeah we got you, bro!”  

Steve has always loved Tony.  [waves flag]  We all knew that.  These two dorks love each other so much, and they always circle around each other.  I’m not sure where the Incursions factor into Steve’s memories…but yeah, I still remember old!Steve willingly spending his last living moments fighting Tony till the bitter end…because FEELINGS…

I also don’t know about “pulling those punches” part…but I guess looking through hydra!Cap’s eyes…technically not outright murdering Tony when he was in “his way” does count as holding back.  We have to remember this version of Steve is ruthless and was willing to murder Ulysses in cold blood too.

I’m also not sure if it was intentional or not, but the parallel between what Steve’s original stance was during the first Civil War and what hydra!Steve is attempting to do now is kinda interesting.  It leads me back to that duality point I made earlier.

In the first Civil War, the main point of the Registration Act was to keep “common” people safe.  It was supposed to essentially bring heroes under one banner and have them sanctioned by the government.  Looking at hydra!Steve’s overall plan…by technicality…that is exactly what he currently is trying to do (albeit under Hydra).

Here is the interesting part.  In the original Civil War, SHIELD (more accurately Maria Hill), approached Steve to head the registration act…and Steve flipped and was like “NO” and then they tried to shoot him.  Still, my point being, from Hydra!Cap’s perspective…WHY would he do that?  It would have been a great position to implement his Hydra takeover…and yet….and yet…he did the exact opposite.

He fought for the freedom of his fellow superheroes to operate independent of any single controlling power.  It would have been easy to have Hydra take over if Steve was spearheading registration because as we saw here…EVERYONE trusts Steve Rogers.  But Steve didn’t do it…Hydra!Cap even acknowledges that real!Steve bout it that mirage.

What’s also interesting is the fact we KNOW Registration could have worked just fine because of the What if Issue.  And WHY did it work…because Steve and Tony WORKED TOGETHER.  Because again…people trust Steve Rogers…but importantly…most importantly Steve could operate with confidence because Tony was there to be his CHECK AND BALANCE.

Which brings me back to Hydra!Cap and how ANGRY he was because Tony wasn’t awake, but he somehow hopes Tony can hear him and he monologs his evil plans to him…even though he knows eventually Tony will wake up because…WHY?!  You WANNA KNOW WHY…BECAUSE REAL!STEVE is in there and he is desperately trying to scream at Tony to stop him.

Tony always challenges Steve.  Tony will always question Steve…because he is the only one that CAN and will.  Real!Steve knows this.  Everyone else justs does what he says without asking why (also proven during the Incursion arc where the Avengers just bust open Tony’s lab and watch as Steve punches Tony in the face).  

But not Tony, whom he loves and trusts to keep him in check. [sobs into arms]

I am too emotional…sorry I can’t keep my thoughts together anymore…

I can understand why people would be so angry that this is Hydra!Cap saying this and not real!Steve.  I WOULD ADORE if Real!Steve was the one to say he loves Tony…[looks at Marvel].  But at the same time…this is actually very telling about how much real!Steve cares about Tony, imo.

I mean, why would you tell someone (who you admit has the uncanny ability to come back from nearly anything) your secret evil plans?  That is dangerously stupid, isn’t it?  Hoping the guy is listening and will wake up (and fight you) is on a whole other level.  Would it not be easier to just kill him and eliminate the risk?

But Hydra!Steve can’t stop feeling for Tony.  He tries to deny it by speaking in third person…to try and make himself NOT the OTHER Steve.  Yet he’s here in the room…talking to a comatose Tony.  He wonders if Tony would be proud of him or not…and these FEELINGS keep circling Hydra!Steve…

Because Steve loves Tony…  

Funny how it seems that it’s Steve’s love for Tony that causes the split personality isn’t it?


I just kind of wanted Real!Percival and Credence to be part of the newt and co. I mean the possibilities :

Percival bonding w/ Tina because they both work at Ministry.

they both help each other out at the Ministry

he and Credence being bros and helping each other

he and Tina put Credence “mother” in jail.

Newt and Co. would try to get Percival to not be so grave.

he slowly be himself.

he gets 5 new friends + 40 friends with the creatures in the suitcase

Everyone helping Credence out

Credence get a 5 new friends and is fascinated by the 40 creatures

Credence learns magic!

the guys try to have guy talk but end up being silent except Jacob.

Credence talk to the guys and ask Newts each of his creatures!

guys bonding

girls bonding

everyone bonding