broome stages


I’m so spoopy. 

When you see me,

you draw out the “oo”

and pop that “py.”

Goodness gracious

I am slickkkkk,

Sliding through,

Gliding through,

I’m right at home

in those pumpkin


I don’t need to trick

for my candy bars

I’m spoopy, not spooky

I’m the right kind of 


When I say “BOO! HAHAH



I do it with a cheeky grin

and a relatable catchphrase,

So, you make a meme

instead of hitting me with

you neighbor’s broom.

Halloween is my stage,

the dance floor 

for my trendy grooves.

I’m all about those

5.99 supermarket singing 


But then, my friend, it’s over.

I’m no longer spooky.

Time to wait another year,

Because right now,

I’m just alone, 

rubbing candy corn

across my cheek,

while cradling a 


Definitely not


PokeRonpa 3 Chapter 3: The Curtain Rises; Trial Mode

“Before we officially begin this trial, i have one clarification to make. I was able to save Noel, but he is still in the recovery phase, and therefore will not be participating in today’s trial. Well now that that’s out of the way, The trial may begin.”

“I feel sad to start this way, but i feel as though we need to take one student into suspicion.“

“Who would that be?

“Noel. His sword was the murder weapon, therefore he must be thought of as a suspect.”

“But, that’s ludicrous!! There’s no way he did it!”

“Really now? Care to explain your reasoning?”

(As a reminder, bold text is a weak point and italicized text is an agreeable point. Also the sprites will be omitted from the nonstop debate portions to conserve time and space)

*Nonstop Debate*

[ Noel’s Sword)


[Stage Light)

Ariel: So you say that its impossible…

Ariel: For Noel to be considered a suspect.

Ariel:Why do you say that?

Lloyd: Isn’t it obvious?

Lloyd: He was a victim too!

Lloyd: Someone cut the light from above him…

Lloyd: And tried to bash him with it!

Angelica: T-That does make a lot of sense.