Cutaway of the Day: Mauser C96

The brilliant cross section of the C96 shows of the intricacies of the Mauser’s design.  We can see inside the action and magazine well.  The pistol’s design was revolutionary with the pistol requiring only one screw, the rest of the parts were machined to fit together perfectly.  

The C96 utilises a short recoil system, which once first cocked and fired has the bolt push back to load another round.  Once cocked the pistol could be fired as fast as the user could pull the trigger.  The pistol’s magazine was fed from 10-round stripper clips which greatly improved on the magazine capacities of earlier pistols and revolvers.  It was commonly chambered first in 7.63mm Mauser and later 9x19mm Parabellum.  You can find out more about the 9mm C96 here.

For more detailed cutaway diagrams of the C96 click here.  And click here for a look at the rare Mauser C96 Carbine

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