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Cameras are the only way to safely see a caribou – also known as a reindeer – this close! More than half a million caribou migrate in summer and winter through the Central Brooks Range, which crosses Alaska’s Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve. As they travel, caribou bring gifts to the land and those who depend on it, shaping plant communities by grazing and providing food for people and other wildlife like bears and wolverines. Looks like this reindeer is resting up for the big ride tonight. Photo by Zak Richter, National Park Service.

It’s 3am
and hell has opened up,
it is the hours of midnight wings
and midnight blood
and eyes worthy of the new moon.

You are stumbling about
head spinning from the club,
alcohol is buzzing in your blood.
Turning another corner,
then another, arriving
at the parking lot of the church
between Sixth and Main Street,
and there He is.

Standing calmly in the street light,
flicking the zippo off, on, off, on.
His handsome face is to good,
to beautiful and pure to be anything,
but the Devil.
“Hello my dear,” the Devil speaks,
voice rich, sweet as honey, and it
is pure as a little brook.

“You rang?”
“No, no I did not,” voice breath sharp,
just like your bones, to sharp
under your skin, wasting away
under the yoke of God’s command.

“I can show you a better life you see,”
the Devil says, his eyes filled with fire,
“the world is mine to give.”

“You are Prince of this Earth-”
You began, an argument that is so old,
the Devil has heard it more times
than all the seconds contained within
your life.

“I offer you the world,
the secrets of the universe,
to be well fed and not starved.
I offer you to not drown in the
repression of God’s yoke,
that you may rise like the phoenix.
God doesn’t take care of his own,
but the Devil always take care of his own.”

Protests are on your lips
but the Devil holds out his hand,
gaze challenging.

“I always ask permission and if you wish,
you can go back,
no contract,
no commands or rules, except thus:
Respect your fellows and don’t trash the world.”

Trembling you grasp his hand,
they are overly warmth,
perhaps with the fire of his soul,
or maybe it’s because you are so cold.

“Once you go to the dark side,
you’ll never want to go back
to creaking knees and
voices strained from worship
and heart aching full of prayers.
You will see.”

—  The Devil Offers You the World
ciel knight

Athabascan Cultures of Alaska

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