Well shit.
  • MC: *phone starts ringing*
  • Zen: *looks to see who's calling*
  • MC: *answers call and makes direct eye contact with Zen*
  • MC: Hey Jumin.
  • Saeyoung: *chokes on PhD Pepper*

i love how buzzfeed unsolved is conceptually meant to be a show about unsolved cases and proving the existence of supernatural phenomenon but actually what we get is 

  • screaming and excessive wheezing
  • dan and rebecca the sexy hotdog couple
  • #crabjoust and crab sex
  • “maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it”
  • two broooos chilling in a hot tub
  • cracking open a cold one for bigfoot
  • “jesus said chill”
  • “i hear you like balls”
  • shitty celebrity impressions
  • ricky goldsworth
  • sexual deviant shane madej
  • idk? spooky stuff

this show is literally one giant shitpost and i for one am loving every second

7space0chips7  asked:

So the world needs more Yoosung so my request would be Yoosung as Allen Walker from D. Gray Man. Also congratulations again!

Agreed, the world does need more Yoosung and I WILL HAPPILY OBLIGE *THROWS DOWN* Thanks for the awesome request @7space0chips7 hope ya like~

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you, I have a question on that famous Jin/Jimin/Kook vlive. Why do people say that Jungkook was the one stopping Jimin from running away? We can't see his arm and Jimin says 'why holding me back' to Jin not Jungkook. Also people say Jungkook wanted to show his selfie to Jimin, but I always thought he wanted to show it to the camera for the fans, but Jimin didn't realize and pulled the camera away, so Jungkook decided to post it later??

   it wasn’t jin who stopped jimin from going , because as you can see at 29:50 jin’s hands are sort of occupied by the gum-box thing,that he grabbed exactly before jimin’s attempt to escape, so there’s no way for him to put down the box stretch out his arm and hold back jimin in 0,00001 seconds, that just doesn’t make sense.

plus jin was so confused when jimin asked him why he held him back. he was literally like : “what?what?what?”  (yes he repeated himself three times) he looked at jimin in a way that says really bro? you’re going to put this on me?

   it was jungkook who held held him back, with his arm  you can literally see that happening at 29:45. 

it’s not very uncommon to see jungkook manhandling jimin,he did that while telling him in a very low voice that indicates that this was meant for jimin only to hear, “where do you think you’re running off to?” ..  so maybe that’s why(since jungkook was being secretive about the way he talks to him) jimin felt the need to hide whatever jungkook was doing (manhandling him)  by blaming it on jin .

           and that’s that

about the selfie thing

if he showed it to jimin of course the fans would have seen it too considering they were filming, 

and if he only wanted to show it to the fans  (and the whole thing has absolutely nothing to do with jimin) i think he would’ve done that even if jimin moved the camera away , it’s not like he’s sitting so far away from him , also he wouldn’t have looked so “disappointed” while staring at jimin after that,while saying “i won’t show you” . 

so saying that by bringing up his “good selfie” that he has just taken when jimin was sitting rather close to him was only to “show” it to jimin (to impress him) is quite a logical option i would say. because after jimin didn’t catch him talking about it (he was a giggling mess), he turned off his phone and looked quite disappointed.  i don’t know though i can’t be 100% sure!

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