Ransom and Holster worry that the whole Jack and Bitty dating thing might be a one-sided thing originally. They’re happy for the two of them when they reveal it over group chat but, after all, all they know about about Jack’s dating/hook-up history is just that he seems emotionally unattached, and although Jack’s their bro, they’re both a little concerned for Bitty.

Their fears are extinguished when Jack comes over to visit Bitty and he basically hovers around Bitty and looks after him like he’s one second away from asking for a kiss. He’s always helping in the kitchen and handing jars from high cabinets to Bitty with such a practiced motion that the tiny Haus kitchen doesn’t seem to bother him at all.  But it’s really only during Bitty’s nighttime pie-making sessions that Ransom and Holster let go of their worries once and for all, when Bitty starts talking about how one of the Falconers had an awful playoffs beard mishap when they were trying to shave it off: “It looked like a worm on his face, I swear–”

And their serious once-Captain, now-NHL Jack Zimmermann–a so-called ‘hockey robot’–just picks up a piece of the dough and puts it above his lips, and says, “Playoffs ‘stache. Kiss me.” Bitty erupts in peals of laughter as Jack tries to smooch his neck, crying out, “Jack, that is unsanitary” which Jack responds with an “Aww, Bits. But I love you.”

Ransom shrieks and he has to take several deep breathes to regain his composure. Holster is hoisting himself on the counter, caught between wanting to chirp them about how embarrassingly adorable they are and yelling “FOINNNE,” but he ends up sticking a dough ‘stache to his own face and attempting to kiss both Bitty and Jack. Lardo gets it on video and sends it to the group chat. Shitty cries and texts back “YOU CAN KISS ME JACK ZIMMERMANN!!! :( :( :(”

just realized that if Jaania wouldn’t have shown up, Alex and Warlic probably would have become bros

cos while Warlic was a jerk before Jaania, he wasn’t a really big jerk to Alex like after Jaania. I mean, Warlic fucking /compliments/ him early on.

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I see another eene fan! I gotta say I do ship the eds and the kankers aswell! I sort of wish they would've explored the sisters more and how they acted towards other kids. Ngl tho. If there was ever a spin off series showing them older I'd like to see how it would play out. Like my personal fave (Marie) seems to be the one who might potentially become alienated from her sisters. Mostly because I believe she would be the one to grow out of fashion and boy chasing. The others, well it depends.

BROOO You read my mind! Are we like, having a moment right now??? Dude like yeah Marie was my fav too out of the Kanker sisters cuz she always had some slick shit to say and lets be honest she was clearly the punk one and I like that shit. Plus I love that she like, becomes obese when she’s older. Did you ever see that deleted scene where the Eds are all old af and married to the kankers?? ahhaha shits hilarious.

As for how it would play out with them being older oh gosh I had this whole High school comic i wanted to do but then life happened and i got busy with graduating and shit. They would have still been trying to get money but they’d have to get jobs and shit while still trying to be cool and failing miserably and The Kanker sisters become the main reason that everyone starts to avoid the eds again because they always show up. Like basically could see the Eds, mostly Eddy, finally telling off the Kanker sisters (it was going to be all dramatic and get super deep for a sec in this junkyard scene), at least that’s what i had planned. Cuz I remember Eddy tells them off in the show in season 5 when they wanted to kiss Edd (after Edd got beat up by Jimmy, which a lot of people say Eddy did it for Edd and “aww how sweet” but like Eddy caused all of Edd’s pain and was being generally an ass as usual in that ep anyway sooooo :/ he kind of needed to do that to be seen as a decent guy) and the kankers straight up left dejected without a fight. And they don’t bother the eds again for the rest of the show. they are in the school dance Ep, in which Marie gets super jelly over Naz and Edd. And then they attempt to save the eds in The movie. 

So like i had this idea to the ending of the junkyard scene, there’s guard dogs that get woken up by Eddy yelling. They all split, the eds get out fine, but the Kankers get trapped and the Ed’s wind up reluctantly going back to save them. anyway things seem cool but after that and the Kankers finally decide to leave the eds alone for good after they get told off and oddly act like the Eds don’t exist but not maliciously. And then Eddy starts to kind of wonder why Kankers arent even trying to talk to them, giving them any attention, or at least grovelling at their feet for saving them i mean shit. He subconsciously wants them to give them attention and adoration and worries he was too harsh but doesnt let it bother him too much. Until some shit goes down at prom.

Anyway that’s not how it ends but I’m not going to turn this ask completely into my little fanfic description lol

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Okay, they're not Caucasian. That's obvious considering Ra's. But isn't Damian like half who're or one quarter cause of Bruce regardless of skin color? Idk what Batman is but his family are European descended right?

Sure. Damian’s half-white because Bruce is white.  Absolutely.

after Uncontrollably Acting ep. 10
  • BamBam:hey Jackson hyung!!! I just landed my first chick brooo!!! if u look closely we really DID kiss lol-
  • Jackson:hello? yeah, Jinyoung? yea do u remember that meal that u wanted me to treat u to? the one ur always salty about? yea, 9:45 tonight. the lamb skewer sounds great
  • BamBam:...hyung
  • Jackson:
  • Jackson:
  • Jackson:so yea 9:45 tonight-

I’m happy my life is starting to fall comfortably into place. My supervisor announced to everyone during a department meeting that I’m a very likely candidate for being hired. Haha and he told them it’ll be their fault for not helping me if I don’t.

On top of that, it’s a good paying job with great benefits, they’re super LGBT friendly (they have a lot of LGBT organization clients) so I’m not too nervous about transitioning with them, and I’m making money.

I still feel a bit sad about giving up LA but now I’ll be near my family, I have an amazing internship, I don’t have to drag my partner somewhere he’s uncomfortable moving to, and it’s a lot cheaper to live here.

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Brooo, you posted gif juvia crying with blood splash and another one gray died. Please let me know you're just joking 😂 but nvm, I only care about what happen with invel for the next chapter 😝 i will wait patiently yonkou-sama!!

I’m gonna surprise you guys

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(Okay, I can't resist match-up thingies. I'msosorry,bb, you must be swamped. *gives cookies*) Chelle, 5'5", bleach blonde&blue hair, medium build, pale af with a few tattoos + a preference for winged liner. Pretty laid-back, folks say I'm nice, but kinda shy. Am a total flipping goofball. Loves to help people, but can be a little short tempered. During sexy times stuff: prefers to give than receive, loves biting my partner, idea of dirty talk, prefers reverse cowgirl, would like to try edging.

Mun: …
Raph: (stares intently) me, it’s me, it better be me… ME.

Mun: -3-; Mikey or Raph