Debütanten & special guest KILEZA

This 6-piece band has teamed up specially for this evening to the unique singer KILEZA to present you a very special program only for this night.
KILEZA is a South African born singer and songwriter who calls the world home. Having lived and performed in Argentina, Canada, South Africa and now Germany, she is a musical nomad, and a talented vocalist with a golden voice; quickly making an impression on the German musical landscape. After moving to Berlin less than a year ago, KILEZA has developed a steady following, already performing in some of the city’s greatest venues including the A-Trane and the Berlin Philharmoniker.

The Band is KILEZA: vocals; Ben Poser: keyboards; Volkmar Abramowski: guitar; Kilian Moser: guitar, Thomas Schneider: bass; Juninho Quebradera: Percussion; Fülbier Thomas: drums

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