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Artist: 古狐川ルルック

So this is the Kikimora, a wolf girl maid who loves looking after men so that they fall in love with them and then do that sort of stuff. Google says she based off a old Finnish/Russian spirit that inhabited homes and was useful or detrimental to the home owner if they themselves were tidy or messy.
For a girl from the monster girl encyclopedia shes actually the most pure…or should that be the least…you know… 

anonymous asked:

My Italian friend and I were talking about superstitions the other day. She told me that in Italy, it’s bad luck to accidentally sweep your feet with a push broom, because then you will never be ‘swept of your feet’ by someone else. Is this why Chibitalia gave the push broom to HRE? So HRE will never fall in love with anyone else?


Also, from what I just read: If your foot is accidentally brushed over with a broom, then the superstition is that you’ll never get married. Chibitalia only gives Holy Rome the push-broom in the anime though, just so no one forgets (like I did lol).

As @feyna-v mentioned, brooms in Italy are also typically given as a new house gift.

Either way, this is a pretty neat headcanon. Thank you for sharing it!