SW Request for @solohux of Hux and Techie in matching shirts that say “Big brother” and “little brother”.

Hope you don’t mind me making Techie just a bit shorter ;v;…went with the “new” techie style…lol.

Random pics of Gladstone and Donald being good cousins

Because I made a Fethry and Gladstone post before and I wanted to make one for the pair of cousins who doesn´t seem to get along (but love eachohter on their strange, family way)

1. That time they were making fun of their uncle together and acting like gossiping BFFs

2. that time Don had trouble in a race and Gladdie went to his rescue, but Don was still untrusting… (No illintention here)

3. That time Gladstone got his dear cousin a new TV

3. When Gladstone did this:

4. When he wanted to share a bike with Don because it  looked fun

(Come on, Don! He is behaving!)

5. He just seem to like spending time with the family…

(This was that time he asked for money just because Don asked him to do so they were hanging out)

7. This pic:

7. And this, that is also very important:

Yeah, I know Gladstone is often portrayed as Donald´s rival, but they still spend time together, they still love each other and look after one another. He is like Don´s “least favorite brother” but as someone I know once said “I don´t like my brother all the time but it doesn´t mean I don´t love him”.




Feel free to add pics if you can*

Ignis: Alright, listen up you little shits.

Prompto: *Pouting*

Ignis: Not you, Prompto.

Ignis: You are an angel, and we’re thrilled to have you here.