Rob Does Personal Training

I really was going to keep this a secret.  But, I can’t so I shall tell you all.

I work for a company that barters with other different companies.  We had a call out to a gentleman that owned a personal training studio.  As I had him on the phone, I inquired about what he did and such.

I let it sink in.  I just called him back and scheduled my first appointment.  It is a free trial to see if I like it.  I love places that do that because it makes me trust that they believe in what they do.  It’s High Intensity Training.  He goes over nutrition.  I think this could be the start of a beautiful relationship.

Rob Gets Fit.
Rob Loses The Final 100.
Rob Becomes a Strong Athlete.

Rob Loves His Life.

I’m feeling pretty good about this.  I’m terrified of how the workout is going to go but I know that I need to do this.  I know what the results are going to be.  Therefore, I need to do this.  Without hesitation, I will.

Maybe I’ll become as badass as some of you guys! :)  ::cough cough tribander cough cough brooksy cough cough a lot of other inspiring peeps cough cough::

“I’m goin’ down down baby…..”

I know that my friends and family are starting to realize just how seriously I am taking all of these food changes but I figured it would not hurt to show that I am in fact measuring out portions (including using a dusty old food scale I had in my cabinet).  I am making every single meal and not only that but I am getting in all kinds of fruits and veg.  Today for example I have peas to enjoy with my sandwich, some fresh broccoli and a carrot cut and ready to dip into that awesome garlic hommus as a snack.  (In the past I tended not to go for raw veggies - I have always liked them cooked but I am trying something new today with this one).  I also have a jazz apple and a banana.  I think I will still have some struggles with the texture of the banana but I am going to give it my best shot!  What I am trying to say is that the produce is quickly starting to out do the portions of meat/bread etc. 

And the results continue to show.  Check out that number on the scale today - out of the 340’s and well on my way to earning back my portion of the diet bet tumblr 4x4 challenge!

I also want to thank Brooksy for a post he shared yesterday which outlined the proper way to do the squat.  As we all know squat form is a more than a passion of his and I think about this guy I dont actually know each time I am doing them.  Today it was just a series of air squats in between some kickboxing rounds but I made sure my B went parallel or slightly past my A. 

Make it a good one kids!

Tumblr Crushes, annotated:

  • thereluctantrunner - mostly cussing (and spectating like a champ)
  • betternikki - mostly smiling (and having way cuter hair than you)
  • erocksrunning - mostly being a BAMF (and making me pee myself)
  • newidentity-athlete - mostly being a positive ray of golden sunshine (and having the best barbell hickeys)
  • brooksylite - mostly being stronger than everyone ever (also: beer… seriously. 25% of your most recent 2 pages are beer, dude. #classy)
  • robindoesrunning - mostly paying it forward (and apparently never sleeping #gradlife)
  • captainphd - mostly being an asshole (and really? not much else)
  • fat-to-fast - mostly just because I feel bad for her (and sharing burpees, I guess)
  • mr-smit - mostly for being proudly cuddle-free (and for being a handsome devil, even if he doesn’t always see it)

Notably absent: The Jasons (Thing 1, Thing 2).

You’ll always hold a special place in my heart… just not in my crush list, I guess.

Brooksy is off the hook. . . kinda!

Boy howdy! I couldn’t go to sleep last night thinking about all of the stuff I was going to post, if he didn’t clarify the brownie situation. He posted partial clarification. He didn’t mention that he brought said brownie home UNSOLICITED! (Who’s the devil?) I didn’t ask for anything from the store, much less a gooey brownie. Grrrr… I don’t recall him saying to hide it. Really??? There are other things in plain sight… hide those!
Now, I have refrained from posting about his blog comments ‘cause that’s “his space”. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t shared a lot on my blog… I don’t feel I can speak freely. The main reason I don’t blog a lot is because posting from my phone sucks and is not user friendly. I’m on my phone way more than the computer! Facebook is so much easier! Anyhow, I love my hubby (love u Brooksy) and will not bring about any domestic violence behind this, but STOP SKEWING SH*T! And people, please use this as a reminder to s-t-o-p before you make assumptions. WORD!

-Another entertaining segment brought to you by “As the 'Lou turns”…

WAD: Day 20 & Tumblr Tuesday

I’m feeling a combined post happening now.  Lets do it:

12/01/11 - 266.6 - Official
12/08/11 - 264.0 - Week 1: (-2.6)
12/15/11 - 262.8 - Official / Week 2 (-1.2)
12/16/11 - 261.8
12/17/11 - 260.8
12/18/11 - 259.0
12/19/11 - 263.2
12/20/11 - 261.8


  • Ren - One of my fave Texan gals that knows how to use a shotgun and can mellow out with a bottle of wine.  Just don’t do them both together! :p
  • Brooksy - Badass guy that’s lost over 100 pounds and works his ass off at crossfit.
  • Courtney - What can I say about the lovely Courtney!?  She’s one of the first tumblrs I’ve ever followed and since day 1, she’s been full of life.  Love her!
  • Anna - Marathon Anna!  Okay, I know I said Brooksy was badass but this girl, DAMN!  Said girl gets injured.  Walks Soaring Wings, then RUNS St. Jude like it’s nobody’s business.  This girl is full of inspiration and smiles! <3
  • Shoe - My man Shoe!  He’s a great guy who is also full of inspiration.  He’s lost 70+ pounds and runs has a sub 10 min mile PR.  Hell yeah!
  • Ben - This guy is running a Marathon on 3.18.12.  He’s raising money for Cystic Fibrosis.  I’m going to have the pleasure of meeting him down there for his Marathon.  I’m going to have the pleasure of running in the half.  It’s going to be nothing short of amazing!  Rock on Ben!
  • Rach - Who runs 70+ miles a week?  THAT GIRL.  She’s training for her first ultra and she’s just ultra terrific.  Her husband Dustin isn’t too shabby either :p
  • Janelle - Soon to be International Marathoner.  Picking up where she is living now, going to travel Europe and eventually make her way to Chicago.  This is CRAAAAZY!!! THIS IS AWEESOMMMMEEEEE!
  • Tony - Love this guy too.  He’s lost 60 pounds, soon to be Ironman with Kev, Running RnR Arizona in January – BADASS! 

Yeah… Apparently, I was feeling a little bit more than just writing their names down.  I love these guys!  Rock on!!

Stepping it up BIG time.

So as you all know by now, I started lifting weights a couple of weeks back and I wanted to get a good workout plan that will get me ripped so that I can post awesome pictures of my lean muscular body for all of you to see… NOT.

The real reason is, winter is coming. It’s not here, yet, but it’s coming. Winter running can be fun, depending on the day, but when it’s -30C, snowing and windy… chances are, I’d rather be inside sipping on a hot cocoa. (true story, with marshmallows).

So, with lifting weights, I’ll be able to work on my strength, still use the deadmill for some short distances, and I’ll start focusing more on my swimming for the Ironman.

I was talking to Kelly’s sister’s husband about having a gym membership and he started talking about a 12-week plan he started that totally helped him lean up and get strong. 

What did I tell him? “DUDE, SIGN-ME-UP”.

So he sent me the link, I read the content. It’s the same concept as P90X - where every day you focus on different muscle groups, you’re body’s like “Hey dude, I’m ready for this” then you look at the plan and start executing then you’re like “HAHA, I totally SCREWED you up BODY!!!” and confuse the HELL out of it. Yeah. Day 2 was today. I am so SORE, it’s not a joke.

Here’s a couple of things I am currently feeling towards the new plan;

  1. Weighed dips on the first day? NUH-UH… Assisted dips for the first few weeks. (The plan must think I’m Hercules or somethin’)
  2. Doing barebell squats for the first time in a while tends to bruise the part where the bar leans.
  3. I don’t know if you guys ever saw what a Donkey calf raise looks like.

    Yeah… I’d love to see the reaction to anyone that I would try to convince in “helping” me doing donkey calf raises. lmao. Alternative, PLEASE.

  4. With the soreness that I got from the past 2 days, if I’m not ripped in 12-weeks,  I don’t think there’s a way to get ripped at all.
  5. I took before pictures. I will post them sometimes this week.

It’s time to bring out the big guns. I need to show brooksylite how it’s done.


brooksylite asked you:

What kind of tires do you put on that winter ride? I have an old 90’s model aluminum mountain bike that I’m considering playing around with.

When there’s snow or ice on the ground I ride an aluminum-framed single-speed bike with plain 26" x 1.5" tires. It’s not a fixie.  I like that there are no gears to keep clean and lubricated.  I’ve noticed a few bolts on this bike have a light layer of rust on them so I figure the fewer parts I have the fewer will rust.  This bike also has disc brakes and fenders which I like when it’s wet or snowy. 

I had looked into getting some studded tires (there are always some lightly-used on Craigslist here) but I realized I don’t need studs. 

Where I ride the streets, sidewalks and bike paths are cleared of snow pretty quickly.  In the last two years of winter bike commuting I haven’t regretted not purchasing studded tires.  If there’s a bad patch of ice I’ll just slow down or even walk around it if necessary.  If the snow or ice is bad all around I’ll just ride the bus for a day or so instead.

I also have a mountain bike with knobby tires.  I’ve used that in the snow too but generally I prefer my single speed.

If I were hard-core about biking year-round or only my only transportation was by bike then I probably would get a set of studded tires.

I have thought about getting a fat bike just for the fun of it.  These are for deeper snow or sand.  I think it would be fun to try a Salsa Mukluk or a Surly Pugsley but I’m just not sure I’d use one enough to justify the cost.

brooksylite replied to your photo: Flashback Friday. My parents have all of the…

Pauly D wants his hair back.

Come at me, bro! Yeah, I only did that to my hair when I was home. It used to make my mom uncomfortable, which is why I did it. I would never have been caught out and about like that. Even 17 years ago, I drew the line at going out in public looking like a douche. 

What can I say? I’m just ahead of my time. A trendsetter, if you will…..


Brooksy, just for you. Let me know when you’re in town so we can Donkey Calf Raise it up.

crossfitpete replied to your videoSUNDAY 03/02/13 Inspired by Kirstin’s post with…

WHoa… nelly…. Need to fix your snatch!

Lol, THANK YOU for the tips Pete, I’ll work on it!

weightliftress replied to your videoSUNDAY 03/02/13 Inspired by Kirstin’s post with…

You’re not getting any hip extension at all and instead yanking the bar UP with your arms. Get your full extension and pull back and 50kg is yours.

Thanks chick, looking at my form compared to oly lifters on YouTube - I see what you’re talking bout. Blimmin hips hips hips.

brooksylite replied to your videoSUNDAY 03/02/13 Inspired by Kirstin’s post with…

I wish they rest of the world would just use pounds haha

 Hahaha tumblr is full of wods with lbs.. Jump on the kg bandwagon :)

crossfit-princess replied to your videoSUNDAY 03/02/13 Inspired by Kirstin’s post with…

You look like you almost had it that last one! Keep pushing yourself!

Thank you, will do!

Watch on
brooksylite replied to your photo: All sorts of fun and exercise today.  This was our…

Isn’t that the lake Prince made that chic flash her hooters and jump in in that purple rain movie ? :)

Not exactly. I present this video clip solely as an answer to your question.