bros are real with each other


I just got hit by this realization.

Eugene is telling this as a bedtime story to their kids.

Like, all I could imagine is this adorable little brown haired kid with green eyes sitting in bed watching as he makes this really dramatic face, and begins

“This is the story of how I died!”

and they look a little scared, so he quickly goes

“Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel and it starts with the sun.”

And they both look at Rapunzel real quick because, hey, Mom’s in the story, great!

And by the end they’re both teasing each other and making sappy faces and the kid’s giggling and half asleep and

“There you go, kiddo. That’s the story of how we met. Sweet dreams, sunshine. Tomorrow night we’re gonna tell you the story of how your Aunt Elsa froze her entire fucking country because of her emotional issues.”



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On the topic of top 10: what would be the top 10 reaction posts/revelations for the fans from Yuuri's tell-all book? (Among which I'm assuming are when he and Viktor got together and why he hated him so much!)

Top 10 Reaction Posts/Revelations From Yuuri’s Tell-All Book?

10) ‘Wow, they had a lot more sex than the Hollywood film lead us to believe’ referencing this and this post (which were the origins of the idea of Yuuri eventually writing a book to tell the world the truth) about the inaccurate Hollywood movie version of their lives and how different it was to the real story

9) A lot of ‘death to the conspiracy theories’ reactions because even though Viktor and Yuuri were married at this point there were still a small section of people claiming that one or other of them were blackmailed into it or that it was all publicity. After the book was released everyone was like ‘can you all just finally accept that they actually love each other now please?’

8) ‘Phichit/Chris are the best bros ever’ because Yuuri talked to them both to get an outside perspective when he was writing and everyone who read the book could see how vital they both were for support and friendship and also how much crap they had to suffer through while Viktor and Yuuri got their shit together. After the book was released they posted a selfie together on Instagram with the hashtag #longsufferingBFFs which started trending

7) A reaction from Clara_M @Katsukidon aka the person who saw them on a date in chapter 9 that can basically be summed up with ‘I TOLD YOU AND NONE OF YOU BELIEVED ME WHO’S LAUGHING NOW HUH’

6) A big discussion about anxiety both in sport and in normal life that Yuuri’s book prompted because he was very honest with his emotions and motivations and it was quite a shock for a lot of people to learn that someone so successful still felt like he wasn’t worthy a lot of the time in both his professional and private life


4) A multitude of reactions to the reveal of how the rivalry started, most of them being along the lines of ‘FINALLY WE KNOW’ and jokes about Viktor accidentally creating his own supervillain, comic book style. This is where the ‘creating your own Katsuki’ meme came from.

3) A line that someone tweeted and then became very popular saying ‘I can’t believe Nikiforov got fucked over in his home country and fucked in Katsuki’s’ referencing the fact that Yuuri first beat Viktor in Sochi, Russia and first slept with Viktor in Saitama, Japan.

2) I can’t believe Nikiforov and Katsuki spent 4+ years sneaking in and out of each other’s hotel rooms and no-one ever noticed (this one is actually wrong, quite a few people noticed but they were all people who were bound by confidentiality not to say anything)


I finally got to watch season 2 of Letterkenny.

The Hicks are their usual self. The only real change/development is that Katy turns out to be bisexual. Will she have sex with Stewart or Reilly and Jonesy at the party? Neither.

Reilly and Jonesy are a lot more likable in the second season. They weren’t hate'able in the first season, but they’ve got more depth now. It’s emphasized how much they love Katy and each other. They don’t act like jerks when she dumps them, and instead focus on helping each other through the sadness. And when Katy said they’d be jerking each other off if she dumped them? Yup. Bros to the end.

The Skits (I’ve been informed it’s spelled Skids) are way over the top in season 2. They always had trouble with mood swings, sudden yelling, and general weirdness because of their meth use, but it’s too much now. The series would benefit from toning them down for season 3. I do like that they gave Roald a more prominent part though. He’s such a sweety. And everything about Stewart having the biggest cock in Letterkenny was priceless.
(Turns out I got their group dynamic wrong. I thought throughout all of season 1 and most of 2 that they all slept with each other, or at least that Devon and Roald were sort of a couple thanks to all the cuddling and hand-holding. Turns out only Stewart and Roald experimented a bit when they were teenagers, but besides that they’re all just super touchy with each other (and Roald is probably in love with Devon). But you gotta give it to Stewart and Devon. They don’t shut Roald out of the cuddlefest just because he’s gay)

My favorite change is Pastor Glen. He went from being a super creepy pervert to a genuinely sweet guy who wants to help people. I especially like the episode where he tries to help Reilly and Jonesy. He tries to suggest that he’d be more than happy to take Katy’s place between them, but quickly realize they’re not getting his hints, give up, and try to help them instead.

And dear, beautiful Gail. She is so goddamn unpredicable she made me snort several times. It was fun seeing her do other stuff besides being a bartender.

And I fucking forgot Tamsin which makes me the worst person ever.

Seriously, give the series a try.

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ayyyy do you have any klance oneshot recs? preferably all pining and fluffy like your texts? because I have a lack :D :D :D

oohhhhohoho buddy do i ever ;)

idk if you’ve read any of the fics that people have written based on some of my posts but start there if you’d like! there’s a link at the top of my page “fics for vm” and you should be able to find them there! 

other than that, here’s a few of my personal favorite pining oneshots!

in my mind - sarolonde (lance and keith can hear each other’s thoughts. it gets REAL. there’s some angst but it ends so soooo well and i’m dead)

what would you say? what would you do? - fruitygelpens (lance gets injured during a stealth mission and keith confesses a few things wink wonk)

we’ll make it, you and me - asexualrey (literally all you need to know is this line - “keith, if we make it out of this alive, i’m going to kiss you.”)

two bros, chillin in a space pool - memesofbees (two words: underwater. kissing.)

flirt fiend - tylerproposey (5 times shiro ruined lance’s flirting attempts, and the 1 time he didn’t have to)


3 words or less - fairietailed (this one gave me heart palpitations and diabetes. lance, pidge, and keith go to a bar, get drunk, and pidge is the best wingperson of all time)

i could probably recommend fics all day lmao so i’ll stop there but i hope you enjoy these (and maybe haven’t read them before now haha)!! 💜💜

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Could you write something where they try to see how long it takes scott to realize that theyre just pretending to date but then they realize that theyre not really pretending please and thank you!!


“I’m bored,” Stiles sighed.

“Hi bored, I’m Derek.”

“God that was literally a dad joke Derek. You’re the worst.”

Derek hummed in response, still not looking up from his laptop.

“I’m serious though I’m bored. Let’s do something.”

“Like what? Walk to the park and enjoy the weather?”

“Jesus Derek, you’re approaching Grandpa territory now. No, I mean like, a project or something.”

“A puzzle?” Derek suggested.

“Seriously Derek? No, we’re not going to put a puzzle together. I was thinking a long-term project. Let’s prank the pack.”

“The pack is 99% wolves, how are you going to trick them?”

“Scott may be a wolf but he’s still as oblivious as always. Please please please help me prank him,” Stiles practically whined, bouncing around the room.

Derek knew he would never say no to Stiles. Stiles could literally ask him for anything and Derek knew he would give it to him without a doubt.

“Fine. What do you have in mind?”

Stiles paced around the room for a bit until stopping in his tracks, sending Derek a grin that only meant that Derek would regret saying yes.

“Pretend dating.”

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My dear lgbt+ kids, 

If you sometimes wonder if you are attracted to someone of the same gender or just want to be their friend, if you sometimes worry your attraction is nothing but loneliness or a desire for platonic friendship that you somehow misunderstood: 

- You are not alone and those thoughts are not uncommon or weird. 

- Those thoughts are in no way a sign that you can’t be lgbt+ or that you’re “secretly straight”. 

Society, mainstream media and the people around us often try to push a invisible pair of glasses on us (figuratively speaking), through which we see some people as “okay to have a crush on” and others as “okay to want as a friend”. These glasses would, for a cis girl, portray boys as okay to date and girls as okay to want as a friend. 

We call those invisible glasses heteronormativity: The (often unspoken) belief that being hetero is “normal” and the silent assumption that everyone is straight. 

I’ll use “cis girl” as an example again: Even if she never downright got told “You are not allowed to date girls”, she may have heard “So, do you like any boys in your class?”, “You’ll understand when you’re older and have a husband”, “Oh, how cute, little Tommy hugged you, is he your boyfriend?”, “Oh, how cute, little Sarah hugged you, is she your best friend?”… She, like most of us, likely grew up getting taught that boys are potential boyfriends while girls are never more than friends. 

It’s no surprise that, when she gets older and realizes she actually has a huge crush on Sarah - she might doubt that, feel insecure about it or tell herself that it’s silly. Not because her feelings are not real, just because she got taught to feel a certain way. It’s not easy to just put off the glasses, throw them away and say oh, well, that’s not me - in fact, there’s a internal struggle if the glasses or your heart lies to you for most of us. 

We get taught to see two girls who love each other as best friends forever with a sisterly bond and two boys loving each other as “best bros, no homo”. That silent message - people of your own gender are friends, only friends! - is everywhere. 

So, is you wondering “But what if i really just want friends and am just a bit confused?” a sure sign that you are straight? No, certainly not. Those worries are a natural result of heteronormativity. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom

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what was the moment you realize kaisoo might be real ?

I don’t know if it was exactly one single moment. It was more like several instances over the course of a few years. 

I guess smth stirred in me already back in 2012, cause they really stood out to me. I had never shipped 2 ppl like that before. I thought there was smth different about them, but it wasn’t until 2014 that I was really thinking that, Yes… those two are dating. There can’t be any other explanation to the looks that always lingers a few seconds too long, their intimacy, the jealousy, their habit of going into their own bubble when together and literally zoning everyone else out, the way they stick up for the other, the way they’ve always talked about each other etc etc.. 

I kinda mentioned the moments that made me think kaisoo is real here tho –> (x

But I can mention a few of them again ;)

Jagi moment ofc! 

The kolon sport bts vid, where they’re so obviously flirting!!! I talked more about that here –> (x)

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jan 21, 2017 at 9:31pm PST

This is a new addition, and I don’t care if he’s looking at the screen or whatever that’s not the point here, the point is that he looked away and pouted when it was literally happening in front of him >_>

That time Soo massaged Nini’s finger at an award show, and Nini reacted very “bro like”.. I could put that entire night here tbh, cuz they were all over each other, see more here (x)

And lastly, this pre debut selca! Bros don’t take pics like that, i’m just saying!


I could also put every moment of kaisoo ever looking at each other here too T___T But as I mentioned, see my previous “kaisoo is real” spam for more moments anonnie~ 


“This is about the porridge. You remember, don’t you? I can’t recall where we were, Saint Germain, I expect…”

So I dunno if anyone had noticed this already but I was rewatching voltron season 2 and I didn’t notice this sooner but in episodes 9 (The Belly of the Weblum) & 10 (Escape from Beta Traz) Shiro and Keith actually acted like each other???

Like Keith in ep 9 was so acknowledging for Hunk’s efforts during the mission like an appreciative leader he is and how he knows the real responsibility of being a paladin of voltron is when he helped that trapped galra inside the weblum while Shiro just lost his shit to Slav and probably was mentally killing him for being so annoying at ep 10


That ‘so done’ face they both do when they lose their shit to a stubborn alien lmao. The broganes are so adorable

The Actual Definition of a ‘Bro Tat’



NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 1: The first words you and your bro said to each other.

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 2: A ship and a goddamn compass in case your bro gets lost.

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 3: Birds that have eyebrows like you and your bro, and a matching bird on your bro.

Birds don’t even have eyebrows…

“Cool sparrow, bro!’

‘You too, bro!”

“It’s, like, totally my favourite bird, bro.”

“Bro! Mine too!”

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 4: WhateverTF this means. No bromo!

“Like a moth to a flame, bro, get it? Like, you’re my flame.”


NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 5: Padlock and key, because your bro holds the key to your heart.

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 6: A heart and arrow, because it felt like cupid literally shot you in the heart that first time you saw your bro and then peed on him by accident. And just in case the padlock and key wasn’t literal enough. Gotta be crystal clear, bro.

“Get it? Heart on my sleeve, bro.”

“Nice, bro.”

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 7: A rose and dagger in the same place. Because it’s, like, totally broconic.  

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 8: A rope and anchor tat because your bro keeps you grounded.

“Bro, make sure there’s a break in the rope so everyone knows you can knot it through my anchor, bro.”

“Good idea, bro!”

NON-BRO TAT EXAMPLE NO. 9: The fucking first words you and your bro said to each other.

“I love you, bro. Homo.”

“Thanks, bro. You mean ‘no homo’?”

“No, bro. Like, full homo.”


Okay but just imagine Trini getting used to being around the other rangers. Like, when they’re not busy saving the world and real life or something like it kicks in again. 

She’s def a touch starved babe and glomps onto Kimberly when they’re alone and stuff and probably melts when she plays with her hair and dies and turns into a smol gay puddle when Kim gives her a massage one day after a brutal day of training but in public and around the others at first…she’s probably kind of…skittish? And idk if that’s the right word, but I can’t think of anything else to use.

Because, really, despite the fact that they’ve bonded and saved the world, they still have to go to school and pretend everything is normal and are from completely different social groups and classes. And just…those early days. Trini looking at Kimberly with apprehension when she sits with her at lunch or walks with her past her former friends and she can hear them laughing, teasing, and expects Kimberly to at least pretend she wasn’t talking to her and possibly join them to help save face. Trini looking at Jason weird when he passes up hanging out with his old crew to train or sit next to her because she’s alone. Trini looking at Zach weird because he’s Zach and pretty much approached their friendship like he does everything else: with a giant wrecking ball. Trini looking at Billy with wonder because he’s just?? so?? good?? and why does he choose to hang around with her and share his lunch and invite her over for dinner?

What I’m saying is, yes, they’ve bonded, but like a week ago they were strangers and there’s probably some things you’re not gonna get over that fast and Trini has an adjustment period to having friends now, nonetheless friends that are in groups that more than likely gave her hell prior to the mine incident 

okay but AU where nobody died and things were good, evan, connor, jared, alana and zoe would be the ultimate squad goals. Like:

Zoe is that mom friend who makes you eat your salad when eating out and everyone’s ride home when they’re drunk as hell


gang sitting under trees, enjoying the breeze, the smell of smoke and wood, and just talking about everything and anything

study sessions + squad = the purge

sleepovers feat various movies, lots of food and sodas, talking about good memories as kids or the hot topics today, truth or dare, and yes they do have pillow fights fite me

nobody ever forgets anyone’s birthday except for jared but it’s okay

Alana and Zoe having a girls day out and the boys spying on them just to see if they’re talking shit

everyone teasing about evan and connor’s emails (this time actually real)

“so who tops?”

“probably connor. i mean look at evan”


Alana being the innocent one and everyone making shirts and signs saying “alana beck protection squad 2k17”

everyone goes to special events and and have a awesome time (Six Flags, carnivals, pride parade, etc.)

i just need them being nerds and good friends to each other

If the RFA+3 were in a fairy tale


I am so weak for fairy tale AUs.  Seriously.  If anyone writes any of these out, or something similar, please hmu.

Zen - Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

  • The dwarves’ names are Cutie, Busy, Money, Quirky, Crazy, Photography and Vanderwood
  • He’s too beautiful to live.
  • A lovely princess kisses him and awakens him from his extreme narcissism.  Now he has Empathy™

Yoosung - Cinderella

  • Cannot go to the LOLOL until his chores are done
  • Runs out of the chatroom as midnight strikes because his mother is going to check on him oh no
  • Leaves his glasses prescription behind for the princess to use to find him
  • This actually makes sense because one eye has no prescription and he’s almost blind in the other eye; that’s unique.  Unlike Cinderella where it’s like how does nobody have the same size feet as her this is ridiculous

Jaehee - The Ugly Duckling

  • Grew up being called unwanted
  • As an adult, the duckling figured all the voices were right
  • Then a lovely swan comes by and the duckling is humbled by this Strong Independant Lady
  • The swan makes the duckling look in the mirror and realize that she is a Strong Independant Lady
  • And then the duckling’s boss crashes his car.

Jumin - The Emperor’s New Clothes

  • The young emperor walked about and was all, “Yo, my love Elizabeth the Third is 10/10”
  • And the people were like, “She totally is a 10/10.”
  • And then this one princess was like, “Bro, that’s a cat.”
  • And then the emperor was like, “Dang, you are right.”
  • And then he kidnapped the princess and they lived happily ever after.

Seven - Pinocchio

  • “I am naught but a robot.  I cannot be a Real Boy.”
  • MC *happens*
  • “O no i caught the feelings.”
  • A road trip is involved
  • Now he is a Real Boy.  Hooray.

Saeran - Beauty and the Beast

  • Stockholm Syndrome at its finest
  • He kidnaps a girl because she’s super cute
  • They end up falling for each other because she’s awesome and he just wants to be understood and loved
  • With the drugs out of his system, he realizes the furniture never sang and danced for him. (yes, I went there.)

V - Rapunzel

  • Wanted to rescue the princess
  • The princess did not take well to being rescued
  • She pushed him out the window and his eyes were scratched by thorns; now he is blind
  • How sad.
  • If only the princess had continued her therapy.
  • Don’t skip out on your therapy, kids.

Vanderwood - Rumpelstiltskin

  • Call upon them and they will clean your house for you in exchange for quality hacking or the life of your twin brother
  • Cannot spin straw into gold, but can drive Seven to tears #closeenough
  • Long, unusual name

au where isak and even have jobs next to school,and they work at the same coffee shop but never at the same bc isak has too big of a crush on him and so he always takes shifts so they dont have to meet. but one saturday theres a real big rush at the shop when isak is working and the manager calls even in, and when he walks into the shop they just stare at each other and isak is like. nope, no way. but he tries to make it work bc theres a lot of people. and each time isak goes in the backroom he texts jonas like “bro the manager literally called in even, what the fuck do i do” and jonas is all “lmao chill, you dont have to talk to him” and isaks like “easy for u to saY! i go into a cardiac arrest every time he walks by” and jonas is just no help, so isak groans and goes behind the bar and subtly watches even work and once he gets caught, even turning around to walk back to the bar and looks straight into isaks eyes and isak almost faints, trying to act like he wasnt staring, and even just smiles and nods at him. later when the rush goes down and its closing time, they have to stay behind to clean and close up, and the radio is on softly and isak is literally gonna collapse any second and ofc jonas isnt replying, so with a racing heart and shaking hands he starts putting up the chairs after even cleaned the tables and he’s putting up the last one when the radio gets louder and he turns around and even looks at him, “hopeits okay, i just really love this song” and isak just smiles nervously and lets out a weak “yea its ok” and then even starts dancing silly along the song and isaks just???so gone?? and cant stop staring ,and even catches him and squints his eyes “are you judging me” and isak is like “wHAT NO! OFC NOT!” and even laughs, “dance with me then?” and reaches out a hand towards isak and isaks screaming internally while he walks up to him,and then even literally takes isaks hand in his own and he spins him around and isak is dizzy both from the spin and evens closeness and he starts laughing bc he’s so fuckiNG nervous and even is singing the lyrics into his face. then when the song is over and they finished cleaning up, even is getting the keys and theyre walking outside with a grin on their faces and before they part ways, even breaks the comfortable silence, “see you around?” and puts a hand on isaks arm, and isak nods, copying evens smile and then they start going different directions. and isak might change up his shifts so that he works with even..and they might stay behind more times to clean up..and they might share their first kiss weeks later when they hear the same song they danced to on the radio

You Can Plunder My Dungeon Anytime

Slightly late for this @sterek-bingo entry because I fell asleep early last night! Enjoy :)

This story was written for the Kids square on my BINGO card. (AO3 link here).

You Can Plunder My Dungeon Anytime

Sometimes, they come in the night, and it’s unexpected, and it’s like drowning.

Other times, Stiles knows to expect them. He can feel the sensation building in his chest, like an invisible hand reaching inside him and squeezing him tighter and tighter, making it more and more difficult to breathe, until at last it overwhelms him completely and he’s gone. He can’t stop it, the blood rushing in his ears and the world spinning around him, sucking him under.

There are different ways of dealing with it. Anyone who tries to suggest breathing exercises can go fuck themselves, but holding an object – something smooth and hard that he can squeeze tight without it giving – helps sometimes. He has an app on his phone that puts up psychedelic images to try and help him focus.

Mostly, though, it’s just a question of panting through it until it’s over and he feels slightly less like he’s dying.

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