Teaser Festival Cultures Electroni[k] 2012 (@electronik) par Le Bureau-Vincent Broquaire (@vbroquaire) & des jeunes de la maison de quartier Sainte-Thérèse de Rennes

Interview with Vincent Broquaire

Black holes become roughly rounded circles to be wheeled by a delicately drawn figure; stars and planets become scattered paths to be traced by a miniscule mankind. Rendered monochromatically in clear lines and dashes, Vincent Broquaire’s new exhibition at XPO Gallery sketches a series of towering paradoxes, raising questions far larger than the small scale of his illustrated medium might initially suggest. A series of drawings place man at the centre of a sprawling universe, with technology and nature meeting in increasingly surreal landscapes. Myth is offset by science, and fiction by reality, the two blurring through Broquaire’s enactment of a dialogue in drawing. This overlap is captured in its hybridised title ‘Cosmogology’, blending the fields of cosmogony and cosmology, in a gesture that reveals the poetic absurdity of the show as a whole.

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