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great now i have to change my pants

I want Link and Zelda in the same music department at a college

  • Zelda plays the violin and her junior year she is the concert mistress of the orchestra
  • Link tries to play the bad boy, he plays guitar in this hella edgy hipster band that everyone on campus knows
  • Beanie and hipster glasses Link. that Link.
  • But he has a deep dark secret that he would never in a million years tell anyone…
  • And he’s REALLY good
  • He doesn’t have to keep up MUCH effort hiding it from his friends because none of them would be caught dead at any of the symphony shows so as long as he keeps his instrument under his bed no one really questions him about it
  • One time Mikau his bandmate comes over and sees sheet music for Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1 on Link’s nightstand and is like “bro what the hell is this?”
  • And Link is like *sweats* “ahahah brooo…this chick came over and I was telling her how dope it would be to do a metal cover of that” 
  • And Mikau is like “broooooooo” 
  • Anyway Zelda is one of those people who makes it a habit of knowing everyone in the orchestra but she literally cannot seem to find this cellist boy anywhere
  • he always books it after full orchestra is over 
  • he’s never in any of the practice rooms
  • Finally one day it’s HIM who’s trying to find the practice room and he walks in on her playing really late at night 
  • he kinda stands in the threshold and listens to her for a while
  • he’s in love with her passion (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s hella cute)
  • anyway she looks up in between pieces and there he is and she’s like OH SHIT
  • And he’s like OH SHIT (i’ve been caught this is awkward)
  • But she recovers really quickly and asks him how he liked it
  • He compliments her playing and she says that she’s been meaning to compliment him
  • He tries to excuse himself awkwardly saying that he was just trying to find a room to practice in 
  • And she’s like “uh, we could always do a duet in here?” 
  • And so this becomes like a regular thing basically, they both practice together for the rest of the semester
  • Anyway idk what you know about college practice rooms in the music department but they’re soundproof for more than one reason  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • She basically teaches him to own his abilities and love different kinds of music
  • He starts teaching her how to play the piano which is also HELLA CUTE
  • When you’re sitting side by side at a piano it’s really easy to kiss someone’s neck ok
  • askfhsaklh i just want them to be happy college music nerds ok 

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Here's a superhero AU: check out High Flying, Adored by terra_incognita. It's multichap but a pretty quick read since it was written as a drabble sequence and very good!


also hello @dadvans this is relevant to ur interests  

High Flying, Adored by terra_incognita

Being a superhero is hard. It’s even harder when you’re desperately in love with the most famous figure skater in the world, who never seems to notice you. Of course it doesn’t help that he’s a superhero too–and he’s head over heels for your alter-ego.

Enjoy the awkward fumblings of these two erstwhile masked men as they dance the terrifying tango of young love and secret identities.

mingyu: *looks at the writing on his palm* hey wonwoo, there are people who say disneyland is the happiest place on earth-

wonwoo: well it kind of i-

mingyu: apparently none of them have ever been in your arms

wonwoo: bro….

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Hi, I love your blog. I'm new, I just found it a couple days ago, and I absolutely love it! I have a request though, I don't know if this was a request or not, but RFA reacts to mc being a Latina. I'm a Latina, and I met my online friend for the first time, and his first reaction was "Wait.. You're a Latina?!" I thought his reaction was so cute. It's fine though if you don't reply

YOOOOOO BROOOOOOOO! “Wait.. You’re Latina?” Because same here! Klc and I both are!! Omg this is so exciting and yesssss


  • He had texted you and talked to you on the phone
  • So it felt like he knew you 100%
  • It almost made him forget that he never seen your face
  • Haha silly him
  • So when he saw you and you told him who you were he was confused
  • Probably thought “haha no you’re not”
  • Because, on the phone, you just sounded SO Korean
  • No accent or anything
  • It was so weird because he had never heard of a foreigner that could speak as perfectly was you
  • So he was SO impressed
  • And look at you!
  • You were so cute!
  • Your skin was such a pretty colour absolutely so gorgeous
  • You know love at first sight?
  • Basically that
  • He just can’t get enough of you
  • He thinks that Korea is so boring because 95% of the population is all Korean but you
  • Not you
  • You look so different and he can’t get enough
  • TBH he thinks you would have beautiful children
  • When he takes you to set with him he kinda gets a little jealous
  • Because you’re HIS girlfriend
  • But everyone wants to talk to you and get to know you because it’s not every day you see a Mexican in South Korea
  • So many people were just fascinated with you that it almost distracted all the actors and crew
  • It was almost a problem
  • Some people even asked you or pictures
  • Eventually he just kinda pulled you off to the side
  • And just lots of kisses and hugs
  • He just loves you SO
  • MUCH
  • He thinks it sounds so hot when you speak Spanish
  • So when you give him a lot of Spanish pet names, like “Mi alma(My soul), Mi amor(my love), Mi vida(My life), and Mi corazon(My heart/ my love).
  • It just
  • It broke him


  • He was on the phone with you as you were looking for each other
  • He was excited to meet you for the first time
  • So when he accidentally bumped into a small Latina girl while he was on the phone with you, he almost forgot to apologise when he saw that she was on the phone too
  • And when he called your name you knew he was looking for you
  • So you got up on your tip-toes and covered his eyes from behind him
  • He gave a small yelp and turned around
  • He was a little shocked when he saw you and apologised for not recognising you
  • But it was fine
  • He had never seen you, so it was understandable
  • Honestly, he hadn’t even thought that you weren’t Korean
  • But, God, that didn’t matter
  • You were so gorgeous
  • He was a little shy to tell you, though
  • Yeah, you had become super close, but he didn’t want you to think he was a creep or something.
  • So he kept quiet about that, at least for now
    • “So… where are you from?” He asked, “I’m sorry, it’s just, I can tell you’re not from here, but I hope that doesn’t offend you I’m so sorry.”
    • You gave him a small laugh, “It’s fine! I know I don’t look Korean. I’m Latina. I’m from the US, but I have Mexican heritage.”
  • He was SO fascinated by that, like woah that’s so cool!
  • It wasn’t really, but you let him keep thinking that.
  • After all, it wasn’t every day that someone took that much of an interest in you
  • He absolutely loved your skin and you were so TAN!
  • It was so gorgeous!
  • And when you went with him to school or the library it made you a little uncomfortable when everyone would stare a little
  • But he just wrapped his arm around your waist and kept you close and eventually everyone looked away.
  • After a while, everyone got used to having you around and you even had some friends at SKY.
  • He actually got little jealous when you went out with the friends you had made at his school
  • I mean
  • You don’t even go here
  • But you just give him a quick kiss and tell him you’ll be back soon
  • And he’s fine with that
  • As long as you give him the most attention


  • He had been to several countries because of business
  • But never Mexico
  • And it was hard for him to deny that the women were stunning in all those places.
  • He even picked up the language a bit and could hold small conversations in most of the languages of the countries he had been to.
  • But he wasn’t really looking for a relationship at the time, so he never gave any of the women who had made advances at him a second thought
  • So, when you arrived at his house, he didn’t really have much of a big reaction since he had been exposed to so many different nationalities and cultures
  • Outwardly, of course, he had no reaction
  • But on the inside
  • Boy, that was a bit of a different story
  • He was a little completely in love with you
  • I mean, he was already in love with you
  • But you were just so pretty!
  • And smart
  • And adorable
  • And your skin was the prettiest thing he had ever seen
  • It was just so tan???
  • What more could he ask for?
  • He could more than safely say that Sarah had absolutely nothing on you
  • You were already an angel in his eyes
  • And compared to her, you were ethereal and the most amazing and wonderful and pure thing on the whole earth
  • He was a little worried about how the media would picture your relationship
  • But he knew that if they knew what was good for them, that they would not write anything awful
  • But, of course, the media is a shark tank
  • And so, while there were occasional crude articles, most of them were surprisingly good
  • In fact, they wanted to know more about this mystery foreigner who was dating one of the most powerful men in Korea
  • After all, they only knew your first name


  • He already knew how you looked because he had seen your pictures in the background check he did on you
  • So he knew what you looked like, where you were from, the whole shebang
  • But those pictures did NOT do you justice
  • When he went to Rika’s apartment and saw you in person for the first time
  • He had to hide how absolutely STUNNED he was
  • He had to pretend not to be phased by it
  • Most difficult moment of his life tbh
  • But eventually, when you got through to him, he opened up to you about everything
  • He showered you with compliments on everything
  • Anything from the way you look to the way that you walk to the words you use
  • He just loves everything about you and he just can’t get enough
  • Sooooo many hugs and kisses
  • He wants you to teach him how to swear in Spanish
  • But that’s not going to happen
  • Probably teach him the “softer” words to use
    • “con una manzana” (with an apple)
    • “hijo de tu perro” (son of your dog)
    • “menzo” (idiot/ dummy)
    • Manzanita Sol(this is literally a Mexican soda brand, but he doesn’t need to know that)
  • So when you hear him yelling those around the house you can barely help yourself from laughing
  • It’s so hilarious to hear him say all of these random and silly Spanish phrases that make zero sense.
  • And when you eventually take a vacation to see your family everyone loves him because 1) red hair is so rare in general, let alone for a Mexican to see, and 2), Hey, (MC), so where’d you get this hot Korean boyfriend of yours?
  • And cue all the standard Mexican, are you getting married soon? How many kids are you gonna have?
  • Your abuelita(grandma) wants grandkids already darn it
  • It was a little overwhelming for him, but it was nice to see how much your family cared for him and you, even though they had just barely met him
  • And don’t even get him started on the food oh Lord
  • Pan Dulce(sweet bread) is his new favourite thing and you can not tell him otherwise
  • Highkey wants to know if you can cook like that

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broooooooo so i took a break from wattpad and i got back on and im rereading your stuff and IHBNTY makes me feel so happpyyyy and brongs me back to middle school cause thats when i first read it!! anyway idk your stories make me happy bye

I miss that story so much. Also thank you