broonzy story

He never pushed me, just left me to learn [the guitar] or not. The main thing was he was always around the house, playing his ukulele and smiling. I’d come home from school and he’d be standing in the doorway playing his uke.
We’d play together all the time. And listen to records. Hoagy Carmichael, Cab Calloway, Nina Simone, Big Bill Broonzy. Bix and Bing. Stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily play to kids. I loved it. He wasn’t a big fan of contemporary music - Massive Attack or Tricky, who I like a lot - but we could listen to Beck together. My friends got into all that music too because … my dad was very cool with them.
—  Dhani Harrison on his late father, George, Los Angeles Times, 18 November 2002