Paradise Point on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Atop a cliff in Brooyar State Forest with a friend. Shot a timelapse which I am not completely happy with, I will upload it one day.

We parked ourselves on top of a few abseiling anchor points on the cliff. Unfortunately it was a particularly poor sunset, though it had all the signs of a great one.

Was a great night in any event.

Semester holidays.

The holidays that separates the semester has come and gone quickly. Everyone was aching to get out of the gym and try their hand at some good clean outdoor flailing, and heavy drinking for those cool characters.

The first few days of this glorious period off saw a quick trip to Brooyar (North of Gympie), for some good relaxed climbing before a very relaxing stay around Noosa beach for the remainder of the holidays. During the few days at Brooyar I managed to get on quite a few things just having fun getting back into the cursed rope catastrophe.

My highlight of this trip would be my Flash of Carnivore (28). This is a phenomenal route, very bouldery and punchy moves with perfectly sculted edges up a slightly overhung wall. The exposure of this route is alot of fun, as you start off a ledge that is already 4-5m off the ground and you just step up and thrutch your way to the top.

I would continually like to thank Revive at Ashgrove for their continued support, I have been noticing significant gains in my movement capabilities over the last few weeks and that can be attributed to the wonderful work their instructors provide.

Next weekend is the national competition down at Villawood Gym in Sydney for the 2012 National Bouldering Championships. This will be a very fun event and competition, and I cant wait to compete. Cheers.

Finals problem during the 2012 QLD Bouldering Championships.