brookside mine

Brookside Medical Part One

The patient’s eyes fluttering open, muscles feeling stiff. Nothing seems out of the ordinary this time around. If anything, this is the smoothest transition that’s taken place thus far. Far too often these risky visits seem to end in complications that the patient frankly doesn’t have time for. Not today though; today the ever so distinguished Dr. Montgomery immediately strides over to the nude patient lying on the metal transition table and methodically begins to remove all unnecessary wires and the like. Every move he makes appears very complicated, it’s a wonder how the doctor can even remember how to operate all the complex machinery that litters the room. Maneuvering through the space isn’t simple, either. Five feet away from the patient lay another, rather wide, transition table, supporting an enormously fat and unconscious man well over the weight of 600 lbs. The thought of a more spacious transition room always crosses Dr. Montgomery’s mind during these particular procedures.

The patient isn’t ready to sit up until Dr. Montgomery runs through all the routine tests, making sure that the transition truly went smoothly. Once finished, Montgomery helps the patient stand and allows the patient to get dressed in the clothes the patient preselected before the transition. After slipping on the last leather loafer, the patient selects a body length mirror that’s set on a wall to examine the transitional changes. The patient looks at the body, up and down, admiring the athletic, rugged features this physique supports. The patient has always liked the type of dark features exemplified on this body, and is perfectly fine admiring these features for quite some time. Once the patient seems more comfortable in the new skin, Dr. Montgomery approaches the patient, who holds out a hand as if asking for money. Dr. Montgomery reaches into his lab coat and retrieves a slim sheet of glass no bigger than the patient’s hand and places it in the patient’s extended palm.

“All the information you need for you newest body is on this devise, so be careful not to lose it.” Dr. Montgomery informs the patient.

Already annoyed with the implication that this is new information, the patient, with the new voice, scoffs.  “I know, doc. It’s not like we haven’t been through this 1,000 times before already.” The words came out deeper than the patient expected.

Dr. Montgomery is politely droning on about something, probably an apology for his naiveté, but the patient is too busy looking through the lifeline devise to pay attention. The computerized sheet of glass that the patient was given contains all the information that the patient will need to survive in the world. Scrolling through digitalized licenses, identifications, permits, and payment cards, the patient notices the new name: Brenden Lockwood. This is to be what the patient is to identify as during the time in the new body. The patient’s had many names before, and thinks this one isn’t any more special than the dozens of others.

Already letting go of every tie to his previous body that still lays on the wide table, Brenden Lockwood briskly strides out of the Brookside Medical office building. Without bothering to shut the door, he leaves a blabbering Dr. Montgomery to clean up his messy past. Outside of the high-end private medicinal building, Brenden hops into the back seat of a spacious hovercar awaiting his arrival. “Take me home, and make it snappy” he orders the preprogramed AI-equipped vehicle. The hovercar automatically raises itself and starts the long drive to a large city located far beyond of the tristate area.  On the long drive home, Brenden can’t help but to think about what his current body will end up looking like in a few years. By the time he’s done with it, he’ll likely be on the verge of heart failure, diabetic shock, and probably immobility. At least that’s what has happened to every single body he’s taken control of previously.

Transitions were never supposed to end up like this, never this scummy. Patients similar to Brenden were never supposed to end up ruining their continuously supplied bodies at such an alarming rate. The original idea was innocent enough, a select group of the United States’ top billionaires would invest in the cutting edge research for body swapping at government sponsored Brookside Medical. In return for the original funding, the billionaires would receive a sort of immortality by being allowed to swap bodies with healthy program participants any time their health became at risk. The program participants were to be volunteers, all men at their peak fitness. On paper, the men could volunteer by giving up their bodies for a contracted amount of time, and Brookside Medical would, for instance, pay off their student loans or save their bankrupt family business. But it wasn’t before long that Brookside Medical started to find loopholes. The old/sick billionaires they’d swap bodies with would die, along with the volunteer’s consciousness. Eventually Brookside Medical became a complete scam for the men dutifully volunteering. If the bodies they swap with didn’t die, the volunteers would get their original bodies back with destroyed livers, brain cancer, missing limbs, or, in Brenden’s case, 600 extra pounds of fat. While this tragic cycle appears monstrous, it greatly benefits the original investors. These few men get to live eternally and luxuriously, abusing the bodies of the poor to their various hearts’ content.

Many of the investors love alcohol; the first drink in their new body is absolutely magical. Same for the druggies, they just love the feeling of that first heroine needle being stuck their arm. With Brenden, it’s food. That first meal he stuffs himself with when he receives a new form is better than any meal he could eat at 600lbs. He’s the only one of the original investors who can manage to gain well over 100 lbs in a year, and he takes great pride in his skill. This talent for eating was ingrained in Brenden far before he even heard about the potential of body swapping technology all those years to go. After all of this time, all Brenden can remember about his original body is that it was very, very obese. He thinks he might have been in charge of some sort of fancy fast food chain, but he doesn’t necessarily care to recall if that’s true or not. Leaving the past in the past is a specialty of Brenden’s.

So many organic years of gluttony may have been forgotten by Brenden, but not by his subconscious. On his way to his the new city, Brenden couldn’t help but have his hovercar stop at least once for a box of freshly glazed donuts. The town the hovercar stops in is small, but Brenden knows that these dumps usually have the best food. Having to get out of the car at donut places is such a bother to him, but he finds it much easier to climb out as Brenden Lockwood and not as the fat sack of lard he left back at Brookside Medical.

Inside the shop, Brenden opted to go for only a dozen sugary treats at this stop. His new physique is pretty toned, and it probably can’t hold any more than twelve at this moment in time. He carefully decides which glazed perfection will make up his first meal. For a while most places have had slim and shiny robotic cashiers and servers, but this dump still has an actual human working the counter.

“I’ll take a dozen chocolate ones, feel free to throw in a few extra.” He says to the only other person in the joint, a tubby boy in a tight Krispy Kreme uniform. The blonde boy obliges and bends over to fetch the donuts from under the counter. Despite how his belly strains the buttons of his shirt when bending over, the fatty’s clothes don’t pop. Brenden’s staring, but he honestly can’t help it. The boy would be considered handsome by most if he were to lose fifty pounds, but it’s those fifty pounds that make Brenden so insanely attracted to him. His jawline was probably once existent, but now the chubby boy’s cheeks melded into his neck exquisitely. What were probably toned pecks now jiggle and jut out, pressing into the button-down shirt- and more so with that modest belly hanging in front of him. Not to mention that ass. That ass looks like it could bust out of his pants any second.

“Your total is $52.95,” The cashier says, looking longingly at the donuts rather than Brenden.

Brenden can’t help himself. “No,” He starts, seductively, deciding to take a risk. “My total is $32.95, and you.”

The chub looks confused. “What do you mean, man?” It’s obvious that he’s attracted to Brenden.

Brenden can tell that he’s not yet comfortable with the new weight. “I want you. Right here, right now. I’ll pay for the donuts, but I want you to come to the bathroom with me.”

“You’re not serious, are you? This is a joke. You’re joking.” The fatty’s tone seems hopeful, like this could almost be true.

“I’m serious, now give me my donuts and come to the bathroom.” Brenden swipes his devise and pays, grabs the box of donuts and the boy by the collar, and walks him to the bathroom. The door locks automatically behind the two. Brenden has a fire in his eyes, wanting nothing more than to undress that fatty in front of him. The chub isn’t moving though, seemingly uncertain about the whole situation. Brenden takes the collar of the boy’s shirt and pulls his hands apart, quickly tearing off the buttons in one swift motion. Good thing the shirt was already so strained, or that could have turned out differently.

“What the fuck are you doing?” The fatty protests.

Brenden pops the boy’s tight pants button. “You,” he says. “I’m doing you. Now sit your ass down and let me suck you off already.” If Brenden weren’t so ruggedly handsome and aggressive the boy probably wouldn’t have let this gone this far, but this stranger the cashier just met has him feeling slim again. He sits his fat bottom down and decides that going commando this morning was definitely the right decision.

               Brenden places his hand on the cashier’s hard cock and rubs it a few times, making sure it’s as stiff as possible. He bends over and strategically starts sucking away, making sure his head bobs into the boy’s fat every time he goes down. The fat one squirms and moans in pleasure. He hasn’t gotten a blowjob this good since he had abs. After getting the job at the donut shop, he has to constantly decide between his figure and another donut, and the sweet treats always win. People like him, people without willpower, are meant to get fat, and Brenden knows that far too well.

               The fat boy’s body tenses up and Brenden takes to jerking him off again, aiming the cum all over the boy’s bare belly. “Don’t move. Don’t say anything.” Brenden demands. He unzips his pants and whips out his huge, thick cock. He sits on the boy’s soft lap, careful not to get cum on his designer clothes. Brenden reaches over to the donut box on the floor and grabs one out of the box and shoves it into his own mouth. It’s not long before he’s reaching for a second, then a third. All this movement is causing the fat boy to jiggle viciously and it’s that realization that causes Brenden to cum all over the tubby cashier’s belly and double chin.

               The boy looks up at Brenden. “That was amazing.” He says with admiring blue eyes.

               “Shut up. You’re going to come with me. You saw that ‘108 Hover-X Glider out there? That’s mine. You come with me and I’ll let you live like a king. Leave this shithole town and come with me.” Brenden assertively offers the boy.

“But what abou-“ The boy starts.

“Yes or no?” Brenden impatiently interrupts.

“Ummmmm. You know what? Okay. I’ll come with you.” The boy says.

Brenden smiles, but only for a second. “Great. What did you say your name is?”

“It’s James. James Johnson.” James answers with uncertainty in his voice. “How am I going to get clothes to leave in?”

Brenden laughs. “You’re not,” he says. “And you’re not going to clean yourself off either. Grab as many donuts as you can carry and get your ass in my car.” Brenden climbs off him, takes the donuts, and makes his way to the hovercar. James, looking more and more like a fatass by the moment, does what he’s told despite his embarrassment. At least no one’s there to see. Besides, opportunities like these just don’t happen to people like James. Leaving you’re small home town to travel with a hot stranger simply doesn’t happen. But it’s happening, and James couldn’t be more excited. It’s too bad he has no idea what’s to come out of all of this.

James jiggles his way out to the car, carrying as many donuts as his pudgy arms can hold. The cum on his naked belly and tubby neck is drying quickly, making him uncomfortable. Brenden is leaning against the car, eating the rest of the chocolate donuts he purchased earlier. He throws a towel James. James catches it and notices that Brenden’s breathing harder than earlier, and almost looks like his stomach’s in pain.

“Clean yourself up, you’re a mess. The seats are genuine leather, Lardass.” Brenden’s definitely intimidating, and James can’t help but wonder why Brenden’s being so rude if they were supposed to be travelling together. “Get in the hovercar.” Brenden instructs. There’s plenty of room for the two of them, despite James’ inclination towards eating too much sugar.

“My name’s Brenden, by the way. That’s all you get to know right now. Now, eat those donuts you brought and tell me about yourself.”

On the rest of the way to city, Brenden finds out the boy’s only 19 and is still in school. Well, was in school. James will never be going back to that ratty town again if he behaves. James’ young age takes Brenden by slight surprise, but technically he’s barely over 21 himself. Back in high school James played lacrosse, which explains the sort of ex-jock look he sports. He’s even kind of tall, maybe he was good at the sport back before Krispy Kreme got ahold of him. His parents both work in advertising, and aren’t around much. No siblings, and he left a lot of his friends back in high school. Brenden can tell that James is lonely, maybe he used to be popular, but thinks that he’s weak. But the weak ones make the greatest companions. Nothing to lose, and a lot to gain.

               Eventually the hovercar pulls up to a mansion of sorts. Considering the time period, it’s a gigantic house, but Brenden misses the honestly huge houses he used to be given back in the day. Brenden’s current mansion features a postmodern look, very geometric in shape. Many of the cubed rooms appear to be floating in midair. It’s definitely the biggest house in the downtown neighborhood, and in the distance you can see ice capped mountains. Overall Brenden’s okay with it, but James is absolutely astounded.

“Welcome home,” Brenden says to James while getting out of the car. James brushes donut residue off his gut after getting out, careful not to get any on the expensive vehicle.

“This is where we’re staying?” James asks with awe.

“Yup, now I’m going to tour it and decide where you’ll be staying. Sit out here.” James isn’t really one to complain, especially not in situations like this, but he can’t help but wish Brenden were nicer.

Brenden is pleased to find the entire house has marble flooring in various colors. The entrance features a pleasant parlor, with hallways leading forward and on either side. The décor varies by room, but overall has a very gold and silver elegant feel to it. In the back there’s a decent sized pool and an ornamental garden. Brenden counts the room and finds 8 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, two kitchens equipped with all the modern cooking utensils, a few play rooms, and, most importantly, his basement.

Brenden lets the automatic kitchen start cooking dinner for the two men, but orders a feast for a family of 8. By the time Brenden fetches James and gets him settled into his new, meager room, dinner is ready. James is still wearing only his busted Krispy Kreme pants when walking into the high end dining room. The rectangular mahogany table has ten nicely furnished chairs sitting around it, and Brenden is sitting at the head the table, facing the entrance. In front of him lays a huge feast consisting of honey hams, plates of premium steak, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, various gravy boats, heavily buttered vegetables, and greasy mac n cheese.

Brenden clears his throat. “Have a seat, James.” James takes a seat on the side opposite of Brenden. “I’ll eat what I want, and you’ll eat the rest. If you cannot complete this simple task, you’ll get punished. If you can, you’ll be rewarded. Is this deal fair?” Despite the warning, Brenden is able to keep a casual tone.

“Yes, it’s fair.” James answers, not really given the choice of saying no. He’s not really nervous, though. He saw the way Brenden scarfed down those donuts earlier and there’s no way Brenden can expect James to eat over half of this stuff.

“Great,” Brenden laughs. “Let’s dig in.” And with that, dinner has started. Ambient music plays softly in the background, something with strings. James starts with mashed potatoes and Brenden with steak. Brenden makes a sloppy eater out of himself, as if this is the first time he’s eaten in years. Utensils are ignored and his hands are in full use, ripping the steak apart with his teeth. Meat juice litters his expensive shirt, but he doesn’t care. He’s hungry. James starts off slow, trying to remember the table etiquette it’s been so long since he followed, but soon he throws that to the wind. His hands are better for picking stuff up with, anyways. It’s strange to James that someone as thin and in shape as Brenden can eat so wildly, but maybe that’s how all rich people actually eat. Who knows what lies Hollywood might be portraying to the poor, anyhow? He’s genuinely just grateful for the opportunity to eat a fancy shmancy feast like this, no matter how weird things may seem. Dinner goes on rambunctiously for some time, until Brenden leans back and burps, implying that he’s finished. He slowly unbuttons his shirt and sits there, watching James continue to eat away while rubbing his bloated washboard abs. It’s quite apparent that James won’t be able to finish, though. Brenden managed to eat about a third of the food, but James isn’t nearly equipped to eat a meal for at least 5 people. He gives a valiant effort, but soon his eating pans out. James’ starter gut is taut with food when he leans back. There’s still enough of the feast on the table for at least 3 people.

“… I can’t finish.” He blatantly states, struggling to breathe comfortably. There’s sauces on his mouth, dribbling down his double chin, flowing through his little man tits, over his belly, and into his lap. He gives a small burp and his body jiggles. Sauce falls to the floor.

“That’s okay.” Brenden tells James, standing up with a little bit of pain. Expanding his capacity will take time. “Follow me.” Brenden says and slowly walks out of the room. James painfully stands and waddles behind. There’s a look of fear on his soft face.

A robotic servant comes in the empty room, retrieves the rest of the food off the table, dumps it in to a large bucket, and follows suit with the two bloated boys.


Same as last time, I won’t release a new part until this has at least a hundred notes. I hope y’all enjoyed, and feel free to ask any questions :’)